Electromagnetic Resonance of the Tesla Gravity Motor

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The greatest achievements of terrestrial human technology have been hidden from public awareness. While the various space agencies of the world’s governments continue to use outdated and exceedingly dangerous rocket technologies and space shuttles designed in the 1940s and only minimally upgraded since, the advanced gravity control methods and plasma physics research of Nikola Tesla have been secretly suppressed, stolen, constructed and deployed from underground CIA/Nazi military bases.

Quite remarkably, a detailed account of Tesla’s development of the Gravity Motor can be found in an extensive series of psychic readings for the inventor that were conducted by Edgar Cayce. Herein, for the first time, these astonishingly lucid trance readings are restored in their proper context, after six decades of strict suppression and relegation to obscurity by falsification of the names of individuals involved and the inclusion of supplemental false data supporting the fictitious persons that were substituted.

Another closely related series of trance readings were conducted by Edgar Cayce at his office at 322 Grafton Ave, Dayton, Ohio, for a young mechanical engineer named Thomas Townsend Brown [195] from Zanesville, Ohio. Brown requested a series of psychic sessions with Cayce spanning decades, recorded in Readings 195-1 through 195-69. His initial queries were made concerning gold prospecting sites on particular Arizona properties, as well as stock value predictions on the New York Stock Exchange.

Careful analysis of the entire compendium of The Complete Readings of Edgar Cayce reveals the identity of Thomas Brown has been partially altered and a good portion of his readings have been assigned to fictitious persons. ‘Thomas B. Brown’ is listed as a realtor and auto parts manufacturer in his initial readings, but Brown was later associated with a group effort to engineer a gasless motor that functioned on the principles of standing wave resonance. Thomas Sugrue, the author of a 1945 biography entitled ‘The Edgar Cayce Story: There Is A River’ (p. 267) identified Thomas B. Brown as an inventor who requested an extensive series of psychic readings with the Sleeping Prophet Cayce, who provided technical support:

The man who helped most was Thomas B. Brown, an inventor who was troubled with a tendency to deafness. By following the advice of the readings he was able to improve his hearing, and thereafter bought much of Edgar’s time for readings on the problems he encountered in his laboratory.

  • Despite having conducted hundreds of readings for Mr. Brown, a friend and business associate of the Blumenthal brothers, neither Sugrue nor the Cayces were aware of Thomas Brown’s true full name and identity, nor his direct participation in military espionage and secret research projects at the extensive underground facilities of Wright Patterson Airforce Base in Dayton, Ohio. Brown had apparently falsified his birthplace as well, providing Akron, Ohio instead of his actual birthplace of Zanesville, Ohio. Thomas Brown’s actual middle name is ‘Townsend’, yet his middle initial was given and recorded in the Cayce archives as ‘B’ instead of ‘T’. Substitution of letters which sound similar allows for ‘plausible deniability’.

    Unbeknownst to both Nikola Tesla and Edgar Cayce at the time, Thomas Townsend Brown was directly acting under orders from the Nazi military-industrial complex that had coordinated the multi-generational espionage activity and counter-intelligence cover-up of Tesla’s finest inventions. The timing of corporate subterfuge and manipulations that surrounded the world’s greatest inventor are only now becoming evident, having been obscured by the horrors of war and corporate commandeering of world industry.

    Tesla’s breakthrough realization of the nonlinear dynamics of multi-frequency oscillations in the infrasonic range was seeded during experimentation with a pocket-sized electro-mechanical oscillator in 1888. The unusual circumstances of this astonishing experiment were briefly given to a reporter from the New York World-Telegram in 1935, describing Tesla’s accidental production of localized earthquakes and acoustic levitation of multi-ton generators and other heavy metal equipment at his East Houston St. laboratory:

    I was experimenting with vibrations. I had one of my machines going and I wanted to see if I could get it in tune with the vibration of the building. I put it up notch after notch. There was a peculiar cracking sound… I knew I was approaching the vibration of the steel building. I pushed the machine a little higher. Suddenly all the heavy machinery in the place was flying around. I grabbed a hammer and broke the machine. The building would have been down about our ears in another few minutes. Outside in the street there was pandemonium. The police and ambulances arrived. I told my assistants to say nothing. We told the police it must have been an earthquake…

    That experience inspired Tesla’s invention of the Gravity Motor, tapping the limitless power of acoustic resonance by generating standing waves within a drum. Tesla’s finest, most suppressed invention was discussed in a psychic reading for Thomas T. Brown given by trance channel Edgar Cayce on March 8, 1928 in Chicago, at the LaSalle Hotel, a luxurious palace hotel conveniently located across the street from the Masonic Lodge, a well known establishment of the American-Nazi industrialists (Reading 4665-1):

    Thomas Townsend Brown: You will have before you the gasless motor invented by Nikola Tesla.

