Gemstones & Menhirs for Adjusting the Auric Field

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Humankind once was tuned to their own vibrations to such an extent that they needed little help adjusting when things were a little ‘off.’ Our cure came from within. We would sit in silence and know that something was bubbling up that we needed to clear, or that somehow our emotions were tainted with negativity, fear, anger, hurt, betrayal, etc. Later, our consciousnesses became fragmented, but we still had ways to reset our energy.

Before there were shrinks there were shaman, and those who could help develop herbal or gemstone healing to help reset the energetic field of a person. Ancient Ayurvedic teachings are replete with the use of gemstones along with herbs to help us recalibrate our frequencies, so to speak, where we could no longer do it for ourselves.

Stone menhirs (translated from the French language ato mean ‘standing stones’) were also placed in specific, high-vibrating locations on ley lanes of the planet to keep our vibrations from deteriorating. Stonehenge is a perfect example of this. While not a gem, necessarily, the large stones were meant to guide the meridians of the planet back to homeostatis, and thus the inhabitants within it.

  • Ley lines are not necessarily straight lines, which join disparate geographic locations, but the radiating field, a wide stream of energy that could be emitted across an entire country depending upon the placement of the menhir. Many of these stone monoliths were situated above streams or underground currents so that they could draw energy from them and then radiate them out into the surrounding area.

    לאונרדו-דה-וינציHuman beings also radiate energy. For many, the merkabah (you can even see this referenced in Leonardo Da Vinci’s 1490 drawing of ‘Vitruvian Man’)

    The auric field contains a plethora of information about us as incarnated beings, and Universal souls. There are as many as twelve, possibly more, layers of an auric field. The colors of the rainbow reflect in the field (as measured by auric photography) which will often tell us our true purpose for being here, or our general slant as a soul on planet earth in this space-time dimension. A soul’s auric field can be bright or dim, dingy or sparkling as well. The auric field will always tell the story of the physical organism to a much greater degree than even our most advanced allopathic tools to date. Some people can see auras without Kirlian photographs, and others can sense them without seeing them. Emotions are clearly reflected in an auric field too. When we are fearful, sad, or depressed. This shows up in the colors or quality of the field (brightness, dimness, etc.)

    In ancient yogic and shamanic teachings, different gemstones were used, either as talismans that were placed on the body or even ground up – diamonds, emeralds, bloodstones, and rubies were ingested or topically applied to ‘fix’ someone’s auric energy vibration, or even a physical ailment. For example, you might wear mala beads made of Chalcedony crystal while practicing seva, or selfless service. An amethyst stone might be used to help promote creativity or spiritual advancement. A ruby could counteract an overabundance of negativity, and so on.

    Ancient astrologers also assigned gemstones to certain birth dates, since this date would often foreshadow a person’s soul contract for this lifetime – the karmic patterns that they needed to either work through, or integrate.

    Raja Yoga, or mind development, sometimes called ‘the royal path’ also used gemstones to help raise our auric field and supplement our intellectual powers for more spiritual attainment. The seven rays – referenced in Hindu, Catholic, ancient Greece and even Egyptian books, are also a reference to the colors of our auric fields – the rainbow of energies which emanate from our chakras.

    Madam Blavatsky references healing gems which help to reset our auric fields (the seven rays) in this quote:

    “…a key which reveals to us on indisputable grounds of comparative analogy… the Indian phœnix, the emblem of cyclic and periodical time, the “man-lion” Singha, of whose representations the so-called “gnostic gems” are so full. Over the seven rays of the lion’s crown, and corresponding to their points, stand, in many cases, the seven vowels of the Greek alphabet AEHIOYW, testifying to the Seven Heavens. This is the Solar lion and the emblem of the Solar cycle, as Garuda is that of the great cycle, the “Maha-Kalpa” co-eternal with Vishnu, and also, of course, the emblem of the Sun, and Solar cycle. … As well remarked by C. W. King: — “Whatever the primary meaning (of the gem with the solar lion and vowels) it was probably imported in its present shape from India, that true fountain head of gnostic iconography.” (Gnostics, p. 218)

    Sometimes gemstones were even used as a way for a realized soul to impart wisdom to a seeker. Alchemy and the Philosopher’s stone are all a part of this ancient way of healing with gemstones. While there were charlatans then (just like the fake 1-800 psychics now) who used gemstones or talismans with inscribed symbols to help ward off evil spirits, there was a true science behind gemstone use.

    Gemstones and stone monoliths were human beings’ attempt to re-elevate their souls and cleanse their auric fields from unwanted vibratory patterns. Until we can go back to a completely internal healing paradigm, they are still useful tools in this time of Kali Yuga. After all, the Mahabharata describes this time as the period when the “World Soul” is black in hue; only one quarter of virtue remains.

    “Men turn to wickedness; disease, lethargy, anger, natural calamities, anguish and fear of scarcity dominate. Penance, sacrifices and religious observances fall into disuse. All creatures degenerate. Change passes over all things, without exception.”

    Gemstones can help us to regain some of our brightness and color. Our souls will no longer be black.

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