Eating Eggs Can Expose You to Harmful Insecticides and Other Agrochemicals

Michael Parkes, Staff Writer
Waking Times 

In relation to your wellness, the chicken does come before the egg. Whatever is fed to chickens will also end up in your eggs. It’s normal for the nutrients absorbed by the mother through her diet of chemicals and latent ground GMO soy beans and corn to be passed on. Often kept in cages throughout their wholes lives, the chickens dream of running free on the ranges outside, as they munch away on the pellets on the menu everyday.

Now the EU poultry industry is in a food scandal of toxic eggs being sent from across the world by the Belgian and Dutch food systems. Recently the United Kingdom was notified about eggs which were contaminated with insecticide as part of a European warning about eggs exported from its countries. This included all of the eggs you might be consuming whether it be whole eggs or powdered eggs used in bakeries it does not matter, you may have been exposed to fipronil.

  • Millions of eggs have been recalled from shops and warehouses in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany in recent weeks after some were found to contain high levels of the insecticide fipronil, a common ingredient in veterinary products for getting rid of fleas, lice and ticks. It is banned from being used to treat animals destined for human consumption. [Source]

    The consequences of mass food production processes will be impacting people across the EU with little done to assess the true costs. All as a result of using an insecticide considered to be a harmful nervous system disruptor, which is effective when encountered on contact or through ingestion. But be assured the Food Safety authorities have it covered:

    Britain, France, Sweden and Switzerland have been also put on alert to check the origin of eggs sold in their stores. Chickens bred for meat are also undergoing spot checks due to fears of contamination. Millions of hens are to be slaughtered as a consequence of the scandal. [Source]

    As the arguments start amongst the different food authorities in Belgian and the Netherlands about who knew when, these eggs have ended up on market shelves all of over Europe and as far away as Hong Kong.

    EU countries that have received the eggs are the UK, Sweden, Austria, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia and Denmark. Non-EU Switzerland is also affected. [Source]

    This is serious to human health as the impact of consuming yet another toxin as a result of our mass agricultural driven food system is swallowed and digested. The human body will absorb molecules, toxins, synthetics, tinctures, teas and chemicals, on entering the digestive tract the process begins.

    Large molecules are catabolised into smaller parts for absorption in cells and used in other anabolic processes to produce energy. Over time the toxins build up in the body which is a concern with something like fipronil:

    Neonicotinoids mimic the action of neurotransmitters, while fipronil inhibits neuronal receptors. In doing so, they continuously stimulate neurons leading ultimately to death of target invertebrates. Like virtually all insecticides, they can also have lethal and sublethal impacts on non-target organisms, including insect predators and vertebrates. [Source]

    We need to be aware of what we consume because it becomes the fuel for our living. It is more than just energy in and energy out. This basic understanding of the complex processes of homeostasis ignores the quality of what is consumed, nor does it consider the impact all the toxins being consumed across the US already and now into the EU and Asia. Add this insecticide to the other polluted and contaminated foods being consumed across the world and humanity will continue being in dis-ease.

    Check your eggs, where are they from and what have they eaten?  This can support the future you to not be a victim of the food you eat now!

    A Canadian study in 2010 found evidence that using Ceftiofur in farming, an antibiotic commonly injected into eggs, was linked to antibiotic resistance in people. This antibiotic is used to treat infections in people that are already resistant to other common antibiotics. In April of 2014, Chicken Farmers of Canada banned its members from injecting eggs with the drug. [Source]


    Twelve of the 18 farms studied, or 67%, reported the use of antimicrobials as growth boosters. Tetracyclines and fluoroquinolones, antibiotics commonly used to treat cholera, malaria, respiratory and urinary tract infections in humans, were the most commonly used antimicrobials, with nine farms admitting their use. [Source]

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