Oh, This Stunning Moment – Truth and Love to the Nth Power

Two Rivers, Contributing Writer
Waking Times

People talk about this time as a period of great awakening, a spiritual shift for humanity that will change everything, if we can only achieve it.  What does that mean?  What is supposed to shift in us?  Perhaps Gandhi comes closest to pointing us toward our awakening.

We know Gandhi politically – he’s the guy who got the British Empire to let go of imperialist rule in India, and did so without weapons or even anger.  He ends up being something of a miracle to us, someone apart, but when we look closely, he is what we not only can be but must be ourselves in order to save the world and ourselves.  He used ahimsa,  We must as well.

Ahimsa – truth and love.

Let us not think of either in some light way.  Gandhi’s exposure of the truth of British brutality stripped away all claim to their being a civilizing contribution to India, leaving the world to see their whip hand of slavery and their ravaging of the country’s economy for their own profit.  The British could not continue once that was so patently obvious.   And Gandhi’s love was not some romanticized movie version but the deepest spiritual effort to deal with the murderous British at only the highest moral level, no matter what they did, and in doing so India itself learned the force of love and became unified through its own decency and became morally stronger, throughout the struggle.  The country was ultimately ennobled, and pulled back from hatred and rage.

  • Gandhi was successful against massive force and impossible odds and without weapons, yet we have not followed his example.  Many of us are steeped in hatred of Monsanto or the Koch brothers or the Rockefellers and other bankers or Obama or Romney, falling into just the divisions among ourselves that Gandhi said were one of the four pillars of empire.  And yet to make the shift that is needed to a truly better world for everyone, we must not only follow what Gandhi did  but go beyond him.  What would “following yet going beyond Gandhi” look like?


    Gandhi revealed the truth of British brutality.  We must go further.   It is not enough to acknowledge and broadcast that our own government is responsible for 9/11, for heinous political acts around the world, for setting up food shortages now, for allowing Monsanto and others to impose deadly GMOs on our land, our animals and us, and for so much more, etc.

    So, what, you might ask, goes further than such revelations?

    We are only listing one crime after another against us and humanity but we have yet say aloud the underlying   truth – we are dealing with psychopaths.  It is time to speak of literal and intentional evil.

    “Political Ponerology presents the subject in a radically different way from other texts about psychopathy, suggesting that the influence of psychopaths and other deviants isn’t just one of many influences working on society …. When you understand the true nature of that influence, that it is conscienceless, emotionless, selfish, cold and calculating, and devoid of any moral or ethical standards, you are horrified, but at the same time everything suddenly begins to makes sense.

    … “When you come to understand that the reins of political and economic power are in the hands of people who have no conscience, who have no capacity for empathy, it opens up a completely new way of looking at what we call “evil”. Evil is no longer only a moral issue; it can now be analyzed and understood scientifically.”  http://www.sott.net/articles/show/148141-The-Trick-of-the-Psychopath-s-Trade-Make-Us-Believe-that-Evil-Comes-from-Others

    In not saying that those in power are psychopaths, not actually human in that they lack conscience and feelings, we  have not yet exposed the full truth.  It took merciless psychopaths to plan and carry out 9/11, intentionally killing thousands, intentionally terrifying the world, then blaming Muslims for their own terrorism, in order to start a war and take over Iraq rich oil fields, and to set up laws here that remove our most basic rights.  They were using a false flag attack on the US, as the Nazis did in setting fire to the Reichstag, and for the same reason – to use terror to take control.  http://www.wanttoknow.info/falseflag  But we have only pointed to “what” they are doing, not to them and what is wrong with them.  It is time to say that these are literal psychopaths, who have  murdered and tortured all over the world to take power, and in our good name, and are now deconstructing every aspect of our country.  Project Daylily is but one example of the depth of their depravity using vaccines against our own military and against hapless prisoners http://www.projectdaylily.com/ but they are responsible for colluding in hiding the on-going maiming and murders of children with vaccines while knowing the hazards http://childhealthsafety.wordpress.com/2012/03/14/government-experts-cover-up-vaccine-hazards/ , even creating the fiction of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome when in fact it is the vaccines which are killing infants http://thinktwice.com/sids.htm.

    To hide Bill Gates causing 47,500 cases of polio paralysis in India, the WHO, funded by him, merely files the destruction of children’s lives under the name “non-polio paralysis” and declares Gate’s great success in India.  His synthetic vaccines are killing twice the number as would have died from polio.

