The Gender Ending Agenda of Anti-Creationists

Julian Rose, Contributor
Waking Times

The Universe is sexual. Electric. Sexual-electric. Its electricity produced by a state of polarity. Polarity which causes friction. Friction as the fundamental life force. The life force which catalyzes birth. Birth: an act of procreation; ‘pro-creation’. A Divine act. The birthing of the Universe as Divine Action.

An action brought about by the mutual attraction existing between two interconnected, gravity enhanced polar opposites. Negative/positive; day/night; yin/yang; male/female. No life without duality. No duality without polarity. No birth without duality/polarity. No evolution without procreation, and no procreation without the sexes.

Sexuality is sacred, an eternal fountain of the profoundly creative: therefore, in a monotone world, where survival depends upon materialistic uniformity of thought and sterile conformity of inaction, sexuality is dangerous.

That danger has led to an attempt to neuter our electrically charged reality, and render obsolete the role of man, woman and even procreation itself, so as to make way for a robotic cyber race and subsequent trans-humanist take-over of this planet.

  • Let us explore this phenomenon further. Let us bring it to light of day so that all shall see, and cease to deny, what stands behind the glorious actuality of life, death and universal movement. And at the same time, to recognize the existence and manifestation of a cruel master-plan, to block and set in reverse, this great unfolding adventure: the evolution of Life.

    To those who are entrained to oppose, repress and suffocate the life force which stands behind Creation, sexuality is indeed dangerous. Especially so, since it is aligned with the birth of new life, a vessel and messenger of universal spiritual creativity.

    The forces that take fright from this energetic expression of creative freedom, are aligned with an opposing state of existence. One that, for the sake of this article, we will call ‘anti-creation’. A force that seeks to subsume creative energy and invert it into its opposite.

    Such beings (and the entities that possess them) do not oppose the existence of electric energy per se. They do not wish to destroy that which provides them with the fuel needed to carry through their master-plan. But they do wish to gain control over it and use it for their own ends. Not for pro-creation, but for its opposite – anti-creation, a form of life abortion.

    They wish to possess that which is pure, claiming unto themselves such untainted energies, and using them as ammunition within an unquenchable ambition for power, possession and absolute dominance.

    This form of power comes without empathy, compassion or love. It is hard, cold and often ruthless. It can murder, maim and eviscerate life with seemingly cool disdain.

    To warm, red-blooded humans, it seems almost inconceivable. Almost inconceivable that there could be an entity devoid of these instincts; one supported (worshipped) by human beings keen to emulate its cold, robotic machismo.

    But amongst what are referred to as ‘the 1%’, such beings are indeed to be found. Those who practice pedophilia and child sacrifice, while holding high office in government, banking, law, media and other similar professions. In other words, those who run the day-to-day life of this planet.

    It is within the ambition of such people, to support external and extra dimensional forces that wish to take control of human DNA, while confining humanity to playing-out a slavish role in support of the ‘anti-creation master plan’.

    Great swathes of humanity cannot (or do not wish to) believe that such entities – and the earthly beings who emulate them – actually exist and engage in such heinous acts of violence on the young and innocent who walk amongst us. Most of the inhabitants of planet Earth cannot see that they are under the spell of a global indoctrination agenda. And that this agenda is the dominant controlling mechanism of this neo-liberal corporate era.

    We are here to help change that situation.

    Neutering, Crudifying and Sublimating Sexual Polarity

    Let us draw breath a moment and ask: how is the subversion and inversion of natural sexuality actually achieved here on planet Earth?

    Given that it is a key element of the anti-creation mission, what is the methodology being applied to ensure its widespread adoption?

    Let me start the answer to this question by reminding us that the uncorrupted nature of human and universal sexuality is spiritual in nature. We are blessed with this power. The power of pro-creation.

    Every male is in part, also female. Every female is in part, also male. We recognize these qualities in ourselves. They allow both sexes to empathise with each other. They are distinctive, yet entirely interconnected. Looked at dynamically, they are engaged in a Flamenco like dance of magnetic attraction within each one of us; just as they are between us. Love starts within.

    As outlined at the beginning, sexuality (sex-duality) is the essential driving force of universal life. Of movement, change, evolution. Without the ‘friction’ stemming from the attraction of complementary opposites, living energy-matter would never have come into existence. The source of sexuality (sex-duality) is therefore sacred.

    What the anti-creation doctrine aims to do, in order to achieve its goal, is to pry apart these two lovers and make them appear to be at odds with each other. To make natural duality appear to be a conflict rather than a resolution. Distorting and contorting that which is whole so that it seems like two opposing elements.

