Free Will, Determinism and the War on Consciousness

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What really makes up who we are? What influences are controllable or uncontrollable or actually alterable in ourselves? How much can we be in charge of ourselves?

This may seem to have obvious answers, but if you’re a searcher, self-realizer on the path, or just curious about what’s really going on here, this is something we wonder about.

The pat answers we’ve been told have to do with genetic make up and environment, within an inbred context of fatalism. The parameters we’re given from birth are very containing, with only a small margin allowed for potential change in our lifetimes.

It’s very subtle, but social engineers and programmed lower dimensional thinking have laid a very restrictive and disempowering groundwork, with only seemingly exceptional people breaking free from the supposed confines we’re born into.

  • So What Really Makes People Different?

    Clearly genetics and environment play a major role in the formation of our characters. What’s obviously missing are spiritual, conscious and cosmic influences, which science and especially religions and belief systems try to thwart, contain, minimalize and explain away as best they can.

    Why? Because according to the imposed structure we need to be controlled, not released into our fullness. That would blow their whole plan. There might be true freedom, abundance, and uncontained happiness and true efficient and conscious societal development. Then who would use their banks and manipulated money system, buy their oil, need their useless products or polluting education, media and entertainment industries?

    However, in this lower density reality we face very real repercussions from their corrupt systems from the outset. Beginning at birth and on through childhood and adolescence we develop deep co-dependencies based on abandonment and abuse issues. Unaddressed and unchecked, these become ingrained into our personalities and how we project ourselves. Our reflexive behaviors and misplaced expectations then extrapolate into complex action-reaction, craving-aversion syndromes that seem inescapable, even in later years.

    In most cases we develop highly fractured personalities that adapt according to the situations in which we find ourselves. Different personas (literally masks) evolve behind these façades while we act out what we feel is expected of us.

    This is where people feel helplessly trapped in what they’ve come to understand is a deterministic outlook, where we are the victims of our make up and environment with an ominous sense of inescapability. And in a mad world run by lofty, distant oligarchs and figures in supposed authority this cultivated sense of disempowerment flourishes.

    When in fact, our true selves are thriving beneath this engineered rubble just waiting to be released into their fullness.

    Enter free will…

    Free Will vs Determinism

    This has been a major area of discussion in philosophical and scientific circles for a long time but it’s important for this discussion and reveals the controllers’ non-intuitive nor empathic, and extremely arrogant and suppressive mindset.

    Here’s a brief description of this seeming paradox:

    “The determinist approach proposes that all behavior is caused by preceding factors and is thus predictable. The causal laws of determinism form the basis of science.

    Free will is the idea that we are able to have some choice in how we act and assumes that we are free to choose our behavior, in other words we are self determined.” (source)

    It’s quite revealing that “the causal laws of determinism form the basis of science”. At least mainstream, settled science. The shift now underway taking consciousness and multi-dimensional aspects into account in science is therefore quite profound in its potential effect on human thought and awareness. But don’t wait for them to get it.

    Zen Gardner - You Are the AwakeningIn an article entitled “The Great Debate” this seeming conflict between free will and determinism is laid out quite clearly:

    1 The Doctrine of Determinism

    “Determinism is a far-reaching term affecting many areas of concern, that most widely and radically states that all events in the world are the result of some previous event, or events. In this view, all of reality is already in a sense pre-determined or pre-existent and, therefore, nothing new can come into existence.

    This closed view of the universe and of our world holds all events to be simply the effects of other prior effects. This has radical and far-reaching implications for morality, science, and religion. If general, radical, determinism is correct, then all events in the future are unalterable, as are all events in the past. A major consequence of this is that human freedom is simply an illusion.

    2. Genetic Determinism

    “One area of contemporary discourse in science that relates to the issue of human freedom is the notion of genetic determinism. Here, the concept of determinism is linked directly to the genes in the DNA of a person. Because we already know that aberrations in certain genes can lead to various forms of physical and mental disease in humans, we can say with some certainty that people are physically determined by their genes.

    But genetic determinists want to extend this further, by claiming that even our behaviour is determined by our genes. In this line of thinking, we are but victims of our genetic makeup, and any effort to change our moral nature or behavioural patterns is useless. This is sometimes termed “puppet determinism,” meaning metaphorically that we dance on the strings of our genes.” (end excerpt)

    The War on Free Will and Consciousness

    Put in context, these deterministic dogmas are clearly foundational underpinnings for social engineers. But they only operate on the mind and body-memory level. Our essence is way beyond this and we know it, and that knowledge is exactly what causes the conflict we feel from childhood as we long for fulfillment and true expression.

    That the parasitic manipulators want to control, contain and even usurp and utilize our consciousness is no new concept. The energy vampires of many dimensions have been around a long time and have been described in a multiplicity of ways throughout the ages.

    The question is, how will we respond, knowing this is the game at play? Will we continue to lay down and take it, or respond in a powerful assertion of our conscious awareness, stepped up to degrees humanity has yet been able to experience and utilize and on such a wide scale?

    This is where we stand.


    This article is designed to give some historical perspective as to how we’ve been disempowered, but again it’s one of a variety of vectors aimed at the crippling of humanity.

    It’s been proven we can change our own DNA, or very vibrational nature, and offset anything set in motion by previous influences, besides the fact that we can transcend all of this consciously.

    That is knowledge and empowerment to an extreme. Let’s run with it and shift this reality by each of our own decisions and our deep resolve to be who we truly are.

    That is the only answer.

    The rest will follow. It’s an individual choice.

    Let’s just do it and let the chips fall where they may. Whatever the cost – the rewards are inestimable!

    Now is the hour. It always has been, but it’s now more than ever.

    Much love always, Zen

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