    They are sickening and killing in huge numbers on purpose, and calling it “health” and themselves “humanitarians” or “public health” experts.  The truth is that they are not making mistakes.  This is not an error.  They are aware of what they are doing.  The truth is they are insane, depraved psychopaths.  That is the truth that must be told.

    Psychopaths are capable of plotting out the genocide of a people, such as the Palestinians; people of consc,ience are not. One person may be killed in a heated argument. Many thousands can die from cold calculation. …. Normal people can commit acts of violence while in states of extreme emotional arousal, but psychopaths cold-bloodedly select their victims for revenge or retribution or to achieve some end. That is to say that psychopathic violence is instrumental, a means to an end, predatory.”  http://www.sott.net/articles/show/148141-The-Trick-of-the-Psychopath-s-Trade-Make-Us-Believe-that-Evil-Comes-from-Others

    For us to make the internal and spiritual shift necessary to save our world, we must be able to withstand knowing the truth and must speak it openly.  Profound exposure of who they really are must pervade everything.

    “The simplest, clearest and truest portrait of the psychopath is given in the titles of three seminal works on the subject: Without Conscience by Robert Hare, The Mask of Sanity by Hervey Cleckley, and Snakes in Suits by Hare and Paul Babiak. A psychopath is exactly that: conscienceless. The most important thing to remember is that this is hidden from view behind a mask of normality that is often so convincing that even experts are deceived and, as a result, they become the Snakes in Suits that control our world.

    “In contradiction to the ideals of normal people, psychopaths feel breaking promises and agreements is normal behavior. Not only do they covet possessions and power and feel they have the right to them just because they exist and can take them, but they gain special pleasure in usurping and taking from others; what they can plagiarize, swindle, and extort are fruits far sweeter than those they can earn through honest labor. They also learn very early how their personalities can have traumatizing effects on the personalities of non-psychopaths, and how to take advantage of this root of terror for purposes of achieving their goals.

    “So now imagine how human beings who are totally in the dark about this can be deceived and manipulated by these individuals if they were in power in different countries, pretending to be loyal to the local populations while at the same time playing up obvious and easily discernable physical differences between groups (such as race, skin colour, religion, etc). Psychologically normal humans would be set against one another on the basis of unimportant differences while the deviants in power, with a fundamental difference from the rest of us, a lack of conscience, an inability to feel for another human being, reaped the benefits and pulled the strings.” http://www.sott.net/articles/show/148141-The-Trick-of-the-Psychopath-s-Trade-Make-Us-Believe-that-Evil-Comes-from-Others

    Until we recognize the truth of their psychopathology – of those in power, who control the media, who run the industries seizing everything – we will continue to fall into reacting in ways that have been pre-arranged, fighting each other over sham political differences, hating, fearing.  For once in office, their campaign words become meaningless.  We must be able to recognize the manipulations, their hidden stoking of violence, the strings being pulled to try to set us against each other.

    Gandhi said “Among the many misdeeds of the British rule in India, history will look upon the act of depriving a whole nation of arms, as the blackest. the blackest deed committed by the British was the removal of arms from an entire people.”   Yet that is what those in power are seeking and appear to be murdering innocent people to try to achieve it.  http://www.westernjournalism.com/was-colorado-shooting-staged-by-the-government/

    Until we can see and say straight out that Obama is a pathological liar who hasn’t just failed to keep promises but that his words were meant to deceive, we don’t cut to the heart of what is occurring, and so do not see that Romney only appears less grotesque now because his lies haven’t been revealed yet.  We can see the manipulations once we recognize the entire political drama is written and directed by psychopaths who are putting people of both parties into office to do their bidding.

    We are faced with horrifying evil and yet have been responding piecemeal and superficially.  That Monsanto’s directors have engineered the take over of our government, the planting of crops that are actually bioweapons http://www.salem-news.com/articles/may282011/gmo-not-food-cs.phpsickening and sterilizing plants, animals and humans, and are now push to use their infamous chemical weapon, Agent Orange, on crops here, are not simply bad or wrong or unjust, but is all evidence of their severe psychopathology.  So, this is not some business plan that happens to include horrible products, but an intended plan to do horrible things to us and life on earth.  When we recognize they are psychopaths, we see in an instant that we are facing an undeclared but literal war against us and a threat to our very survival, by a company that got rich on weapons of war and is connected to those who caused WWII.  http://rense.com/general7/gw.htm

    “The U.S. lead prosecutor in the Nuremberg War Criminal Tribunal against the IG Farben anticipated this development when he said, “These IG Farben criminals, not the lunatic Nazi fanatics, are the main war criminals. If the guilt of these criminals is not brought to light and if they are not punished, they will represent a much greater threat to the future peace of the world than Hitler if he were still alive.” ”  http://www4.dr-rath-foundation.org/PHARMACEUTICAL_BUSINESS/history_of_the_pharmaceutical_industry.htm

    Those harming the world are pathological mad men.  That is what must be faced and said.  Once said and focused on, we have a chance to isolate them from civil society, for investors to drop away, for hangers on to to back away and even whistle blow, for people of conscience to wake up fully and come together across all the phony political divides the psychopaths have created, to protect their children.