    EC: Yes, we have the body and enquiring mind of Nikola Tesla, also the associations and those conditions surrounding the perfection of motor which will develop power in its own action. As has been given, the idea and the plans as have been worked out in part along those lines that pull more of the power as produced in compression in drum, with the leads made in these forms that gather vibrations from the air as is forced through drum, are, as we find, the better application of the created energy. In the cams [as] have been used too much slack or play is allowed in their rotation. This is in the drum’s head action that these must be shortened in play.

    The connection of Thomas Townsend Brown and John George Trump with same –best that these have Tesla’s operations closer under their observations when the completed product is near attained.

    Q: How may we bring him under our observation?

    A: Bring him to Dayton, Ohio or N.Y.

    Q: Is this machine the same as brought to Washington now by [Charles A.] Lindbergh?

    A: No. As is here, the Tesla machine would operate on stationary conditions impelling forces; even for now that in gas motors –for, as tested by others, has more to do with that thrown in air and gaining its impelling force from that source.

    Q: Would it operate perpetually if perfected?

    A: Not perpetually, but once started could be kept in motion by created energy of its own source. Other has to have some source of impellation.

    Q: Would Tesla’s machine be good for [an] airplane?

    A: Would be better than other –one that would start as well as keep in motion. Pressure will be regulated by altitude.

    Q: When ought this be finished?

    A: In seven or eight days when material is put in shape.

    Q: Who had we best see in Washington regarding this?

    A: Get in shape first, then go to those through whom T. Townsend Brown has had associations regarding same and protecting rights of same.

    Q: Mr. Blumenthal and Mr. Brown have [a] letter to Hoover’s [Bureau] man. Is he one to present it to?

    A: This [is] very good… [and may be] very effectual.

    Q: It was given from [this Source] here that Clinton gave information to Tesla?

    A: DeWitt Clinton. Judge DeWitt Clinton (1769-1828), former Governor of New York.

    Q: How many times will this machine whirl a ten foot propeller per minute?

    A: Sufficient to keep same going in air. Stationary engine that would and could be raised to 160 horse power or increased in build and in drum to almost infinite power.

    Q: How much would a machine equal to four hundred horse power weigh?

    A: 200-300 pounds.

    Q: How many times would it whirl a ten foot propeller?

    A: 4,600 times a minute.

    Q: Any other advice you would give to Tesla concerning construction of machine or anything you would give to us regarding same?

    A: In this relation might be considered first, to Tesla, that there must be perfect cooperation of the self and the will with those who would assist in perfecting this from the material side. Also there must be perfect cooperation with inner self to obtain that information that would give self knowledge to apply same in connection with cosmic relation. For force is one and in obtaining proper relation of energies as set forth and released, these must coordinate.

    This somewhat veiled warning for Tesla was given in a positive form, but in light of the negative outcome of the group’s efforts to complete and patent the superfluid Gravity Motor, we can assume that a “perfect cooperation” was not achieved between Tesla, Brown, Blumenthal and Cayce. In retrospect, one will notice that the warning came directly following questions regarding the prospect of contacting the federal government through the Bureau of Investigation Director Edgar Hoover.

    The reality of the situation is now clear: Dr. Tesla was completely surrounded by agents of industrialist bankers who were willfully stifling the Gravity Motor invention. Brown’s direct questioning of the Sleeping Prophet under trance concerning “how to bring him under our observation” betrays his subversive goal of controlling the inventor and his finest works, as persistently expressed by Nazi bankers for several decades as exemplified by Morgan’s financial subterfuge that destroyed Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Tower.

    The final phrase of the message given for Tesla is a profound one: “For force is one and in obtaining proper relation of energies as set forth and released, these must coordinate.” The ‘proper relation of energies’ is a coded reference to the exact Fibonacci ratio of three frequencies required for the reverberatory formation of resonant standing waves, as first discovered by Tesla in 1899 and only recently defined by acoustic physicists at the Czech Tech University (above, Konicek et al., 2003).