    One ‘anti-creation’ solution would appear to be perfecting the watering down and morphing into each other of these two states, so that they no longer appear to be distinct, but indistinct and almost entirely lacking in definition. In effect, sterilising, homogenising and neutering them. Collapsing the divine natural polarity.

    To make what is innately sexual – sexless. Devoid of dignity, meaning, nuance and attraction.

    Another route is to go the opposite way and overtly sexualise sex. Make it the ‘in your face’ titillating temptation of the moment; the ‘sin’ which is now on sale, or free, if you should ‘get lucky’. Witness how the entertainment industry has capitalised on this vogue and pushed it down our throats with the help of such pop icons as Madonna, Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus. All of whom have garbed themselves in Satanic robes and Saturnian symbols, blatantly conveying the source of their warped sexuality.

    Such idols are adorated by millions of young fans – and so the disease spreads.

    The crudification of sexuality de-spiritualises its essence. This is exactly what the anti-creation agenda is all about. Either make it an amorphous void or a denatured sudo-erotic charge. Each achieves the same aim: the deliberate distortion of the higher powers with which mankind is blessed.

    Don’t think that religion is free of these machinations. It is deeply immersed in such practices. One need only count the number of scandals involving priests molesting young boys and girls to know how, in too many cases, fickle and false is the supposed commitment to genuinely higher teaching in these institutions.

    Sublimation of Sexuality within Spiritual Aspirants

    In the world of aspirants of spiritual enlightenment, there is a strong tendency towards sublimation of the sexual energies in favour of increasing spiritual energies. But this is an error, as they are not separate entities in the first place. They are one energy, with a plethora of colourful expressions.

    The sinister pedestal upon which sit the anti-creation cabal, is not threatened by this form of sublimated aspiration, because such sublimation is itself ‘denaturing nature’ and thereby draining the life-force of its vital ingredients. In fact, the act of rendering separate that which is whole, plays directly into the hands of the anti-creation forces.

    There is much confusion about this amongst New Age and similar spirit oriented movements; and confusion is a tool for breaking apart the bonds of natural cohesion. Exactly what is ‘meant’ to happen. Many aspirants believe it goes against their belief to confront the perpetrators of evil on this planet. No wonder the cabal gets its way. No wonder the few find little resistance to their domination over the many.

    Aspiration directed to Divine is a ‘sexual’/’electric’ awakening. Just as the joyous act of sexual union is a ‘spiritual’ awakening. They are each, both. That is the great conundrum of life which so many fail to grasp. Yet grasp it we must, if we are to win back our true selves and overthrow our anti-creation oppressors. The masters of divide and conquer.

    Polluting the Gene Pool

    Closely related to the process of human debasement, is the mass denaturing of the human diet: food. Here is where genetically modified seeds/foods make their appearance. They are tools of sterility. In laboratory experiments carried out in France five years ago, rats fed GMO animal feed became incapable of reproducing after two years. They became sterile.

    In addition, toxic agrichemicals, monocultural farming practices and a corporate owned globalized food industry, have reduced the nutritional value of our daily staple foods to virtually the same level as the packets they come in. Supermarket sales propaganda has drawn billions into a world of fake food and failing health. And it’s all deliberate.

    Genetic engineering plant life to become an agent in the prevention of pro-creation, involves a blatant tampering with the gene pool upon which all life depends. It is part of the same game as the gender-bending I’m describing in this article.

    The process of degradation seeps in everywhere, including language, politics, sports, education, leisure and even in simple domesticity. It’s inescapably present on bill boards, TV screens and cinemas from one end of the world to the other. And it’s all part of a deliberate plan to undermine the organic life flow common to nature, man and the universe.

    Politically Motivated Correctness

    A Polish colleague, on a trip to the doctor recently, was told at the commencement of the signing-in session “I’m afraid I have to ask you what sex you are”. Afraid indeed. There’s talk on a number of fronts these days of making communication between the sexes ‘gender neutral’ so as to avoid politically incorrect discrimination..what insanity!

    When things get hidden away that should be out in the public arena, then fear of touching on something that is ‘not meant’ to be raised, grows exponentially. Thus, polite or convivial conversations cannot include that which the status quo deems ‘incorrect’. Under these circumstances one soon finds oneself in a kind of absurd conversational void where it is considered irresponsible to say almost anything remotely meaningful!

    Here we have an insidious sterilization of social intercourse. One based on ‘fear’. The fear of being different, of being outside the norm. It’s yet another kind of desert, a similar one to the agricultural monoculture which provides the global food market. Language reduced to a tiny fraction of what it can convey. A form of social engineering ‘par excellence’.

    This is a place where true communication – from the heart, soul and spirit – has been rendered as taboo. Ostracized and flattened-out like so much garbage on the way to the recycling station.

