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Erin Schumacher, Guest Writer
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It’s a challenging problem to have, especially when you’ve been condemned to quit eating fruit and sweets for the rest of your life!  Think about it – eating fruit was NOT the cause of candida, how is it that removing fruits from the diet will get rid of candida? It doesn’t fully fix the problem, instead it removes the symptoms but does not get at the CAUSE of the problem. Your body is trying to tell you something when your “candida flares up.” This is something I talk with to clients all the time and I wanted to share this information with you to help you or a loved one out so they can quit their candida problem for good!

I personally had candida for years and then I learned something quite simple that put everything into perspective, and I’ve been successful at removing the “candida” from my body. (I say this in a relative term. I’ve removed the uncomfortable symptoms. Candida is necessary in the body, but keep reading and you’ll get the full story!)

Lets bring everyone up to speed first with a highly simplified description of how our bodies process sugar.

  • First, sugars start in our digestive track when we eat them.
  • Second, they pass through the intestinal wall into the bloodstream.
  • Third, they move smoothly and easily out of the bloodstream and into our cells, with the help of insulin. This entire process is quite quick, usually only taking minutes.

Candida is a form of yeast and necessary in the body. It consumes sugar for food. The size of the population depends on how much sugar is in the bloodstream.  When blood sugar levels rise, so does the candida population to consume the excess sugar. When blood sugar lowers, so do candida levels. Candida is actually a life-saving organism. It functions as a back-up method to bring blood-sugar levels back down to normal in case the pancreas or adrenals fail at doing so.

  • The problem is when sugar gets caught in the bloodstream (stage 2) and is chronically elevated. The candida ‘blooms’ multiply to feed off the excess sugar, leading to a high candida population at all times. So when one has ‘candida’, they actually are suffering from a high population of candida in the body to feed off the excess sugar.

    So, you may be thinking, “I need to cut down my sugar consumption.”

    But that is incorrect. Let me explain how sugar gets caught in the bloodstream, leading to chronic high blood sugar levels.

    This probably will not come as a great surprise to you, but most Americans eat a diet high in fat. The average fat consumption on the Standard American Diet (SAD) is 42%! Now let me tell you something you probably did not know, the average raw fooder eats over 70% fat in his diet! How? Think of all the nut pates, oil-filled dressings, flax seed crackers, coconut, avocado, nut butters, etc., that are eaten on a daily basis. Once you do the math of your own consumption, you will be shocked as well that your diet is most likely a lot higher in fat then you think. When we eat a diet high in fat, our blood becomes saturated with fat molecules. The fat coats the insulin receptors and does not allow the insulin to bring the sugar out of the blood stream and into the cells. And since fat takes a while to digest, it tends to stay in the blood stream for 24 to 48 hours! So, the presence of too much fat in the blood, even a small amount of sugar, from any source, can result in abnormally high blood-sugar levels. And since all carbohydrates, fats, and proteins that we eat are converted to simple sugar (glucose) to be used by the cells of our body for fuel, the way out of the cycle is not to eat less sugar, but to CONSUME LESS FAT. 

    How much less? Try getting your fat consumption below 30% in the beginning.

    And then aim for below 20%. is a free website online where you can track your food consumption and actually see where your numbers are at. Once you get used to it, you’ll be able to intuitively know what the fat amounts of what you are eating without having to plug your food into the website.

    The candida microbe is extremely short lived. If you followed a low-fat diet (aim between 10% and 20% for only a short while, the candida problem would be completely gone in a matter of a few days. It worked for me. It’s worked for my clients.

    Try it for yourself!

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    Erin Schumacher is a health and nutrition theorist and healer, and shares her love of yoga and self-healing with her students and personal coaching clientele. Please visit her excellent website at,

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