    Once the formation of resonant standing waves occurs within a resonator by three frequencies in exact Fibonacci relationship with one another, a wide range of harmonics and subharmonics are also produced, forming a multi-frequency field of acoustic resonance.This unusual interaction of soundwaves of various frequencies occurs naturally, and with an efficiency that has been only recently recognized by scientists:

    [T]he interactions of acoustic waves at some fixed frequencies without the energy losses in the higher harmonics is of considerable interest in acoustics. Such interaction creates the possibility of direct transformation of coherent sound at the given frequency by sound of another frequency without an electro-magnetic energy source… For a region of three modes with given angular frequencies, if the sum of two of them is equal to the remaining one [reflecting the Fibonacci ratio], the interactions of these modes can be obtained from the nonhomogenous Burgers equation for nonlinear standing waves.

    The precise chamber boundary conditions and corresponding resonant Fibonacci frequencies were determined by Nikola Tesla and remained one of the guarded secrets that he took with him to the grave. The concept of tri-frequency resonance and the critical importance of a specific ratio or proportion described by the Source had been missed by Brown, but was not lost on Tesla. Tesla’s knowledge of the Fibonacci ratio of three acoustic frequencies required for the generation of nonlinear standing waves was obtained by experiment during his Colorado Springs research phase, before the turn of the century. The simplicity of the Gravity Motor’s double drum design hides a dimensional calibration to the Golden Ratio.

    ID number 4666 was assigned to the Cayce readings for Tesla given in development of the Gravity Motor, which would be substituted for the inventor’s actual name throughout the series. This particular numeral designation was selected to express the possessive fixation of Satanic industrialist bankers in cryptic terms, effectively labeling Tesla’s resonant HHO plasma motor:

    “FOR THE DEVIL ONLY” –or 4-666.

    The closely related series of readings given for Thomas Brown during construction of the Gravity Motor were assigned the ID number 4665, instead of his original designation: 195. This series of readings records the details of Brown’s prototyping of the Gravity Motor through multiple stages before the properly balanced interaction and relationship of the two steel drums achieved resonant operation.

    Readings 4665-1 through 4665-13 for Brown describe Tesla’s fuelless resonant motor: a medium-sized, stationary cylindrical drum with a central axle around which rotates a smaller inner drum, eccentrically mounted and in Fibonacci proportion with the outer drum.While the inner drum is completely sealed, the outer drum is drilled with large air intake holes which provide water vapor for ignition as HHO plasma by rotation of the motor. Sprangled electrical leads create a spark gap that discharges with each turn of the inner drum when passing complimentary electrodes of the stationary outer drum (Readings 4665-8,13):

    Now we have that in this motor as is seen in varied elements that are as octaves in music. There are forces or pitches above and below the scale, as are applied in the human voice. There are colors above and below the spectrum, as applied by man in a nominal manner. There are the same octaves of force seen or applied in the various elements as go to make up the forces as applicable to elements in any generative force… These, then, are only to be worked out along the channels and lines as has been designated in that given as applied to the mechanical arrangement of leads, drums, cams, carriers, balls, circles, and radiated elements. Work it out! …

    So in its form, with the radial activity of octave force, as is seen in the curves as come about the radial center from which the active principle brings one lead in connection with the next, and in their turn about the larger radial center brings again that same active force in connection with the elements through which the active principle operates.

    Hence that as is given, when each radial center in cam, in leads, are in that same potential relative position of, the power in its activity is in accord with those latent forces as are seen and put in motion through the magnification of the… [syncopatic] forces, are brought into active principles. [See 195-54, Par. 16-A to 18-A.]

    ‘Elements through which the active principle operates’ is a cryptic reference to hydrogen in water vapor! Despite the CIA’s clever falsification of data concerning Cayce’s readings for Tesla’s Gravity Motor, the amazing consistency of health recommendations given through Cayce reveals a clear continuity between the series of readings designated 487 and 4666. Cayce prescribed an herbal inhalant and osteopathic treatments in prior readings given for Tesla in the 487 series that also appear in the 4666 series, the first of which was given by Cayce in Manhattan, New York on February 1, 1928 (Reading 4666-1):

    Conductor: Now you have before you the body of Nikola Tesla, present in this room. You will go over this body carefully, examine it thoroughly, and tell me the conditions you find at the present time, giving the cause of the existing conditions, also the treatment for the care and relief of this body. You will also answer such questions that I may ask you. You will speak distinctly, and at a normal rate of speech.

