Free Will: A Guide to Conscious Being

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Free will is the constant of all consciousness. The ability, the power, the great responsibility of choosing how we define, perceive and experience our reality. What we choose to concentrate upon, the ideas that we entertain, where we focus our attention, and the actions that we take are how we create and shape our shared existence.

Of the infinite possibilities that arise from the gift of free will, the most powerful vibration is harmony and unconditional love. This is unity, the inclusiveness of all beings, and the idea of ‘this AND that.’ The most insidious idea to arise from the infinite is the illusion of separateness. The idea of separation is responsible for all resistance, all conflict, and all of the darkness in the universe. It is the concept of ‘this OR that,’ that there is no middle ground and no balance to be found. Even so, it is essential to being.

Every situation, every event, every moment in space-time, is fundamentally neutral. How is this possible? The universe is composed of two energies, two primal forces that are polar opposites. This energy takes a myriad of forms and expressions throughout the infinite. Many schools of thought and philosophies have described this aspect of our universe. It may be called yin and yang, positive and negative, yes and no, love and fear, light and dark, male and female, empty and full, open and closed, up and down, or even left and right.

While these forces appear to be separate, this perception does not take into account the natural tendency of all energy. This is the tendency for energy to seek a balance, to come into a state of resonance or harmony, and reach a state of equilibrium. Once the universe separates into these polarities, a gradient is formed between the two opposing forces, the result of which is movement. This is the mixing of the universe that brings forth all of the infinite combinations and expressions of life.

  • Yes, the opposites do exist, but as does everything in between. The harmony of the universe is not a static process where it finds and remains in one particular information state forever. It does not reach a certain state of balance and then stop. The universe is in an endless, perpetual dynamic equilibrium. A complete spectrum of being is present that spans the two opposite perspectives and also encompasses everything in between.

    The universe is not only light and order. The universe is not only darkness and chaos. The universe is a constant superposition of these two states, and together they form the complete whole. Chaos and order are inseparable, interconnected, integrated. They are in fact complementary to each other, and they are the building blocks of the universe, of All That Is, of unity.

    Everything is fundamentally neutral, then, until we choose to add a charge to it. We choose to perceive this neutral event in a particular way, and then we attach emotions to it. This action is the culprit for the disparity, disagreement, and massive amount of resistance that we experience in our world.

    In any situation where two realities are in opposition, resistance is present. The natural tendency for any such opposition is for a balance to be found. The mentality of separateness denies the nature of being and puts forth the idea that opposing forces cannot be balanced, with drastic consequences. Partisan politics, war, arguments, all of these are cases where the two perspectives are in opposition and have chosen to define their viewpoint as the only valid choice. Each side operates from the space of refusing to choose to compromise. The massive amount of emotional charge attached by each party to their respective realities only serves to exacerbate the situation and waste more energy.

    From the viewpoint of separateness, situations in our lives happen to us. We are the victim, we are the judge, and these things are personal attacks upon us. From the illusion of separation arises the ego, the identity of the being as outside of the rest of the universe. Based upon our stories, our habits, our patterns of behavior, our conditioned reactions, we will choose to perceive a balanced reality from a grossly skewed perspective. While it is an illusion, it seems real to us because of the emotional charge we choose to express and attach to these events.

    The only solution to opposition is balance, an integration of the two seemingly contradictory or opposing realities into a new, complete, harmonious perspective. This is not separateness, the ‘this OR that’ mentality. It is unity, it is inclusive, it is ‘this AND that.’ From this perspective, there is space for all other versions of reality, as they are in the endless process of achieving balanceprocess of achieving balance. Events in our lives happen for us, and as catalysts for the growth into the highest harmony and balance of the universe.

    Harmony is inevitable; it is present in this moment as we speak. We are within it, we are a part of it. Nature embodies this principle and expresses it at every single level of existence. With our choices we can create an experience of harmony and flow, or one of chaos and resistance. Both are beautiful, both are necessary. Both are two sides of the same thing. One viewpoint is far more effective than the other, but choice depends upon our own personal preference.

    The gift/burden of free will is ours to wield/carry. It is perspective, it is being, it is choice.

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    Adam Lanka, originally from North Carolina, is a traveling philosopher, energetic arts healer, and physicist. His passion and interest are in bridging the gaps in the dominant paradigm, uniting science and spirituality into one journey of consciousness, and elevating the vibration of humanity. To learn more about Adam, please visit his personal blog, The Wanderlust. Find him on Facebook at Gateway Explorations.

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