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Marc Oromaner, Contributor
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Ever since Darwin published his infamous On the Origin of the Species in 1859, science and theology have been at war over the theory of evolution. The irony is that evolution and all its aspects—natural selection, survival of the fittest, genetic mutations—all appear in the Bible as clear as day. In fact, even a “missing link” explanation that science has still not uncovered appears in there as well. Is it found in some lost book, obscure passage, cryptic verse, or esoteric translation? No, it appears in an entire story that everyone knows—the story of Noah’s Ark. And once I point out the metaphoric meaning of the story, you’ll wonder how on earth you never noticed it before. How? The church didn’t want you to notice. Because the truth takes power away from them and puts it where it rightfully belongs—to you.

Most people—even devout Christians—don’t realize that Jesus was not the first Biblical character born of an immaculate conception. In the Book of Enochan ancient Jewish religious work traditionally ascribed to Noah’s great-grandfather, Enoch, Noah was said to be immaculately conceived as well. (Interestingly, in researching this article, I just learned that Enoch claims that during the end days, time will speed up. I knew nothing about this passage, but wrote about my own experience of time speeding up here.) Some believe that angels were responsible for the delivery. Others believe it was ancient aliens who crossbred primitive humans with their own DNA to create the more intelligent modern humans, the generalization of which forms the basis of all myths about the intermingling of gods and humans.

  • In regards to the point I’m making here however, suffice to say that the divine conception just relates to the purity of Noah. And metaphorically speaking, someone who is pure is closer to God, and therefore an archetype for truth and how we should model ourselves. In short then, Noah, much like Jesus, is depicted as the embodiment of truth and represents the path that we should all follow—a path of righteousness and truth. Being divinely conceived, he also represents a more advanced breed from which all life on earth would be descended from, as all lesser humans were to be eliminated from the flood.

    In my yet unpublished novel-trilogyThe Layman’s Answers to Everything, the concept of Noah’s ark being an allegory for evolution is explored in detail. It’s all about the survival of the fittest. Evolution, according to Darwin and accepted by mainstream science, occurs when a genetic mutation in an organism is favored for its survival. It is then passed on. Eventually, those organisms with this mutation will be better equipped to survive, eliminating those without said mutation. Major events like disease epidemics, natural disasters, and climate change speed up the process—immediately favoring those organisms that are better able to adapt to their surroundings. There you have it. Evolution 101. Lifted, almost exactly as it appears in the story of Noah’s ark—once you decipher the metaphors.

    Noah—the pure essence of the light as we have established, was commanded by God to build an ark. Interesting that the word “ark” was chosen instead of the simpler, “boat” or “ship.”  Where else is the word “ark” the popular translation for something that appears in The Bible? The ark of the covenant—the chest carrying the Ten Commandments, the holy law of the Jewish people. So the ark that Noah is commanded to build in order to save himself, his loved ones, and the animals around him, wasn’t really a boat, but a covenant between himself and God. It’s an agreement to follow God’s laws—laws that were designed to challenge a person to develop self-control, willpower, modesty, gratefulness, and strength of character. In short, these laws help people to grow and adapt.

    The message is that if we abide by the principles that God has laid out (the ark), we will be more able to survive the inevitable challenges of life (the flood), and to move on to the next level (Mount Ararat where the ark landed). We will not survive because God will save us—he could’ve easily teleported Noah along with his family and the animals to safety—but because we will have made ourselves strong enough to handle whatever is thrown at us by building our metaphorical ark.

    In the Bible, it said that Noah “walked with God.” This was before the flood. So already, Noah had grown himself and was prepared. He was of a higher order. The floodwaters represent the new energies that come about as the world evolves. (In kabbalah, water is said to be the physical representation of pure energy in our realm.) When the earth is bathed in these symbolic waters, it grows to another level, taking everything that lives here along with it—whether they’re ready or not. These changes usually come with growing pains, and changes, in the forms of great cataclysms. Those who are able to adapt to this New Earth will thrive, those who don’t, will fall, severing their line from future generations.

    The trick is to be proactive—to challenge yourself on your own. Use your gut instinct and grandest visions to pull you forward, or else you will be pushed. The great spiritual awakening happening today is an example of us moving forward, while the fall of the World Trade Center, the uncertainty of the world economy, and failings of world governments are examples of being pushed. Their times are coming to an end because in the new Earth, there will no longer be a place for them. Those who have proactively evolved themselves can see that. Those who haven’t, can’t, and so are fighting it.

