Fed Trapped in Money Printing Policy

Waking Times

Video – Former top Wall Street banker Nomi Prins explains:

“They have backed themselves into a corner. If you raise interest rates 50 basis points, the market will drop 500 points that day. That’s what you are dealing with. That’s just the reality of the situation that has been created. I think if the Fed does raise rates to save face, it will be by a very small amount. The markets will tank . . . and completely stop raising rates going forward, or they don’t do it at all, which is kind of what’s been happening. . . . If they do raise rates, they create a very big knock on effect.”

So, the Fed is trapped in a never-ending money printing policy, and Prins goes on to say:

“Yes, they are in the tough spot that they created. They fed into this Frankenstein banking system. . . If they raise rates meaningfully, it will cause a tremendous crash in the markets.”

Below Greg Hunter interviews Nomi Prins, best-selling author of All The Presidents’ Bankers.

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