Fracking in the Woodlands: A Must See Short Film About the Suffering of Rural Pennsylvania

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Among the atrocities being committed against our planet and it’s creatures by resource extraction, gas fracking is relatively new, growing rapidly, and already standing out as one of the most destructive and stupid things humans can do to suck energy from Mother Earth.

Sure, fracking can extract petroleum and natural gas from the earth that was previously inaccessible, and sure, it can bring snappy profit to the oil and gas industry, but the environmental costs are proving so severe that one wonders if human beings have gone completely mad.  From earthquakes to cancer-causing pollution of water supplies, gas fracking is without doubt one of the stupidest ways we can feed our consumer economy.

With so many stories to cover and so much environmental destruction being done across the planet, it is often easy to lose sight of the personal trials and tribulations of those directly affected by mankind’s insane quest for convenience and endless growth.

  • The Woodlands, by Rich Waters from Butler County, Pennsylvania is a short documentary film that shares the story of a small, poor community in rural Southwestern Pennsylvania that is being annihilated by gas companies who have already so totally polluted the water supply with toxic fracking chemicals that local people and animals are getting sick en masse, developing cancers at an alarming rate and being forced to live without access water.  These poor people have no voice against industry, but this short film amplifies their suffering so that maybe, hopefully, for the love of all, someone or something can intervene against this madness.

    Is there any entity in the entire universe that can possibly come to the aid of this planet and bring this insanity to a halt?

    Please share this far and wide, and prod people to start giving a damn and taking action.  There is no Planet-B.

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