    This is what the story of Noah’s ark is really about. It’s intent is not to say that you need to be good or God will punish you, but that when major global changes occur—and they will—only those that have raised their spiritual levels significantly (in line with God’s covenant) will be strong enough to survive. Only these organisms will have vessels (the ark) that are malleable enough to adapt to the new world’s challenges and be able to go with the flow. These global changes then, separate those who have already evolved from those who have not—creating a worldwide survival of the fittest. And that, in a nutshell, is how evolution occurs.

    If we were all able to grow on our own, we wouldn’t even need cataclysms to separate us. We would all be Noah’s and like him would just be able to grow with the flow. That flow is towards harmony and peace—a unity of positive thought and action. This collective energy would cause the frequency or vibration of the planet to elevate, and we would all evolve together without the need for calamities. We are all creative beings. Individually we create the events of our lives. Together, we create the events of this world.

    All seemingly random devastations caused by nature are really caused by us. They’re caused by the part of us that is resisting growth—because growth is scary, it is the unknown. Most of us prefer to stay where we are, in our comfort zone. We don’t want to change, and so, the change is forced upon us because the only thing that’s constant is change. Without change there can be no growth, and if you’re not growing, you’re dying.

    Everything that happens on this world happens in order to advance our spiritual evolution. Once we can all see the big picture, the events of our times all begin to make so much more sense. Why is our materialistic world seemingly crumbling? Because it is all an illusion. The more you have, the more you believe it takes to make you happy. But it is he who needs the least to be happy who is the strongest, because there’s less that can be taken away from him to make him unhappy. Why is our ineffective government failing? Because once we realize we are all one, and everything we do for each other benefits the whole, there will be no need for government. We are all connected. Just as your right hand smashing your left wouldn’t give you an advantage, so too does hurting a segment of the population actually cause global pain. We must all rise up together or we haven’t truly risen.

    These changes that have already seemingly been occurring faster and faster will begin to happen faster still. But it is this change that quickens the evolutionary process. Life is much more malleable than we have come to believe. When forced to adapt, most organisms do so as long as they are at a spiritual level—or vibration—that can support it. Those that aren’t at this level don’t have the energy that brings about cellular mutations. They are therefore unable to adapt quickly enough, and inevitably, become extinct. Most of these adaptations happen very quickly, which is why we haven’t found much evidence of missing links. It is not a gradual change that occurs over hundreds of thousands of years as scientists have theorized, but due to the great earth changes, occurs within only a few generations—or within just one individual if he or she has an advanced enough vibration.

    The randomness of genetic mutations is another area where science has fallen short. They are by no means random. As creative beings, we create the mutations we need to survive—but only when we have grown ourselves enough to do so. This is the checks and balances system that is built into our system. If it were truly only random mutations and survival of the fittest, then the world would be filled with powerful Neanderthals—big and powerful beings that can easily overpower the weaker populations. But in The Bible, Goliath was outsmarted by the much smaller David, because David had raised his vibration. It’s no accident that the slingshot was depicted as his weapon of choice for taking down Goliath. The rock rotating in a circle is symbolic of an atom and relates to vibrations, as I wrote about here.

    The Bible also says that “the meek shall inherit the earth.” That seems to contradict “survival of the fittest” unless you use my interpretation. How have the meek survived up until this point? By growing themselves spiritually—they’d need to in order to survive. The truth is that in our world it is the smaller that is more powerful. A tiny silicon chip is much more powerful than the huge computers of just a few decades ago. Splitting a tiny atom releases much more energy than shooting off a cannon ball. Out tiny cell phones are way better than the huge behemoths of the 1980s and 1990s. The lesson is that the less physical, materialistic, illusionary substance there is in a ratio to energy, the more powerful it is. Hence, our need to shed our material attachments as we evolve.

    Reinterpreted through this lens, the story of Noah’s ark is transformed from a parable about how we must obey God’s rules or be punished into a metaphor about how following the wisdom found in The Bible will help us become flexible enough to withstand future challenges. And this law of our world is not just true for humans, but for all life, which is why the story of Noah’s ark features all of it—climbing into the ark. While animals may not be able to understand how to rise against their animal instincts, those who have been able to do so just a bit, are rewarded with mutations that will help them survive upcoming challenges, and be passed along as genes onto their progeny.

    If evolution happened as slowly as science would have us believe—over millions of years, how could we possibly explain the incredible diversity of life on this planet when it’s only 4.5 billion years old? Are we to believe that the path from protozoan goop to human, complete with the trillions of mutations that were not favored for survival, took just 450 million tries (assuming each evolutionary path takes about a million years as science seems to suggest). That’s ridiculous.

