Our Focus Creates Our Future

Zen Gardner, Guest
Waking Times

We’re continually creating our experiential realities, whether consciously or unconsciously. The worlds we live in are of our own making, whether through adopting versions we perceive of existing realities, or forging new ones through our own thoughts, ideas and decisions. Or a combination of both.

We’re all absorbing so much information to process, both consciously and subconsciously, in both audio and visual forms as well as unseen energetic streams and impulses, in addition to our own self chatter. We’re all learning and can feel a bit scrambled with such a bombardment of input and so much information to evaluate amidst these tectonic social and spiritual shifts. That’s to be expected in this growing process.

Once we identify the power of our own creative abilities we learn to make more conscious, heartfelt decisions in order to live the most expansive experiential reality that we can. Expansion is a natural phenomenon, and while it’s not always easy to grasp what we’re going through, we’re each part of a magnificent unfolding in which we play an integral part. We can feel we’re limited or subject to our circumstances when in reality we’re fully in charge of our destinies.

  • We Chart Our Own Course

    Our course is determined by our thoughts and what we willingly choose to focus our attention on. From there we build individual belief systems by which we navigate and process the incoming information field of ideas and apparent realities, both perceived manifested ones, as well as informational data. We have complete freedom to choose our course, despite evidence that appears to tell us anything to the contrary.

    Whether we choose the course to unselfishly better humanity or live to serve our own desires at any cost to others is a major dividing line, as ego centrism is the driving nature of the control matrix, whereas true unconditional love for others is manifesting our divine nature. Either way, we each contribute to energetic expansion through whatever belief systems we’ve aligned with.

    This is why personal alignment to truth in our core is so important, beginning with the truth of who we actually are. This takes some serious personal discovery, but it isn’t as complicated as we’ve been led to believe. Taking action on what our hearts are calling us to do and be and following the path of heartfelt inspiration is essential, despite the obstacles that will present themselves. Our true nature then manifests as old conditioning peels away from our lives.

    What Is Focus?

    Our focus can be determined by what we spend our time on, physically as well as mentally. It’s what we put our attention towards and allow to dwell in our thoughts and especially our hearts which translates into active, or passive, direction in our lives.

    In the entrapping control paradigm, we’re steered to focus on survival primarily, which leads to alignment with the false ego support systems and the already in place rules of the socio-economic game currently at play. We can still exist quite consciously to varying degrees while having to “entertain” these confines and conditions, but generally speaking the world system is built on a myopic, compassionless service to self alone outlook, with empathic consideration and care for others having to temporarily play a secondary, highly disadvantaged role.

    This however is changing rapidly as the control grid continues to be rapidly exposed for what it truly is, a lose-lose paradigm built on imposed, false premises for parasitic control purposes. That matrix construct is an energetic miasma of a completely different nature. By its nature it minimizes the power of sovereign cooperation and the resultant unity consciousness and awareness those important aspects bring, all of which are completely independent of external control. This is why the shadow works are clumsily striving to maintain their control grid through any means necessary. But it’s inevitably collapsing, having no foundation in truth and the natural laws of love and compassion.

    Awareness of the control grid is what’s bringing it down, due to the endeavors of many to expose its workings and the overall elevation of consciousness, both of which are working symbiotically. Even more importantly, this rising awareness has given birth to a connectivity to what is being hidden from us about ourselves, the power of our full nature. As this awareness grows and activation occurs, the energy released is changing the course of millions of lives as well as our entire vibrational and energetic milieu.

    In fact, nothing is more powerful in disempowering and dismantling the matrix and empowering others than the release of our true nature which so many are experiencing at ever expanding levels and which continues to grow at an exponential rate.

    Focus on What We Desire

    It’s important to move our emphasis from the workings of this deceptive, entrapping power grid to what it is we all desire. This is important individually first of all – realizing who we fully are, releasing whatever is holding is back, and discovering our unfathomable power as energetic beings. Attention to this should be our top priority, and how we can each manifest more fully. Obsessively dwelling on what’s “wrong” is vibrationally deleterious as we inadvertently contribute to that lower density vibration, a state in which we can barely live and only leads to more fascination for the fear based workings of the control system, thus making us part of the very energetic structure we want to see dismantled and from which we are working to escape.

    Intrinsic to raising our individual vibration is triumphant happiness. Realizing all is working out as it should and that everything is in place for a purpose is very important. There are many ways to view our experience here, and this is an essential aspect. It’s not escapist, as we each still need to play the role we’re called to, responsibly with right choices of action as well as disengagement with the old.

    Seeing the true big picture of our condition brings a very deep joy and sense of gratitude, two aspects that put us into a much higher vibration and much more effective mode of operation. Otherwise, anger and frustration and unnecessarily dwelling on the negative hold us back from focusing on what it is we truly want, and throttles our power of creativity which we are learning to manifest. And that too is expanding rapidly.

    Having a victorious and joyful attitude and keeping vibrationally free and empowered is kryptonite to the would-be controllers, which is why they like to draw humanity through any means they can into engaging with them on their low level, thus hampering our inherent vibrational advantage.