    EC: Yes, we have the body of Nikola Tesla here –this we have had before. Now we find there are rather those conditions existent of which the body should be warned, and corrections made before these form such holds or such conditions in the physical forces of the body as to become detrimental to the best physical functioning of the body. First, it should be understood by the body that the psychic forces that manifest through the body may guide the body as respecting its own health with the body to concentrate on such conditions.

    Now as to the physical conditions existent in this body. First, in the blood supply, there is found evidences of congestion of the nature that shows in the portions of the system the eliminations are not carried on properly, hence in such places as in the antrum and in the tissue of various portions of the bone in the head and neck there are evidences of the drosses being left there, and that unless these are absorbed or removed, these would in time bring detrimental forces for the best physical condition of the body.

    In the nerve system. Here we find the greater cause of distress or the basic conditions that produce these conditions. In times back there was an injury or hurt to the body that in the upper dorsal region produces a lesion that has prevented the action through impulse of blood supply, hence with the addition of cold, congestion, these portions of system are hindered or kept from the impulse of perfect circulation and perfect elimination have gradually shown signs of drosses giving trouble to the body. Without the removal of these conditions then, these would of necessity bring distressing forces unless others are added or taken from to correct the condition.

    In the functioning of the organs. Brain forces as given, good. The psychic forces of the body are above the ordinary, that meaning the intuitive elements of the soul forces with the elemental elements of the physical mind, and with the subjugation of the physical to the extent that the subconscious may radiate or become active, there may be brought to the consciousness of the individual entity that which may add materially and physically and mentally to the better development of the body. In the organs we find through the head, through the antrum, through the portions of the body about the auditory forces those signs of this congestion in the form of cold, congestion, and poor elimination.

    In the throat, bronchials, and lungs, these organically very good.

    In the heart’s action itself. Here we find evidences of the hindered circulation, not to the extent of organic conditions, but that which produces at times within the system that of the easily tired, of the overeffect of the forces produced by poisons being left in the body. Hence with the correction of these conditions in the cerebro-spinal system, with the proper circulation prepared or reorganized within the system, we will find these conditions will disappear throughout.

    Digestion only affected sympathetically, as are the organs of the torso, or through the liver, kidneys, spleen and hepatic circulation.

    To meet the needs then, we would through that of the manipulation given as the neuropathic, or through that of such means, bring to the body that proper circulation in the capillaries, and with the correction of subligations in the third and fourth dorsal region, we will find these would bring the near normal forces for this body. Do that…

    Q: Have you any further information from [deceased former Governor of New York] DeWitt Clinton concerning my inventions, –speaking of this body? [See Reading 4665-9, par. 8-A, 10-A.]

    A: Follow those as has been given, and obtain these from within self as has been shown here may be done…

    This 1928 health reading given for Nikola Tesla shows an identical set of physical ailments as described in the 487 series readings and yet again identifies the Gravity Motor’s origin as connected with the spirit of the late former Governor of New York DeWitt Clinton (1769-1828). While there is no account of the circumstances surrounding Dr. Tesla’s receipt of information that inspired the motor’s invention, this quite likely occurred in the form of lucid dreaming, as the renowned inventor was living in the Governor Clinton Hotel at that time. Tesla’s association of the Gravity Motor with the spirit of DeWitt Clinton also explains why Tesla had stored a compact version of the Gravity Motor in a safe deposit box at the Governor Clinton Hotel in 1932. The FBI had to buy the device from the hotel to settle Tesla’s account!

    A psychic reading for Nikola Tesla regarding an inspired dream was given remotely by Edgar Cayce at his office, 115 West 35th Street, Virginia Beach on September 20, 1928, upon the request of Morton Blumenthal (Reading 4666-3):

    EC: Yes, we have the body, the enquiring mind, Nikola Tesla –this we have had before. Dreams and visions, as has been given, for this body, come in varied manners and are the correlation of experiences of the entity with those various cosmic forces, and the information comes respecting varied conditions as are in the [present] life…

    Q: Any other information this entity cares to give?

