Fissures in the Great Wall & The Illusion of Ordinary Life

V. Susan Ferguson, Contributor
Waking Times

In modern times we have all accepted a reality based solely on and limited to the five senses. During the past 6,000 years, the period known as the Kali Yuga, our innate abilities to perceive the Invisible Realms have atrophied to the point that most humans are incapable of even a remote awareness of, much less the Joy of interacting with, that which we cannot see, hear, touch, etc.

It is therefore understandable why most simply deny the very existence of such realities. They are not capable of perceiving them. The result of this disastrous defect of our comprehension has produced the ludicrous concept of ordinary life or real life that, in its absolute denial of anything beyond the five senses, engulfs us all in total delusion, or ‘moha’ in Sanskrit.

Tragically, anything that is perceived beyond the accepted norm is regarded as weird, strange & bizarre, and is consequently relegated to a sort of carnival-freak-show, yellow-journalism state of mind, which derides believers for indulging in childish entertainment and titillation.

Such a deluded error is not only adolescent in its comprehension, but is also the densest of illusion because it ignores the underlying metaphysics that are the actual source of the external holographic matrix, which therefore we in our limited state of consciousness mistake for reality.

This confused and confining insistence on ordinary life has become more severe as time has drawn us down into the final stages of this cycle of time. As the Veils of Illusion have solidified around us, human consciousness on this planet has successfully degenerated into the aggressively empty, heartless, consumer society we currently inhabit barely half-alive.

  • Multiple States of Being

    We are mired in an integrated perceptual structure, a gestalt, an invisible sea of delusion that so completely permeates our thinking and our consciousness that we do not even begin to realize how cut off we are from our true nature and the multitude of Myriad Worlds. French author Rene Guenon uses the term ‘multiple states of being’.

    We have become engulfed in ‘quantity’, in enumeration. We are devoted to measuring the endless surfaces of what we imagine to be solid matter. We have lost all connection to any Truth beyond what we have come to accept as the human state. Frightened by what we consider non-human, or above human, supra-human, we term these experiences unreal and, to our great detriment, allow only what we judge to be real and sensible into our hologram.

    Thus we have fallen into density and allowed our consciousness to be programmed and brainwashed. Human consciousness has become limited to the point of extinction. The progressive degeneration of science and philosophy has brought us down to a common, as in mediocre, level of understanding of this world.

    We are not merely human.

    We are the precious fragments of the One projected into Time and Space through the data-collecting vehicle that can be described as human, but is not limited to that. This gestalt of ignorance of our true being has, as Guenon brilliantly says, penetrated and impregnated the whole nature of the individual. We are completely submerged in our ignorance.

    We have locked our consciousness in a very small, moldy, dark basement — a frequency prison created by us. This acceptance of quantifying surfaces as the be-all and end-all of knowledge has brought us to mechanism and materialism, and has given the priesthood of this absurdly limited so-called science an inordinate and totally undeserved control over our lives.

    We believe almost anything our blinded-by-science hierarchal PhD priesthood imposes upon us. Despite the fact that these factual scientific oh-so-holy proclamations change almost daily in a never-ending mega-ego battle for warlike intellectual dominance and desperation for funding, we hang on to every soap-opera word of the latest ivory tower edicts.

    Rene Guenon tells us that in these ‘modern’ times, primordial metaphysical Truth has been lost and replaced by utility and convenience. Science is no longer the pure search for truth, but the slave of commerce and industry. Science has become the servant of our consumer cravings and is dependent on producing profitable results for its survival.


    Rather than holding these minions of corporate industry in high esteem and allowing them to dictate the atmosphere of our very being, these unfortunates who have been blinded-by-science should be regarded as what they are – beings whose God-given ability to perceive what lies beyond the five senses has atrophied, become functionally extinguished, and is now dead & gone!

    Like stubborn children competing with each other for parental attention, these priests of science have become so blind that they are incapable of considering any idea outside of their own ego driven turf. They seem to have lost the ability to think in any other way.

    The measurement of that which can be registered by the five senses, in the guise of modern science, may indeed go on ad nauseam forever; but in doing so, leaves us all skating on the thin ice of a miasma of amnesia — and in no way reflects the totality of existence.