    Truth at a depth that Gandhi did not fully go, is ready to be told.  And only that truth can finally free us all from the insanity we are living in.

    “Is this to suggest that the modern pathocrats, operating in today’s so-called ‘information society’ are no different than the supporters of Hitler? Except that they are more dangerous because they have more sophisticated tools and are able to use the various means of communication in a more conscious way?

    “…. That sums it up very well.

    … “Without the ability to empathize with others, these people cannot feel that suffering, any more than a cat feels the suffering of a mouse when it toys with it prior to killing it. Bush can order thousands of American troops into Iraq or Afghanistan where they will be killed or permanently maimed, and where they will kill thousands and destroy an entire country, can sanction the torturing of prisoners, can support the actions of Israel in the Occupied territories or Lebanon, and none of the suffering he is causing is real to him. There is no hardware in these people that can process these emotions.”  http://www.sott.net/articles/show/148141-The-Trick-of-the-Psychopath-s-Trade-Make-Us-Believe-that-Evil-Comes-from-Others

    But the truth is not a door into hatred, though it is where we have so often gone and in doing so, gone wrong.   Instead, we are left with the reality that Gandhi bound truth with love.  Gandhi’s ahimsa asks tremendous depth of morality from us, yet isn’t profound, courageous morality what has been lacking?


    Which brings us to the other part of ahimsa – love.  Gandhi used what he called soul force to effect change.  Quantum physics would agree but can make clear now it is an actual force, not just a moral one.  Gandhi couldn’t know then, that our loving intent, when unified, increases exponentially, or that it is a million times stronger than a nuclear explosion.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zc2uhJNiIhE   That being the case, we have more than enough power to change our world.  We are already affecting it but unwittingly and not as we need.  If we are to bring peace and have everyone dining on organic food, we need to understand what our hearts can do and begin coming together in mass numbers to get it done.

  • Gandhi spoke of soul force and this is what it looked like.

    It is already beginning again.

    When we see the following photo from Wake Up, London, of so many people meditating, how many of us realize they are actually influencing the electromagnetic field of the earth?  Or that the energy they are generating is good for each of us, for the earth’s health, for peace.?  Such peacefulness and unified consciousness is not good news for psychopaths who require chaos, including a chaotic magnetic field, to operate, just as diseases thrive on pollution.   With enough loving consciousness, they, too, can be affected. https://www.wakingtimes.com/2012/08/09/manipulating-our-electromagnetic-field-for-better-or-for-worse/

    So, when we see a photo of so many people sitting peacefully together, focusing their conscious intent, we are looking at tremendous power being generated, which is invisibly affecting good in the world.  We have been told that in finding peace inside ourselves, we create peace.

    “In true love, you attain freedom.”
    ― Thich Nhat Hanh

    Quantum physics is now explaining the reality of it.  And people globally are coming together, in person, and now even from home, to multiply the effects of their own internal peace and help save our world.

    More and more of us are starting to get it that we have a great miracle at hand.  Love is 5000 times stronger than anger or resentment or fear, https://www.wakingtimes.com/2012/07/31/you-are-stronger-than-corporations-or-bankers-when-will-you-use-your-power/ and is affecting the world around us and each other.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAvzsjcBtx8  And we affect it for kilometers beyond our bodies.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fmMNlmn1DPc

    And when we act with focused intent along with others, what we can do is increased exponentially.  http://www.earthwisdomfoundation.net/Law_of_Ceremony.html , to a degree that is greater than the power of a nuclear explosion.

    This miracle is completely in our favor for the massive power rests in love.

    We have an immense shift to make to save ourselves and our world.  Gandhi was right that truth and love are the driving forces.  Truth  can expose and thus weaken and dispel evil and love can create a unified “field” so that goodness which normal people experience, can come flooding in.

    We are at a stunning moment in human history.  Gandhi gave us the direction.  Deep truth and immense, exponentially powerful love, can carry us through.

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