Fruit Loops and Perilous Pitfalls

Flat EarthZen Gardner, Guest
Waking Times

There’s plenty of valid information to keep us satisfied and busy with productive insights and empowering ideas to go around. What we don’t need is time and attention wasting wild forays into areas that are pure conjecture based on fanciful mind tingling speculation.

It’s of course fine and wonderful to explore theories and potentialities, but at this present juncture in our burgeoning awakening process it’s important to keep on track with truly productive information and fruitful modalities.

Let’s face it. It’s fun to explore and I do it continually. That’s part of the learning process. It just appears far too many are jumping headlong down energy vamping areas that ultimately have a negative impact on the awakening process and hence its effectiveness.

Explore – But Remain the Observer

Each to their own of course, but the trend I’m seeing of late reeks of deliberate as well as unwittingly planted sidetracks, trip offs and focus-fuzzing diversions. We’re well aware the alternative research community is increasingly infiltrated with plants, shills and distracting psyops, so it’s my intention that this forewarning will help forearm those not yet fully aware of these devices.

People should be willing to take a look into just about anything for informational purposes. However, anything adhered to in a dogmatic fashion to where it brings contention, division and wildly derisive accusations is very unhealthy, whatever the latest trends may be.

  • It can be any field of information that brings about these effects, usually with questionable, unverifiable sources. I’m particularly leery of channeled information, unless I personally know the source, as well as unfounded sensationalist conjecture, revelations from “off planet” civilizations, and most of all so called inside information regarding secret deals and events within presupposed warring factions inside the cabal of the banking and globalist structure that have zero factual backup.

    I’m not saying real information can’t be attained in these and other matters, but is it really worth your time, energy and attention to “buy into” such questionable information to where it throws your spiritual compass into a tailspin and absorbs your very being into an ultimately pointless vortex?

    Watch out for anything that generates false hope. That’s the carrot on the stick that has led many a soul down the path of confusion and even destruction.

    Knowing by Its Fruits

    What effect does it have on you? Are you getting your hopes and desires falsely pinned somewhere? Does it lead to a tightness in your gut to where you’re looking for confirmations for whatever newly adopted theory you’re becoming attached to? Even defending this new found position in a proud, contentious or self righteous manner?

    This happens to those not yet grounded in the fundamentals of standing back and simply observing new information in a detached frame of mind and heart.

    We’re going to be very surprised when the real picture comes into focus, and much of what we’ve learned along the way will get jettisoned as old baggage. They were stepping stones toward a greater truth and awareness but we have to remember they were just that. Stepping stones. Even the missteps and booby traps never mind the soon to be obvious diversions we entertained along the way.

    It’s just a learning process, and something to be enjoyed and definitely not fought over.

    The Dark Secret Key of Belief

    A big red flag should go up when anything requires leaping the imaginary hurdle of belief in order to enter into some secret realm of so called “knowing”. This is how religions have literally gotten away with murder for millennia. You have no footing in this co-imagined realm whatsoever once you enter into this acquiescent zoned-out mode. All you have to guide you then is the word of others who have surreptitiously taken control of the reins of your life by their adamant espousal of some belief system.

    This dark key to nowhere is where many have fallen in their hopes to attain a deeper understanding of the world around them. It’s subtle, it’s entangling, and extremely persuasive. The loss of personal control is the key indicator. Once someone is enthralled with this new “exclusive” world view, whatever it is, it is very difficult to speak in an open manner, never mind dissuade them. The reasoning is cyclical, with emotive reactions furiously reinforcing this new found belief system.

    The matrix is the perfect example, laden with microcosms of such self-reinforcing mind traps that are ever present in the socially deprived milieu we inhabit. Day to day people defend their outlook and mindset in the world around us, yet this is counted as “normal” in some weird fashion.

    If the entire ship is awash with sewage for a length of time it becomes normal. Such is the state of the whirled of today. Filth and garbage are good. Clean truth is now anathema, a pain in the ass to the status quo who are swimming in a whirlpool of toxic lies and deceptions.

    Don’t Take Yourself So Seriously

    One of my personal yardsticks in measuring character as well as proposed information is humor and outright personal happiness. Besides people being natural, affectionate and easily approachable, I so appreciate the quality of a good sense of humor and someone who doesn’t take themselves so damn seriously.

    What do any of us know? Who do we think we are?

    This in an inherent quality that cannot be faked. And those who are so serious about it all, though it does have its place, can be a real downer when it comes to realizing our inherent freedom here and now.

    After all, this is a not a work load or arduous journey to a destination, but a dance with life to be thoroughly enjoyed, no matter in what capacity.


    The journey to enlightenment is paved with a lot of stuff. It’s hard to enumerate here fully, but learning to point our antennas straight up to real verifiable information is paramount. It’s no easy task, especially where relative ignorance and belief systems come into play.

    Take your time. Go slow and methodically and keep your wits about you, despite the amazing new discoveries you’re making along the way. Put ideas into a processing coffer that gently grinds the information in a fashion that makes it palatable and you can digest, or reject it, in due time.

    There’s no hurry. We’re all learning, and true learning requires analysis and digestion before we react to it.  Hasty decisions that are put into action have a serious price, whether physically, spiritually or intellectually.

    Enjoy the ride. Just know what you’re up against and watch your step.

    And most of all stay happy and free. That’s your barometer.

    Love, Zen

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