    A: That as has been given would be well for the body to consider well, for –as is seen and given– that upon which the entity allows self to become so attuned to as to receive those impressions or experiences of ones in the cosmic forces, so may the body-consciousness become aware of the application of that given. Keep, then, rather in that field in which the consciousness is attuned nominally.

    While the subject of this psychic reading pertained to the interpretation of Tesla’s dream involving future stock market trends (not included here), additional information provided by the channel included an interesting recommendation for enhanced psychic reception. Through Cayce, the Source reminded Tesla to maintain himself within the enhanced electromagnetic fields produced by his inventions as a means of attuning his intuitive psychic reception of “impressions or experiences of ones in the cosmic forces.”

    After more than 3 years of reflection upon the transcript of his first Akashic Life Reading of 1925, Tesla understood Cayce’s arcane yet precisely scientific language as describing the brainwave entrainment and ionization effects of his wireless transmission coils. The clear Sanskrit cosmology expressed throughout Cayce’s trance sessions integrated seamlessly with the emergent truths of quantum physics, having provided Tesla with information regarding Atlantean high technologies that employed piezoelectric stone monuments for wireless power transmission as Tesla had replicated in Colorado Springs.

    In much the same way as Edgar Cayce’s trance abilities allowed access to the mnemonic field of Akasha, Tesla’s advanced form of intuitive invention by meditative visualization was accomplished by accessing the Akashic Records. Cayce urged Tesla to meditate and retrieve scientific knowledge obtained during the course of previous lives for use in the present applications for power generation and transmission, global communication, electromagnetic healing and electro-acoustic levitation systems.

    Tesla had been greatly inspired by the Sleeping Prophet’s recapitulation of his previous life as Ajax the Atlantean scientific leader, and in particular by the advanced Vedic cosmology and profound scientific truths that he himself had verified in experiment. The accidental infrasonic levitation of heavy generators and sledge hammers in his lab in 1888 had occurred under the exact conditions specified by Cayce regarding the Atlantean harnessing of planetary resonance by constructing giant crystalline monuments.

    Beneficial effects of the 33 frequencies of planetary resonance as focused upon the human body within the pyramid chambers of these massive calcite structures was effectively replicated by the Multiple Wave Oscillator of Georges Lakhovsky. The Russian inventor is seen receiving a bioelectrical treatment from his therapeutic device, which generates standing electrical waves between elements on either side of the body (above). Lakhovsky published impressive works on bioelectrification for health: ‘Curing Cancer with Ultra-Radio Frequencies’ (1925) and ‘The Secret Life: Electricity, Radiation and Your Body’ (1929).

    Lakhovsky was murdered by a limousine driver in 1942, at the age of 72, which sent the strong message that he was killed by the rich American-Nazi banksters, just 5 months before Tesla himself was also assassinated by the same consortium of Nazi industrialists. Health issues in the final decades of Tesla’s life focused his intellect on electro-acoustic therapy and taking simple naturopathic remedies prescribed by Cayce, consulting remotely from his Virginia Beach office, as on February 26, 1929 (Reading 4666-4):

    Conductor: You will have before you the body of Nikola Tesla, [presently located in] New York. You will give conditions in the head, back, and left shoulder, since treatments as recommended by these forces twelve months ago, and you will answer the questions as I ask them.

    EC: Yes, we have the body of Nikola Tesla here. The physical conditions in the body are not so good as those when we had same here before. The continued reaction of those conditions as have been causing disturbance in the head, the neck, the shoulder –through the soft tissue behind the ear, through that of the antrum and of the soft portions of nostrils, all are in rather serious conditions. Some little bettered, or easy, but the causes have not as yet been reached. We would use these properties as an inhalant, prepared in this manner:

    ~ Eucalyptus oil – 1/2 oz
    ~ Benzoin tincture – 1/4 oz
    ~ Rectified turp oil – 1/4 oz
    ~ Canadian balsam – 20 mns
    ~ Rectified creosote – 1/4 oz
    ~ Tolu in solution – 2 oz

    These may be all put together, if put in the order named. When used as an inhalant, in a granite container, pour a quart to half a gallon of boiling water –then place a teaspoonful of this solution in same and cover the head so that the body inhales deep into the lungs and through the nostrils, into the lungs these fumes as rise from same.