    Be Aware, But Be Careful Where We Focus

    No matter how well intentioned, adopting dualistic, combative thought forms are not just futile, but counter productive. Exposure is needed, but it must always be bathed in empowering inspiration as to the true overall state of creation. All is an evolutionary process working itself out, with each individual free to choose whatever course they have to. However, a large part of this dynamic within the free will paradigm is that we can influence others’ awarenesses. But we can’t force them. Things have to play out at levels we cannot conceive yet we must do our part, which is most importantly and profoundly energetic. It’s an odd, paradoxical mixture here so a heightened sense of insight as to our true situation is a must for truly conscious navigation in these oft confusing waters.

    Through enlightened exposure of the nature of the dark workings of the shadow side, while maintaining the integrity of a higher vibration, our conscious and aware attitude and actions work much more effectively at bringing down any control systems. This includes the individuals participating in them. Reaction-based energetic action only strengthens the polarized so-called “enemy”. In fact, whatever information we may find revealing is better viewed from that same higher dimensional state, avoiding reactivity and energetically draining mental and emotional currents. But also be careful about pure information overload. The pure weight of it can be overwhelming if we’re not careful or circumspect.

    The reason for this energetic dynamic of dualism is to create contrast. Contrast is where the learning and hence raising of vibration and true knowing takes place as we learn to overcome through awareness. Right and wrong are valid within the moral matrix, but contrast is also a gift, a tremendous learning tool, without which we couldn’t learn to make preferences and find our way back out of this field of separation from Source. Both dark and light are essential to the process are are part of the very fabric of creation.

    Everything has a role to play. We learn by contrast, which brings clarity. It takes time obviously, as history attests, but now we’re in a highly accelerated phase, socially as well as personally. True conscious awareness is a state that is quite transcendent from our so-called normal way of viewing our reality. Once we work from there, the ability to literally create our own realities, and a new world with it, come clearly into view and hence realization.

    Ready or Not, Here They Are

    The changes are coming on fast. It’s important to stay inspired with our personal course of life. We should move with our passions and what inspires us, and leave the dead weights behind. Be grateful for them as they taught us much, but now is a time for personal freedom, inspiration, and swift movement, mentally and spiritually.

    Ironically this can lead to, as it is for many, having our lives slow down externally in order to give us more time to process these enormous energetic shifts and new types of information and resultant changes. Many are experiencing seemingly strange physical issues as well. This is simply a manifestation of working in more profound realms and allowing very deep changes to occur within us. They’re nothing to fear or worry about, but they can be challenging. Just know it’s all part of the process.

    Freedom to allow space for these personal changes is paramount at this time, so we need to do whatever we can to find those openings for time in nature, time alone, and time for extra rest. It’s important to listen to uplifting and spiritually instructive teachings, get energetic help if need be, be vigilant as to what or who you associate with, and find like spirited people even if they are few.

    Be good to yourself as this is a very swift and powerful energetic current moving through us. Try not to be too baffled by it, it’s a very good thing. We’re each transmuting way more of the old to the new than we realize as we pursue truth and remain open to and move with this energetic change and undergo this rapid learning process. We’re transceivers whether we like it or not, either of the lower vibrational contract and its machinations and keeping them in place, or helping to affirm the new world we’re co-creating and thus manifesting.

    Know the difference and maintain your true, higher integrity. It becomes clearer as we go. We can often simply tell what’s right or wrong for us by how things make us feel. Pulling our focus from fascination for this metastasizing matrix can be difficult, as many can only see these darker aspects, being so completely bathed in knowledge of these occult workings which permeate our lives. But when we have a hard time putting it aside and appreciating the beauty of nature and the many wonderful people of this planet and other powerfully positive aspects of our existence, then it’s time to realize our focus has gotten off course. And with it, our vibratory influence similarly inadvertently moves into the very dimension we’d rather see dissipated.

    It’s much like a gravitational field and it can engulf us before we realize it. It’s not irresponsible to tune it out once you’re aware it exists. The knowledge of its workings is an important part of our awareness and education and what woke many of us up. That was only the first stage of the launch. When we allow the second and succeeding boosters to kick in, our perspective becomes gloriously clear and new understandings as to our most effective course of action for ourselves and/or how we go about them, mankind and our planet come clearly into view!

    Last Thoughts

    We must choose what we focus on wisely. We are in control, so we need to take the wheel rather than go with whatever energetic flow catches our attention, or fascination.

    These wild waters are much easier to navigate with an even keel derived through discernment and vigilant awareness.

    Enjoy the ride! And may all your chosen realities be positive, empowering and joyous ones! Blow on past the lower realms into new perspectives and levels of effectiveness you only dreamed of!

    Life’s not a bummer. It’s a gift. A huge challenge and tough learning ground, granted, but try dwelling on all that’s right and amazing and wonderful for a while, and take a look at the REAL big picture!

    Throw the switch with confidence and watch your reality shift – and that of those around you. Then follow your passion with renewed gusto and inspiration – and perspective! Let it infuse your life and just watch what happens!

    The world we desire is ours for the taking, and living. It begins Now. It always has!

    About the Author

    Zen Gardner is an impactful and controversial author and speaker with a piercing philosophical viewpoint. His writings have been circulated to millions and his personal story has caused no small stir amongst the entrenched alternative pundits. His book “You Are The Awakening” has met rave reviews and is available on amazon.com.

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