Emmy Award Winning Storm Chaser Will be Live-Streaming from the Eye of Irma

Vic Bishop, Staff Writer
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As Houston and other cities in Texas begin the long road to recovery from hurricane Harvey, category 5 hurricane Irma is fast approaching the Florida peninsula, already leaving a wake of extreme destruction in the Caribbean. It has been many years since this much anxiety, anticipation and preparedness preceded a storm, and all eyes are waiting to see exactly where it will land.

Wherever the eye of Irma does make landfall, Emmy award-winning storm chaser Jeff Piotrowski will be broadcasting live, on the ground, offering storm coverage unlike anything available from the mainstream news. Real, hardcore journalism at its most intense, Piotrowski is insanely passionate about the weather.

  • Broadcasting from Periscope, an online user-friendly live-streaming platform and social media platform, Piotrowski recently survived a direct hit from hurricane Harvey. Parked next to a concrete wall of a car wash in downtown Rockport, TX, his insanely intense Periscope feed from the eye of the storm was watched live by millions of people.

    “We hit the eyewall and everything is disintegrating,” Piotrowski said in his livestream. “The roof’s coming off. Everything’s coming … oh, my gosh, the roof is coming off.” [Source]

    A higher quality version of this broadcast can be found directly on Periscope, here.

    In a recent post about the dangers of hurricane Irma, Piotrowski warned those in its path of the dangers of being stuck in category 5 hurricane.

    “You don’t want to experience it. I promise you.When your house starts coming apart and your buildings and walls start collapsing, the boards start punching through the house like torpedoes, like missiles — it’s unbelievable what’s going to happen.” [Source]

    In the run up to Irma’s landfall, he has been posting intermittently from areas around South Beach, Florida, offering detailed updates on Irma’s status while planning his strategy for covering the storm as it makes landfall.

    A small piece of his lengthy bio is excerpted here:

    Jeff has become a storm chasing legend, documenting and filming well over 900 tornadoes, 24 Hurricanes, ice storms, wild fires and every extreme of mother nature.  Jeff’s company, Storm Productions, holds the world’s largest private collection of historic weather events and survivors storiesIn 1994 Jeff received an Emmy award for “Day of Tornadoes” for his coverage of the Gainesville TX F2 tornado. More than likely you have watched Jeff’s footage in numerous productions on The Discovery Channel, National Geographic notably National Geographic Special “Witness: The Joplin Tornado”, The History Channel, TLC as well as all major news networks, Insurance Ads and PSAs. During a severe weather event Jeff is a “regular guest” on Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper and Piers Morgan.

    Final Thoughts

    In the age of internet and independent journalism, those who wish to be eye-witnesses to some of nature’s most furious moments now have the chance. Piotrowski’s broadcasts are highly informative, getting crucial up-to-the-minute information to those who may be in severe danger.

    Here is his most recent update on Irma for those who are looking for the most up-to-date information and the most raw perspective possible:

    His broadcast during hurricane can be found at his Periscope page, here.

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