    Make also a weak solution, or add half a teaspoonful Tincture of Iodine, half a teaspoonful aconite, half a teaspoonful Tincture laudanum, to two tablespoonsful of 85% alcohol, and paint the antrums and back of the ear and along the left shoulder where the reaction comes from the stress on the muscular tissue in the system attempting to adjust the conditions through eliminations, and give the body this as an eliminant: This in each dose, and take at least three doses, taking the dose in the evening, every other day, see?

    ~ Podophyllum leaf – 1/4 grain
    ~ Rhubarb stalk – 1/2 grain
    ~ Senna leaf – 1/2 grain
    ~ Cascara sagrada – 1/4 grain

    Preferably take this [powdered herbal remedy] in [a] capsule. We would also keep the body out of the weather, keeping the feet –especially– warm, and well were the lower limbs and lower portion of the back rubbed of evenings –not necessarily every evening– but of evenings, with hot mustard water –and soak feet in same– would be well for the body… Do that and we will find in ten to twelve days the body back near to normal. After the activity of the eliminant through alimentary canal, well that the body exercise gently the upper portion of the body –arms and shoulders and waist. Do that. Ready for questions.

    Q: What food would be best for the body?

    A: Won’t care for a great deal while this is being active, but preferably alkaline vegetables. Fruits and nuts are good, provided not too much of these –but more of the alkalin and of the salts, fruit salts producing.

    Q: Is there any way to strengthen left shoulder and back?

    A: Remove the trouble causing the conditions; and the exercises will strengthen the body. Do as we have given and we will bring the nearer normal conditions for this body of Nikola Tesla. We are through for the present.

    Tesla continued his series of psychic health readings with Cayce that prescribed the special diet that was adhered to throughout the inventor’s elderly years, in addition to a therapeutic inhalant, regular exercise and osteopathic treatments. Bolstered by high expectations surrounding their experimental prototyping of Tesla’s Gravity Motor, partners Blumenthal and Brown stated their bold business plan of March 7, 1929 to secure $10,000,000 in funding for the establishment of an advanced research institute to support physics education concerning the free energy device’s resonant induction of universal forces (Reading 254-48):

    Q: Regarding the plans discussed by Thomas Brown and Morton Blumenthal for the establishment of a college at Virginia Beach, are these realizable?

    A: Realizable, plausible, feasible –and not only this. These may, through their fullness of purport, gain for themselves and millions of others such a center, such an institution. The Association of Learning, in the field that would bring the more perfect understanding for self and for others.

    Q: Are we not right in formulating plans first to appropriate ten million dollars, to be obtained from the machine,* for the university, and secondly to make the university a university in every sense of the word?

    * [The “machine” referred to is the Tesla Motor; see series of readings for Thomas Townsend Brown on experiments with a perpetual motion machine which Mr. Blumenthal and Mr. Brown were financing with the inventor Nikola Tesla. Subsequent to 254-48 see further information on the machine in 195-57, -59 and -69.]

    A: Absolutely correct! and would be maintained through the very phases of the phenomena as would bring, and will bring about, the more perfect understanding of the universality of force through the very channels that would bring thematerial means for such an undertaking.

    Q: When should we just begin to–

    A: At once in mind, for Mind is ever the Builder –and as these are builded in the mental forces of the individual there is added to same the abilities of all the cosmic forces as would see such an undertaking realized; which has been thedream of all –and had any of the teachers established such, how vast the difference in the world’s map!

    A great enthusiasm for the educational possibilities surrounding the Tesla Gravity Motor fill the channel’s words. Cayce’s statement that the formation of an Association of Learning for study of free energy devices “has been the dream of all” and would create a “vast difference in the world map” implies that national boundaries dividing the world would be completely resolved by this new means of spaceflight propulsion (above). Nazi opposition to the establishment of the Association of Learning is now becoming evident.

    The great confidence that surrounded the information flowing from the Source through Edgar Cayce was not reflected equally among the small group that sought to profit by the unique Tesla-Cayce collaboration. During a reading given on May 25, 1929, Tesla expressed general concern over the security of the gravity motor itself and the reliability of the business partnership that had been formed between himself, Thomas Townsend Brown, Edgar Cayce, Edwin Blumenthal and Morton Blumenthal (Reading 4666-5):

    Q: Is the work in relation to the motor being properly guarded?