    The quantification of the material world without an understanding of the Invisible Realms that support it, which in fact are the actual Source of such apparent solidity, is the degenerative path to the catastrophic conclusion of this cycle of time, the Kali Yuga, our current Age of Conflict and Confusion.

    This is a polarity universe and as a temporal illusory hologram, our universe exists only because both positive and negative forces hold it in time and space. This means that along with the Light, there is also the other — the Darkside or demonic. In the first cycles of time the Light is manifest and in full view, while the Darkside is cloaked, hidden, the underneath, which is still there doing its job, but not apparent.

    As we move through the Four Cycles of Time, the Dark begins to emerge and reveal itself – while the Light withdraws. By the time we arrive at the Kali Yuga (our current cycle or age), the Light has become more veiled, and the Darkside begins to rule. By the Twilight of the Kali Yuga – which began in 1939 with atomic fission – the Darkside rules and goodness, although it still exists with us, is hard to find.

    Unanticipated Interferences

    One element of the rule of the Darkside Tyrants in the Kali Yuga is the entry of entities into our third dimensional earth plane world.

    In Rene Guenon’s the chapter on ‘The Fissures in the Great Wall’ in his book “The Reign of Quantity“, Guenon warned that our world was being threatened by what he called unanticipated interferences. As we have come to accept matter as the only reality, meaning as the solidification of the world has progressed, we have come near to the limits to that solidification. And because the world can never become a completely closed system, what Guenon calls fissures have occurred in the protective barrier that surrounds our world. This protective barrier is known in metaphysics as the ‘Great Wall’ and it exists to protect us.

    When I first read this idea of fissures forming in the Great Wall, what immediately came to mind were the infamous Montauk Experiments. Those of you who are familiar with this story will recall that when the time warp was achieved with their Tesla-like frequency emissions there was a tear, as in a rip, in the time field and whatever protects the 3rd dimensional planet Earth from Extra Terrestrials and what I call astral cooties was opened. It was reported that through this tear many ETs – friendly or not – slipped into this dimension. An increase in sightings and abductions might be considered as evidence.

    Guenon points out that the ‘Great Wall’ is, as he terms it, a shell and as such not only keeps energies out to act as our protection, it also serves as a limitation, a container. This may explain why so many have said that 3rd dimensional planet earth is under some sort of quarantine. Was there a specific period of time during which the ETs were supposed to keep their hands off the planet and our consciousness – perhaps in compliance with the Law of Non-Interference? Has that agreement been recently broken over and over? Is even that formal and supposedly ‘legal’ limitation is coming to an end?

    As Guenon says, the ‘Great Wall’ exists to ensure that we are protected from being attacked by enemies from below. I assume this implies that many of these entities are not particularly evolved and may have a somewhat Darkside consciousness.

    Apparently in previous cycles of time before the current solidification of the world, there existed openings in the top of this protective shell that allowed us to communicate with the higher realms. Such communication was the purpose of the ancient Spiritual Centers clustered all over the planet which function as time portals. Most of these are now abandoned and have been intentionally taken over by the Darkside, so that they may feed off the residual frequencies once generated there. Think of how many once sacred sites are the focal point of ongoing wars and human misery.

    Our current acceptance of doctrines of materialism and consumption allows us to believe only that which comes to us through five-sense perception. Our own limited way of thinking has shut us off from communication with the higher more evolved domains and access to the higher realms through these sacred centers is now closed. More than ever before, we are on our own here! Our refuge is within.

    If by our own efforts we are able to access and unite with the God that dwells within the Heart of everyone, then we will be able to act in ways that enhance the well-being of the world we have created, before we Forgot our real Source. We will become whole, integrated into the Wisdom-Knowledge of the primordial metaphysical principles that have always been the only support of every manifest and ‘unmanifest’ (invisible to our current five-sense apparatus) particle and form of any universe.

    The Reign of Quantity. Rene Guenon, Originally published in French, 1945 Sophia Perennis, 2001, Ghent, NY

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    V. Susan Ferguson is the author of Inanna Returns, Inanna Hyper-Luminal; her own commentary on the Bhagavad Gita and the Shiva Sutras; and Colony Earth & the Rig Veda. Her website is Metaphysical Musing.

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