Eating Cadavers in the Name of Science

Sergey Baranov, Contributor
Waking Times

As human flesh is heading to your menu, you may want to take a moment to think about the degree of insanity we are witnessing in the western world today. Cannibalism as a solution to food scarcity is the most disgusting idea one could ever come up with. In my previous article I talked about the outrageous interview a behavioral scientist gave to Chanel 4 State TV in Sweden. Since then, I’ve felt like more should be said on the subject.

My grandparents lived through the horrors of World War II. They knew starvation. They lived on 400 g of bread and water per person per day for a long time. When they were still alive, I asked them many questions about their lives during this terrible time in human history. As a kid, I was trying to imagine all this. I remember asking them if they have ever seen people eat people?

  • They said no. They saw people eat rats, but not one another. People in Soviet Russia preserved human dignity during the hardest and most frightening times known to history, with extreme cold and starvation. 80 years later, when food is found in abundance in the Western World and is delivered to your home on demand, we are now led to believe that consuming dead human flesh is somehow progressive, responsible and even patriotic. If my grandparents had lived long enough to witness this themselves, they would probably have wished to die sooner, when their bodies would be buried with honor, not eaten by their families or strangers.

    Mental illness is on the rise and it is our responsibility to protect our own minds. This assault on human decency must be fiercely resisted. We have to stop watching zombie movies and start recognizing zombies walking on the streets and appearing on TV. These are the real zombies. Disconnected from themselves and unaware, they walk among the living. The scariest part of this is that many of them hold scientific titles and speak on the behalf of scientific community. Zombies in suits are the most dangerous kind. It seems as though the Western World is becoming a psychiatric ward. The actual clinics for mentally ill are only confinement for the dysfunctional. The rest of the functional lunatics are running society.

    Mental illness is even promoted. A recent movie – Joker – is a case in point. A psychopath who is becoming a serial killer out of despair is put on the pedestal and portrayed as a hero. Not a good message to send out to an agitated, neurotic, drugged and armed population. This kind of message could trigger losers, whose only chance to get any kind of notoriety is to shoot others, and who knows, maybe to eat them as well. Generation Z takes on another meaning.

    Let’s just take a moment to discuss how truly insane a prohibition on the use of medicinal plants looks in the current light of events. Plants which have been growing for millions of years and have served humanity well throughout its history, sustaining body, mind and spirit, are forbidden for use, by the people who have assumed the authority to decide for the rest of us. In fact, this prohibition should be illegal because it goes against the constitutional right to religious freedom. Plant-based shamanism is the first religion we had as human beings. All religions can be traced to a mystical experience that people had in remote times and which they interpreted as communion with God. I was converted from an atheist by the power of certain plants. The use of these plants is my religion that does not require a belief. My religious freedom as a human being implies a right to use any plant that I feel brings me closer to God, Divine Ground, The Source of Eternal Light, The Giver of Life, The Bramha or whatever other name you would like to name the unnameable. It is not debatable, arguable or negotiable. It just is. This is what an unalienable right actually means. A right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness cannot be denied. It is given to us by higher forces than a human institution. Call it God, or evolution, it makes no difference. It’s a force that has been running the show since before the birth of the first viewer who later took it upon himself to assume the role of the director.

    This tragicomedy is our world today. Plants that nurture the body are legal but plants that nurture the spirit are not. During the conquest of Mexico in the 16th Century, the Indians were asked by the missionaries if they ate Peyote. The next question was whether they consumed human flesh. The two were seen as equal by the Inquisition. To any of us who have ever had a plant-based shamanic experience, this is an outrage and the peak of human ignorance. However, today, it seems as if the bar has been raised once again. Cannibalism is now being openly promoted by a behavioral scientist on TV while the consumption of Peyote, among other “illegal” sacred plants, can send you straight to jail in the western countries. If this is not insanity, I don’t know what insanity is! In fact, it is so crazy that a rational mind fails to grasp the full magnitude of this madness.

    Just think about it. Mescaline was made illegal – even for scientific research – yet universities are conducting research into cannibalism. What kind of world are we building in which students of human mind are not allowed to use the best tools we have to study the mind? This brutal restriction of intellectual and spiritual freedom has become the law. It is as though mental patients have escaped the clinic and taken over the legislative and executive branches –  a scenario that would be scary to imagine even for a Halloween party. A psychiatric evaluation of these people and the laws they make must be called for.

    We are living at a time when an outbreak of Mysticism must occur if we want to save ourselves from extinction. There is simply no more time for gurus, spiritual leaders and teachers. All this must be found from within, from our personal connection to the Divine Source. Sacred plants are here to assist us on this path. What can be more unnatural than legislating against nature?

    How can we decide the course of humanity while being intellectually handicapped, morally bankrupt and spiritually void?

    The quasi scientists who are hired as consultants to government and law enforcement agencies and who dictate the official policies on the use of psychedelic substances and plants must be fired at once. This ruling against nature should be overturned. Nature is legal, whether you like it or not.

    In fact, this sense of alienation between man and nature leads to the use of technology and science in a hostile spirit and a destructive way. The conquest of nature must be replaced by love for and cooperation with nature. The conquest of nature leads to a destruction of the very environment which sustains our lives. Trying to conquer nature is just as stupid as trying to cut down the branch you are sitting on.

    This spiritual alienation is the major threat to our technologically advanced yet spiritually crippled civilization. Letting the tech junkies run our world is like checking onto a flight with a kamikaze pilot.

    On the other hand, love and cooperation with nature leads to sanity and thriving. This is what sacred plants do. They connect us to nature in the most spiritual and intimate way. This mutually beneficial love affair has tremendous potential for healing. Instead of embracing the gifts of nature, healing our pain, trauma and finding our path in life, we are now told that we should gradually introduce human flesh into our diets in order to overcome the aversion to cannibalism. It’s time we focus on human dignity and spirit, not human flesh.

  • About the Author

    Sergey Baranov is the author of Path, a book that will be of interest to any spiritual seeker who seeks honesty above all else. Living in various countries and growing up in different cultures, Sergey gained an understanding of the essential, a core commonality of human experience that lies beneath the differences to be found in every culture. By walking different paths and seeing through their limitations, Sergey found shamanism as a unifying path for all people regardless of their cultural background. He currently lives in Peru with his family where he conduct monthly San Pedro retreats.

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