    A: Being properly guarded by those in and out. Then don’t worry himself over it, see? …

    Q: Is the motor as now being built by Thomas Townsend Brown and Nikola Tesla one that will function within the coming weeks?

    A: Will function…

    Q: Is there any more advice that, either as regarding the machine and its construction or other relationships, you would give the four bodies connected with Nikola Tesla and the motor?

    A: Follow in those lines and those channels as has been given as respecting the usage, the application of the forces that are becoming as knowledge to a world through the efforts of all concerned. In the giving, then, let understanding be given with the application of that obtained or received from same in its every phase, else destructive forces may be created in the same way and manner as those that are turned into channels for the good of man. We are through.

    This strong warning given to Tesla by the Sleeping Prophet could not have been more clear. Obviously, this partnership failed to even patent the Tesla Gravity Motor, for indeed, destructive forces have been created from the channels established by Nikola Tesla and Edgar Cayce for use toward the good of humanity. Over 80 years has elapsed since the Tesla Gravity Motor was completed until the present publication and online exposition of its simple design and operation, coherently identifying what Cayce referred to as the “application of the forces that are becoming as knowledge to the world.”

    Cayce’s Life Readings for Tesla detailed his previous Atlantean life as a scientific leader of Poseid named Ajax of Ode, who “gave to that people the manner of use of the universal forces as may be applied in the way of mechanical construction in a physical plane” (Reading 487-4). Cayce emphasized “that humanity may benefit from the mechanical sense of this entity”, which also forms the impetus behind the present work of revealing a new world map of infrasound resonance as identified by the Source.

    About the Author

    Alex Putney was born and grew up on St. Croix, in the Virgin Islands, finding the ways of the sea and nature’s living web at a formative time in his life. The harmony of wave motion and the rhythms of nature have informed his work from the earliest stages, through his education at the University of Toronto Schools and the School For the Arts at Boston University. After earning a BFA in Sculpture in 2000, Alex moved to the San Francisco Bay area with the support of grants from the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation (’08, ’00).

    Awarded a Hayes-Brandeis Traveling Fellowship in 2001-02, he spent the year among the most ancient mummies of the world in the archeological collections of the Museum of San Miguel de Azapa near Arica, Chile.

    In 2004, Putney produced a 35’-tall giant human skeleton replica for the Unsolved Mysteries exhibition, as a permanent exhibit at Mystery Park in Interlaken, Switzerland. Alex’s work with ancient psychoacoustic instruments from Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru became the impetus for his 7 books on the pyramids, Ayurveda and biorhythmic resonance. The ultraviolet fluorescent artifacts of La Maná, Ecuador inspired integration of the diverse fields of quantum mechanics, acoustic archaeology and biology within the framework of his standing wave mathematical theory of Magnetic Resonance.

    The latest findings of physicists continue to support Alex’s conclusions. Putney’s inspired geometric rendering of quantum quadratic formulae accurately predicted the standing wave structure of the electron 2 years prior to its definitive imaging by a Swedish research team in 2008. Correlation of modern radar data, anomalous events and ancient Sanskrit teachings validate the theory of Magnetic Resonance as an underlying mechanism of the hyper-dimensional shift we are now experiencing together on this planet.

    Putney’s latest book ‘Qi’ presents his holistic synthesis of the research of geologist W. Lussage and biochemist C.L. Kervran, revealing the phonon resonance mathematics of low energy atomic transmutations that occur throughout nature and the human body.

    This paradigm-shifting work presents the first complete explanation for the primary biophotonic functions of blood circulation and thermoregulation in all classes of organisms, providing new insight into the fundamental role of nuclear energy in all living cells. In this new light, ancient pyramids are revealed as bioelectrical transducers enabling qi healing practices by enhancement of atomic reaction cascades in the bloodstream, observable as rapid flashes of plasma around the healer’s body.

    Alex has given several online interviews, while his artwork, writing and website have been featured in the UK’s County Times online journal, in DNA Monthly Magazine edited by Sol Luckman, and in a publication of The Natural World Museum, San Francisco (now closed): Art in Action: Nature, Creativity and Our Collective Future (Earth Aware Editions, 2007, ISBN: 978-1-932771-77-0)

    Now living and developing projects with the celestial waters of La Maná, Ecuador, Alex continues to publish new artwork, articles and books through his website, offering a deeper perspective on the present shift in human consciousness and planetary resonance.

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