    Closer to the truth is that the path has been purposely directed. Elephants grew larger ears and longer trunks. It’s unlikely that there were ever elephants with leopard spots or antlers even though those features could be favored for survival. Each organism’s outer, physical body grew in line with its spiritual essence. Scavengers like vultures and hyenas look like devious slime-balls and are represented as such in cartoons because that was the representation of their souls. Lions and bald eagles and horses seem majestic because their bodies adapted to the vibration of their souls. Dolphins and dogs and monkeys seem playful because that is the representation of their souls. And on and on.

    The vibration, or frequency of our energy, is what creates our ability to mutate and evolve, and The Bible even shows us that. At the end of the story, God shows Noah a rainbow. What is a rainbow? A rainbow is the manifestation of colors at different frequenciesaka, vibrations!! Upside-down bow my ass! The rainbow in the story of Noah’s ark is symbolic for the different levels of vibration. Each one leading to a higher frequency, more adaptable mutation, and therefore, quicker evolution!

    Put it together and you have Noah, the pure person we are supposed to be like, who grows himself by following the laws of God, becoming strong enough to handle the challenges of the world, and brings with him those others who were able to do the same. Those who weren’t were eliminated from the line of their species, along with their genetic makeup. So those who focused on the illusionary, materialistic, physical aspects of the world were made extinct while those who aligned themselves with the proactive challenges of God’s covenant, were favored and evolved to carry on their more advanced traits for future generations.

    So, being that someone who hasn’t even read The Bible could figure this all out, surely those who have studied it must have been able to put it together. If that’s the case then, why has the church hidden it from its followers? Why? Because the message renders them powerless. The message is that you only need the word of God found in the Bible to evolve. There is no need to confess your sins, be berated by a priest for “evildoing,” donate to your parish, or attend church at all to walk with God as Noah and later Jesus did. We all have the power of God within us to grow, evolve, and change our world as we see fit. We can make it so that we are all the fittest so we can all survive.

    But this concept terrifies the church because it takes away their power—their illusionary power. And what is it that we see that is happening all around us with illusionary power? Yes, it is crumbling. Say goodbye to the church as it now exists. I believe that the time of popes and the Vatican and the power of the church is coming to its end of days. And those who have relied on it for their strength will be the most vulnerable. Of course, we only need to look to the wisdom of The Bible to see that we don’t need the church, or any organized religion for that matter.

    The holiest of temples is in each one of us. It is the true holy of holies that connects to the everything. And as we begin to shed our physical selves, we will be able to get in touch with that holy place more and more, until we have stripped away all separation, all disharmony, all hatred, anger, and inequality to find that we are all one. For when all of the colors of the rainbow come together what do you get? One bright, white light. Just as there was in the beginning, and just as there will be in the end. And the sooner you get in touch with that truth within you, the sooner you can utilize its strengths to create your own destiny, instead of letting destiny have its way with you.

    May Your Inner Spark Grow To Light Your Way,
    The Layman

    9/16/13 UPDATE: Admittedly, the Achilles’ heel of my interpretation here is that the word “ark” relates to both a boat and to the container holding the Ten Commandments in English, which the Bible was obviously not written inI tried to work around it by writing that ark is the “popular translation” for both of the Hebrew terms. Still, I was curious if the Hebrew translation for Noah’s ark could also relate to God’s laws in order to keep that connection even more solid. Well, I just stumbled upon an old email today that connected me to a webpage which said this:

    A great flood was about to arrive on Earth. Noah is told by G-d: “Build yourself an ark… come into the ark together with your family,” and this ark will protect you from the flood.

    “Teivah” is the Hebrew word used in the Torah for ark. “Teivah” also means “word.” Says the Baal Shem Tov: “Build yourself an ark” – enter into protective words of Torah and prayer…

    In kabbalistic interpretation of the Torah, there are definite connections between words that have multiple meanings. So if the Hebrew word for “ark” also means “word” and if a great Jewish sage interpreted it to mean the holy word of God, then it seems that my connection is indeed justified.

    As I wrote, the message behind the ark is really about obeying God’s laws. If we do so, we will be able to become strong enough to weather any storm.  For me, finding this 2-year-old email just a month after writing this blog serves as a confirmation that there’s definitely something to my evolution interpretation of Noah’s ark.  There’s also something interesting in how I received an answer to a question that I’d really been wondering about. Perhaps I should start really wondering about next week’s winning lottery numbers!

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