Foods and The ‘Etheric Field’

kirlian fruit auraSoren Dreier, Guest
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The other day I went to the veggie store and I was looking at the tomatoes. They have three kinds:

First kind is more or less the same. They look the same, have the same size, and same color. Industrialized, clone, replica like. Second kind they call plum tomatoes here. They were more or less the same also. No diversity in color or shape or size. Then the third kind, which they call beef tomatoes, were all very different. Different sizes, different colors, different individual weight and such.

I was going for the diverse ones. Then I thought, I´ll check their ‘field’, the etheric or their Prana – life force. Number one and two had a small grayish field around them; the beef tomatoes were vibrating outwards and their field ended in an orange colored line in the air. Their field was silver like and pulsing.



So, no hard choice there.

Then I took notice of some of the fruits and veggies there. The ‘imperfect’ fruits and veggies had the biggest field of life force. From cherries to potatoes.

Every manifastation has a field. Even a metal door.

People have it, some call it the aura, but that’s not where I’m heading here, since when we talk about people, we have multiple fields.

I thought I would give you the technique to spot those fields for shopping and maybe avoid energetically dead food. Some may know it, some may not.

  • Let’s take it for granted, which would be the easiest since quantum science agrees: everything has  a vibration, a unique frequency field. ‘Rishis’ and sensitive people have known this for thousands of years; science has more or less just opened up to that, via quantum physics.

    So it should be a valid approach both for the spiritually engaged and for folks who’d rather have the scientific approach: Everything has its own frequency.

    So science may need a microscope, we only need our minds.

    Here’s how if you want to see it.

    Some might call it: Practicing a psychic ability, and they may be right. And with this kind of ability the road often starts with giving in to the idea of it, accepting that one could have doubt, while practicing, if it’s just fantasy or imagination.

    Often it seems that way, but if we stick with it and don’t wave it off as just ‘our imagination’, it will soon become very objective and can be applied to many aspects in life.

    We also seem to forget that ‘reality’ often shows up as a result of our imagination. It’s a divine gift we have, our imagination, since it often takes us from point A to point B, either in the outside world or the inner life.

    If I want to go to Paris, say, or if you do, we have to imagine ourselves there, and if we take the trip, our imagination sparked reality. It’s simple. And what do they take from beautiful daydreaming kids – the ability to imagine, and they go logic only. So we have to take that programming down. Certain tribes, as the Seminole, don’t distinguish dreams from the waking state. They take dreaming (imagination) for being as real as the wakened state of mind.

    They are known to be extremely peaceful, kind, and don’t seem to have a reality gap to cross in order to live a happy and fulfilling life. Threatened only by the western logical left brain approach that tries to teach them they are way off track. Hmm. They are not, but it’s a big leap and a line that psychiatry sure uses to diagnose people with all kinds of ailments in their psychological software.

    The way to practice it can be this:

    Put a plant on a table or the window sill. It has to be in a setting that is well lit. People practicing seeing the aura field often think that the light should be dimmed, well, you really can’t see that much in darkness.

    The best way is to place the object you are practicing on, close to a white background. It makes it a whole lot easier.

    Then you do a trick with your vision:

    You focus very sharply on the object. Make your vision a telescope of sharpness. Examine the object down to even small details. That way the object will respond to your attention. Yes, even science says now what we have known for years: We can impact the physical world with our attention. That’s why healing works.

    After you feel connected, you might feel it strongly or mildly, anyway the connection has been established, and then you shift your focus:

    So you still look at the object, but you adjust your vision, as it would be to look to the horizon behind the object. It might take a few tries, but you will get it.

    Then the object starts to vibrate.

    Some would say it would be a disturbance in the optic nerve – yes, it is for a short while until the optic nerve and the nervous system get familiar with it. It’s like when people watch TV in a dimmed room. I don’t have a TV, but if we suddenly turn our heads we will notice that the image from the TV and the square frame of the image stays for a bit and then it dissolves. This is very similar to what is going on in the optic nerve. But that is an optical illusion and the field is not an optical illusion.

    When the object starts to vibrate, you are starting to see it’s field. Usually it’s ‘reality’ when you see the orange/golden colored borderline of its field. That is usually when dealing with green potted plants.

    The frequency field pulses, so you might see silver colored like waves going in and out from the plant. You’re on track.

    Zinc mineral can help you. It has a very healing effect on the retina and if you spend a lot of time in front of flat screens like computers, pads, and what have we, you might need it anyhow, since screen time takes out the Zinc from your system.

    When you can see the potted flower’s field, it’s time to move the technique to other objects, cats, dogs, dining table and whatever we can think of really. Each has their own field of life force but: when it comes to organic manifestations such as foods, their field is pulsing. A metal door does the same, to take that as an example, but the field of ‘dead non organic things’ is very small. Usually a couple of millimeters. The field from fruits and vegetables can go up to 1 to 5 centimeters, and beyond.

    Might seem different to you, but that’s how I see it.

    Then it’s time to do the groceries and you just basically do the same. Take what you plan to purchase, hold it in your hand and do the focus – unfocus technique and it will show you its field. If the field is short, grayish, and non-vibrating, you’re holding a ‘dead’ food in your hand.

    Either dead from cultivation, pesticides, age, or GMO.

    Trust yourself in what you see because when you do this check, your pineal gland will kick in and you will get the sensation of: No, this is dead food, I just know that, and when I know – I know.

    But seeing the field, or the lack of it, is the first step.

    Listen to your senses and trust them, and I will bet you: There isn’t that much to come home with from Matrix supermarkets. You will soon go to the markets, and you will know which food has the life force and which does not.

    By using this when shopping, you will tremendously boost your own Prana. Also, by not going for the mainstream commodities in the Matrix food supply; it’s somehow designed for economical or political reasons, to lower your frequency, and not to raise it.

    Its not just food and veggies, but everything you can think of that you will consume, eat or drink.

    The Field is nourishment for the body, mind and soul.

    No Field – No Food.

    © 2014 Soren Dreier

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