The Ebola Panic is Great News for the Immune System!

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We are witnessing a stunning reversal of events in the face of the present Ebola scare consuming North America. The drum beatings of fear played all to often by the mainstream media have given way to a symphony of personal empowerment, education, and a mass social movement to take back our health freedom. The threat of Ebola initially grabbed headlines and paralyzed millions who lacked understanding. Answers were sought amidst the fear peddling and confusion yet few were being found. A disheartened population is now storming the ‘alternative‘ media and independent health networks, websites, and radio shows for direction. What they are finding is currently propelling us all into a new, decentralized health paradigm.

To the disbelief of pharmaceutical companies, people across North America are taking the time to understand what their immune system is. They are then shocked to find out that it’s weak, damaged, and under attack daily. Like true warriors, most are activated into action and begin researching. Physical therapists have the saying, “Pain is a great motivator” to describe patients they see that typically lead sedentary lifestyles until they get hurt. After which, something in them springs to life. A new found passion and respect for movement; pain free movement. Perhaps we could say now “Ebola is a great motivator”. Indeed a catalyst for people to understand that it’s no better time to eat healthier, raise their immune system IQ, and truly live a life empowered daily through knowledge and action.

  • In this perfect storm of order (personal empowerment) out of chaos (media fear), there have been helping hands along the way. First, as if on cue, the current history making documentary series ‘The Quest For The Cures Continues’ is exploring and shedding light on the fact that we can stop the cancer epidemic. In fact, Episode 2 is titled “Your First Line Of Defense” and deals exclusively with the importance of your immune system. For those that need an up-to-date primer or a very relevant place to start, I encourage you to listen to these doctors and medical professionals who pack years of research and learning into one place. Cancer is cured if you want it to be.

    Next we have a well timed Frontline PBS report finally alerting the ‘mainstream news consuming public’ of the growing issue of antibiotic resistant illnesses that have proliferated amongst the population. The report concluded that overuse of antibiotics in the meat industry has been a major contributor. Stay tuned for the next Frontline report titled “Oxygen May Assist In Life Says Officials” Yet again the end result is to fortify and rebuild your immune system naturally so you won’t need to rely on antibiotics that are losing their effectiveness or a mainstream medical establishment that all too often sees patients as a mere dollar sign.

    For the few that didn’t get shaken out of their complacency and dis-empowerment at this point, a final catalyst was served to them on a silver platter. While waiting for the Centers For Disease Control (CDC) to come to the rescue and make everything better, no such comfort was afforded. Those still expecting truth from the CDC were met with complete failure of protocols and speechless medical negligence in the face of a possible Ebola pandemic. This all comes fresh off the heels of the deafening silence and refusal to publicly address the ongoing MMR research fraud and high level CDC whistle blower internally at the CDC. In addition, jaw dropping conflicts of interest, revolving doors between public/private careers, and alternative agendas leave anyone half paying attention to the ongoing Ebola story with a healthy skepticism. Stacked on top of it all, we come to find out that the diagnostic tests for Ebola are “utterly unreliable” from the essential research of veteran journalist Jon Rappoport.

    In closing, there is no doubting the possible danger Ebola poses. In addition, those who have succumbed to the virus are a testament to it’s threat. Currently there has been few fatalities, if we believe the official reports, in North America at the time of this writing. In “hot zone” areas of Ebola, Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia, it is not exactly clear if the outbreak is organic or artificially induced. However, it is likely that in those populations, immune systems are compromised from:

    Ongoing war, extreme poverty, malnutrition, starvation, contaminated water supplies, exposure to toxic industrial chemicals, vast toxic overuse of antibiotics, pesticides (some of them banned in other countries), expired and unrefrigerated medicines, vaccines (which, when given to people whose immune systems are already hanging on by a thread, can be lethal).” –Jon Rappoport

    Regardless of what the future may hold, it is time to mend our health and immune systems. What step will you start with today? Here are just some of the trusted sources of alternative, independent health that are providing almost daily information:
    Hippocrates Health Institute
    The Robert Scott Bell Show

    Homegrown Health Show
    Blaylock Health Channel
    Global Healing Center
    Investigative journalism of Jon Rappoport

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