Food Revolution: The Real Takeaway From the Natural News Garden of Life & Subway Agreements

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It seems the tide is rapidly turning towards the true empowerment of humanity. First, due to the independent findings from the Health Ranger’s Forensic Food Lab combined with an “organic” social media blitz, Garden of LifeSun Warrior, and Boku Superfood protein products have come to a mutual agreement regarding the quality of their protein lines. All “have agreed that their protein products will achieve the following heavy metals limits no later than July 1, 2015”. 

In addition, there is also the story about Vani Hari, the woman who started the petition forcing the hand of Subway management in a mere twenty four hours. Subway has responded by agreeing to remove it’s dangerous chemicals in their breads. Although, at present, no time line has been discussed. Both cases represent pieces of the grand chessboard being rearranged, brought into the public eye, and stacked on the side of humanity. Openings have been spotted in which opportunity has revealed itself.

  • The conversation currently seems to center around who has the correct results, who has alternative interests, and who is ultimately spreading truth in a positive way. The other, bigger story that Mike Adams, Natural News, and Vani Hari seem to grasp is the overarching idea that perhaps the trust that we have given to manufacturers regarding our food should be questioned.

    The opening of the Natural News Forensic Food Lab was a valuable step in challenging this idea. As was a viral petition launched on the back of simple truth. There is a large gap in the facts, and what consumers trust are the facts, as presented by food companies and manufacturers. The good news is that there is always an option to empower yourself no matter what anyone says or reports.

    Here are some things to consider when deciphering information presented about our food. Given widespread contamination by genetically modified organisms in our food supply, potential radioactive contamination from Fukushima and other sources, misleading labels, the food industries limited ability to source ingredients, and depreciating currencies world wide, is it any wonder that a company, in order to keep it’s competitive edge, will be forced to cut some corners here and there?

    One obvious change that many may have noticed is the sizes of food packaging and/or the net weight of food has been shrinking. My guess is the decision was made that it is easier to shrink the package slightly and hope nobody notices rather than keep it the same and charge 15-20% more. After all, increase in food prices has been the number one reason for revolts recently in other counties. There now clearly stands a need for two different avenues that Mike Adams and Natural News have highlighted with the recent release of their independent lab findings.

    An Opening For Solutions Regarding True Independent Testing of Your Food

    In a recent interview on Awaken in the Dream radioDr. Richard Alan Miller, one of the first to declare the true gravity of the situation in Fukushima, said that he sees a possible future in which “every super market may have it’s own radiation detector for shoppers to scan their food before purchase.”

    As it stands, true independent testing is currently taken at face value according to statements made by food companies. However, there is no law or legal consideration given to such statements. So, if a company such as Garden of Life says that they test using independent labs and other practices, you have no choice but to trust their statements, until now, since another seemingly independent lab has emerged claiming that they have found the heavy metals lead, tungsten, cadmium, and mercury.

    The ultimate movement that would serve to give the full power back to the people would be to have cheap independent testing available to end users. This could be accomplished either by having technology at each supermarket that could achieve this, or perhaps a “home kit” that would enable each person to test at their discretion. That way, no company need fear backlash from a poor product because the testing would be up to the end user. It would also promote fairness among companies by allowing the product quality to speak for itself as opposed to how many social media followers, clever ads, or celebrity endorsements it has.

    Recognize that this is a horrifying thought to most CEOs and marketing execs because it decentralizes their company’s power, control, and potential market share. This is why you will probably never hear them call for such measures. Perhaps they’ll even publicly attack those like me who do because it is a major threat to their very livelihood. Maybe we can meet halfway? Maybe not. Time will most certainly tell.

    An Opening to Produce Your Own Food on an Individual and Family Basis

    There has never been a better time in history to grow and produce your own food. Besides piece of mind and personal empowerment, this option is cheaper, cleaner, healthier, and more nutritious. Not to mention it is better for the land, community, and world in general by decentralizing power from the few and giving it back to the individual.

    This assumes that non-gmo crops are grown using non-toxic fertilizers and pest control which are easily found and increasingly more available. In fact, if done right, money can be removed from the equation and a community could eat in abundance for free. Think about that for a second! This idea and many other aspects have already been laid out in detail by Michael Tellinger and his Ubuntu movement.

    It’s quite simple really. Humans are the only living organisms on the planet that need to pay to live and pay to survive. So it then becomes a question of who owns the money because those that do become the gatekeeper to the quality of food available. How about bio-hacking your food supply and grow your own? While you’re at it, you can hack your income, hack the strength of your community, and hack your bond to the earth you are connected to.

    Ron Finley, the Guerilla Gardener from Los Angeles, California sets a fine example in this must see Ted Talk:

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