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Waking Times 

I have always had a peculiar feeling about this place. Stretching back to my earliest memories there has always been a restlessness, like a tiger in a cage pacing back and forth with wide, unmoving eyes. Like a soul displaced and far from home. I muted myself early on and resolved to find refuge inside my own thoughts. This simply could not be real, where had I lost myself to? I have heard that time is the longest distance between two places. Whatever distant place I originated it was far from this one and it would be an arduous task to get back. A deep appreciation and respect for the deeper mysteries in life has enabled me to keep peace of mind in this constricting social paradigm.

What does it mean to be wild at heart? From my perspective it means to live unrestricted and grow free like a plant with roots reaching deep into energetic soil. To enjoy life simply and purely just because it exists to begin with. Give thanks for your presence on a daily basis, and if you see no reason to then the fault lies only within yourself. Without a solid core appreciation, hinderances will attach themselves to you trying to take praise for the beauty of it all. The most common of these disparages where engrained into our plastic minds at an early age. Make enough money to support your family while running on the hamster wheel just to keep afloat and save up for a consumer-driven existence. Whomever put these systems into place had a very sinister tone to them, one for control and a false sense of supremacy to creation. Avarice and spiritual degradation spawned from these ideals, propelling us into endless wars for profit, famine, and a focused disregard for all relation to one another. Very disconnected and different ways from our ancestors.

  • The world has become rife with corruption and not just with one bad apple here and there, but constructed carefully by a hidden few with the intention of taking ownership of all tangible reality. Just take a look at what is going on in the world if you care to pay attention. Chemical-laden products have been pumped into our environment at an accelerated pace over the past century. Autism rates have jumped through the roof in the past century from one in a few thousand, to 1 in 88 currently reported by the CDC. The same can be said for Alzheimer’s and other neuro-degenerative diseases. Or the wide-spread occurrence of mercury in foods disguised as high-fructose corn syrup. That’s not to mention the dangerous excito-toxin monosodium glutamate (MSG) and the E-coli waste product Aspartame used as common flavor enhancers. All just unanticipated side-affects one might say. Care to have drink of water to wash down your toxic meal? Many communities around the world have begun banning fluoride from their local water supplies. This was a common practice in concentration camps from communist Soviet Union to Nazi Germany in order to create a more docile and passive working population. It is also the main ingredient in rat poison. Many plastics nowadays are made containing endocrine disrupting Bisphenol-A, a by-product of the aluminum industry. And if that doesn’t get your blood boiling, take a glance up at the our once beautiful clear-blue skies, streaked with ugly aerosol dispersants filled with heavy metals like aluminum oxide. They sure make for pretty rainbow reflections. There is no excuse to say these things don’t affect you in your own bubble of daily life, we are all swimming in this life destroying chemical soup.

    Even more dire are the man-made environmental disasters that decimate our chance of a healthy progeny. The often lied about and covered-up oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is still leaking and altering the ecosystem on a long-term basis. Making it impossible to fish in the coastal waters citing dangerous health conditions. The main concern of our current reality, and what should be the daily top news story is the nuclear meltdown of 3 reactors at the power-plant in Fukushima. This disaster will have a vast impact on the biosphere for centuries to come, especially for the northern hemisphere. Radiation is a silent killer and has unforeseen long-term implications like deformity and infertility. Just ask the unfortunate inhabitants of Chernobyl or Hiroshima. Still think it is all just an accident? Then how come the public is so ill-informed on such crucial environment altering topics? The top stories of the mainstream news outlets are almost always celebrity worship and sports related. If not that then it is the insultingly baseless political dog and pony show. Intentionally hiding and covering up the truth implies involvement in something much more nefarious. There is something very wrong here, your red flags should being going up. The perpetrators want us actively participating in our own demise, dulling us down and making us compliant. It is an Orwellian tragedy that is being pushed upon the occupants of this planet. The unmute button has been pressed, I will no longer to allow myself and others to succumb to the throes of ignorance.

    The all pervading consciousness of the universe is intimately connected. Nothing can exist apart from the whole. You cannot define what a tree is outside its natural environment because it is part of a much larger counter-balanced system. If one is open and receptive enough to the fluxes of their life cadences, it is not hard to pick up on the inconsistencies. For me, life is not evaluated in terms of right or wrong, good or bad, normal or weird; it is about balance and harmony with creation, however you perceive that to be. Vibrate in an honest and loving frequency and there is no need to fear anything no matter how dark and ominous it may seem at first.

    In 1909, Gandhi, at a low ebb in his campaign to restore independence to India from the British empire humbly proclaimed; “I was perfectly indifferent to the numerical superiority of my opponents. Because, while numbers were on the opponents’ side, along with weapons, money, and the other accouterments of force — every spiritual law was against them. Primarily the overriding law of unity to which all sages and most of modern science attest, which is the mother of all spiritual laws and which we can never break, though we stubbornly work at breaking ourselves against it.”

    We are all part of the same fabric, if we allow one part to atrophy we all become weaker. Often a kind and loving gesture or some subtle encouragement will do just fine. The main objective of any self-realizing and improving soul should not be to necessarily collect new  experiences but instead to see even the ordinary events through new eyes and extraordinary in their own light. It is time to wake up and appreciate your relationship to everything around you. And we must remember that all the sychronicities and nuances which we assume only accessorize our days, are effective for a much nobler cause; they are here to save our lives.

    Keep on growing. Happy trails.

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