    I really can’t begin to do justice to the dastardly levels of blood-letting to which our creative, animated powers of communication have been subjected; dumbed-down at the hands of the anti-creation centralised control system that dominates this planet. A control system which goes under such titles as government, religion, commission, corporation, university, medicine, military and media.

    Social Engineering of Language

    But ‘we the people’ have a horrible way of falling in line with this covert and overt social engineering agenda. Many of us who should know better.

    A ubiquitous example is the seemingly innocuous nonchalantly executed expression ‘you guys’. Or “Hi guys!” All dignity and natural pride gone in an instant, as the sacred female and sacred male are casually deflated into a homophobic expression of that which, until recently, was considered as referring exclusively to the male of the species: ‘a guy’. No longer. Now women are men too. We’re all ‘guys’. It doesn’t matter. It’s cool. It’s ‘non-discriminatory’. Yea, of course. To call a man a man and a woman a woman is discriminatory.

    So we’re all just sexless or unisex or non-gender engendered, neutralised creatures, scared as hell of that which is sacred about our femaleness and maleness. About the superb electro-magnetic distinctiveness inherent in sexuality. That which mirrors the divine duality of our Universe.

    ‘As above so below’, my friends. It’s time to be true to who you are. Who we are. And I countenance you from the bottom of my heart not to fall into the trap of degrading and diminishing all that which is at the vital core of our uniquely complementary differences.

    You see, that is exactly what the anti-creation agenda is intended to achieve. Its executives know that once the magnetic power of the divine dance of duality is weakened to the point where the internal nucleus falls out of dynamic with its tightly packed whirling electron counterpart(s) (lovers), then that which catalyses the centrifugal expansion of the universe, is immediately in crisis.

    “You guys”, as innocuous as it sounds, is a prescient example of that imminent crisis.

    If the subtly ecstatic tension at the heart of our electric universe is no longer brought into play on Earth (as above so below) we earthlings will be complicit in the diminishment, not just of our own lives, but of all life.Macrocosm and microcosm are entirely complementary reflections of each other (as above so below). We affect the evolution of the cosmos just as it affects us. That divine dance is quite simply what our innate human potentiality is continuously reaching towards the full expression of, here on Earth.

    The degree of its manifestation (art) marks the degree of our creative development and expressiveness. The various degrees of manifest creative expression set the agenda for the ongoing evolution of all humanity.

    The Revolution at Our Fingertips

    We would seem to be on a knife edge between breakthrough and breakdown. Maybe that sounds unduly optimistic, because the breakdown is all too evident and the breakthrough much less so.However, what is visible represents a tiny fraction of what exists, in this universe, so we should not let it dominate our mood.

    It is said that ‘the darkest hour is just before dawn’, so that when pressed hard against the wall beyond which we cannot go, we discover the existence of strengths we didn’t realize we possessed.

    Mankind, while seemingly cast asunder by the deliberately engineered chaos of the anti-creation agenda, is actually simultaneously moving closer to a state of dynamic unity, at the unseen deeper level. All attempts to render the distinctive – indistinct; the deep – superficial; the divine – satanic; the full – empty; are forcing into the open that which has the power to reverse this great oppression and redeem the glory of life.

    It is a critical moment of great drama in the affairs of man and the universe. A moment in which truth can be seized with both hands and carried forward. Carried forward in the spirit of joyously offering back a precious gift to the source from which all life was made manifest. Returning something, which, out of fear and selfishness, we wished to keep only for ourselves; and in so doing, distorted beyond recognition.

    Once the gift of Life is celebrated as the unique treasure it truly is, a great cry of thanks spontaneously rises within us, echoing out as a healing wave into the greater spheres of existence. And at this very same moment, the messengers and instigators of anti-creation are blown backwards, losing their grip and their domination over those who have for so acted as fuel for their parasitic existence.

    Yes, it is our imperative – and ours only – to rid the universe of these agents of destruction. We were imbued the ability to perform this act and we must now go boldly forward to achieve it.

    Yes good friends, we are so close to this great day – yet so far if we insist on denial. If we insist on denial of our innate duality. If we refuse to extol the beauty of the two great archetypal lovers; if we refuse to participate in the great dance of life.

    Participate now, or depart this life as a mere shadow of your real self; an amorphous void in a sexless universe.

    Seize the great moment. For its wealth and beauty hovers so tantalizingly within the grasp of every woman and every man willing to fully embrace the joyous gift of Life.

    About the Author

    Julian Rose is an early pioneer of UK organic farming, international activist and author. Contact Julian at to find out more. He is President of The International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside, and is the author of two books with some very powerful perspectives: Changing Course for Life and In Defence of Life.

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