Former Presidential Candidate Says Terrorism Not the Real Threat to America

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The objective of the mainstream media is to create a narrative that supports political and corporate interests, and serious issues do not get the attention and awareness they deserve when they don’t fit with into this narrative. Take terrorism, for example, a very complex issue that is used again and again to frighten the American public into accepting changes to the form and function of our government. Freedom for security, as it is.

If the perception is that terrorism is the most significant threat to our well-being and our way of life, then we are more willing to accept the intended outcomes of this narrative: increased foreign military conflict, domestic surveillance, restricted liberty and ongoing states of emergency. If we rightfully prioritize the actual threats and dangers to our lives, then we’re not as likely to support the terror narrative and instead more likely to demand reforms that actually may improve our lives. This is why it is imperative to keep reality in perspective.

  • A former U.S. presidential candidate succinctly makes this point by outlining some of the most significant issues affecting American lives, and terrorism is not on the list.

    In a recent interview with NPR’s Amy Goodman, Ralph Nader made a short comment about the ‘silent violence‘ being perpetrated against Americans every single day that has far more impact on our lives and health than the threat of terrorism.

    AMY GOODMAN: Compare the number of people who die in terrorist attacks to the number of people who die, well, in very different situations, that you’ve been taking on for years.

    RALPH NADER: OK. Take a study by Johns Hopkins University Medical School last March and break it down. And in the period when these bombs are being discovered in trash cans in New York, 25 people have died in the New York area from mishaps in hospitals—hospital-induced infections, hospital malpractice, bad prescription of drugs. Totally, it’s 700 a day. This is a silent violence from corporate negligence, that includes air pollution, includes a lot of other hazards from negligent or criminal corporations. But silent violence doesn’t get on TV. It’s overt violence that gets on TV, which is more like street crime or violent attacks. So, but by far, the greatest number of Americans who are dying from preventable causes are from corporate misbehavior, whether it’s air pollution, water pollution, contaminated water, hospital hazards, you name it. And it’s all documented by groups like Harvard Medical School, Harvard School of Public Health, Johns Hopkins. But very little, if anything, is done about it, because it emanates from profit-making corporations that put money into political campaigns.


    Statistically, you are much more likely to be injured or killed by the medical industry or any of a number of other sources of corporate inflicted ‘silent violence,’ yet the media portrays terrorism as the most pressing issue of our time, giving a pass to the corruption and callousness of the industries that truly impact our lives. Terrorism is a marketing campaign for the military industrial complex and the surveillance state.

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