Don’t Let The Truth Spoil a Good Story

Mike Molyneaux, Contributing Writer
Waking Times 

Many of us yearn and pray for a world without violence, sickness, pain, poverty, slavery, dysfunctional families, defective or broken bodies and death, without floods and droughts, without earthquakes and tsunamis. Some visionaries and seers of old declared that all the troubles and woes of this life would eventually come to an end. Is that possible? I hope so but I’m a cautious, conditional optimist, and I ask the difficult questions. Are we allowed to ask the difficult questions?

Is this new wave of grand optimism and expectation that we see on websites like Waking Times and Worldshift International really going to turn the world upside down?  Haven’t we seen this kind of almost limitless optimism and pied piper enthusiasm in every generation before? How much of the claims and promised expectations are grounded in reality rather than wishful thinking? How many who provide costly counselling and seminars today are just money-making charlatans that trick gullible people? Remember the saying, “Don’t let the truth spoil a good story,” especially if it sells books or seminars.

The difficult questions again – Is better education or more information all that’s required to improve the world? If we could see that better educated nations have lower rates of violence and crime, stress and mental disorders, dysfunctional families and addictions, then it would be obvious that better education is all we require. But the lowest rates of these undesirables are typically found in less educated, undisturbed tribes in remote parts of the world. Some of our most highly intelligent and educated people from quite ordinary families became the biggest psychopaths and murderers – think Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin. Evidence points strongly to the importance of certain unrecognized factors, namely  (1) socio-cultural environment, (2) personal attitude towards life, and (3) human biology. Education alone is not the answer, so how do we address socio-cultural environments, personal attitudes and biology.

We have learned that ideal behaviours, sentiments, aspirations and attitudes are seeded, nurtured and harvested by a variety of elements in our socio-cultural environment, both the micro- and macro-environments. People who contribute to creating this ideal environment have a huge responsibility. Novelties and changes we make or permit in the socio-cultural environment to please one sector of the population might harm another; and short term advantages could have damaging effects in the long term. It’s a huge collective responsibility.

  • Scientific research indicates that the influence of biology on behaviours, sentiments and attitudes (for better or for worse) is as strong as environmental influences if not stronger. How do we enhance the biological endowment and gene pool in whole tribes and nations? In past centuries most criminals (or suspects and witches) were executed, sickly women didn’t marry and reproduce and the weak, unfit, ignorant, ill-equipped, (or unlucky) died in wars, famines, epidemics and floods. Much of this still happens today. Is there a better way?

    I believe we need to be clear in our minds and find sound, meaningful answers to these difficult, tricky and frustrating questions if we are to achieve anything good, meaningful and lasting for ourselves and future generations. We don’t want to get ourselves lost in collective fantasies and delusions about what we are doing. Or is fantasy preferable to reality? A sample of tricky questions is listed at the end. I don’t have all the answers but I believe we need to identify and promote the most exceptional, spiritually enlightened leaders of our day from all corners of the world and all walks of life who can speak clearly into our hearts and minds, to inspire, unite and focus those of us who dream of helping to give birth to a better world. The world in general doesn’t want what we want. The world is being mesmerized and addicted by money, electronic gadgets, shiny cars, glitzy fashion, bars, restaurants, nightclubs, big screens, megasounds, more, louder, faster, don’t care about anything but me. To support all this, the world needs more industrialization and technological development, capitalism, consumerism and pollution, more oil and gas, imperialism and oppression, militarism, indoctrination etc etc to keep it going. The world doesn’t care, doesn’t want what we want. That should not stop us. We need leaders who will provide a clear vision, set a new direction and inspire hope, joy, peace, kindness, caring, patience, courage and above all TRUTH and WISDOM, not just in words but in rich, personal, social and cultural experiences.

    I’m hoping to share some research that can help us identify and promote the greatest spiritual leaders the caring people of the world are waiting to discover.

    The big obstacle however is that this research is difficult to grasp and appreciate. It’s based on a numerical and statistical projection towards the ultimate in truth and meaningfulness in verbal communication. For many years everyone I have contacted in the hope of discussing these matters soon disappeared, saying they have more important priorities. So I conclude either (1) they don’t and can’t appreciate the profound significance and importance of these matters, or (2) they are too busy to reflect and discern the significance, or (3) they are lost in collective fantasies and prefer that to reality, (4) they don’t want to be found out as charlatans, or (5) they are sincere but make more money pursuing other priorities.

    The research I am promoting will allow us to identify really exceptional, spiritually enlightened leaders who can inspire, focus and unite those of the world who are looking for visionary and revolutionary impetus towards a new and better world. One of the great obstacles to discovery is the “Illusion of knowledge,” that is, enthusiastic, smooth-talking leaders who think they know it all but are actually not much better than the rest of the world’s current leaders – the blind leading the blind. This research is really for those well-informed and well-educated leaders of our organizations, who think they are really great, spiritually enlightened leaders, but are not yet mature and enlightened enough for the task. But all are needed. They need to be discovered, convinced, recruited and introduced to other really great leaders who will mentor them, through personal networking and synergizing.

    Difficult, tricky and frustrating questions:-

    Are we making progress? We’ve had the enthusiastically hailed industrial revolution, the “enlightened” scientific “age of reason,” Communism’s promise of Utopia, fervent religious revivals with promises of glory, the Hippie revolution of free love, drugs and flower power, the information explosion of the cybernetic age…..bigger, better, more, faster, stronger. Is the global crisis we face today not a long term consequence of those “improvements” our parents placed their hopes in?……how do we ensure our “improvements” will not create new problems for the next generation?……in endless cycles?

    Is this vague “New Age” ideology true, really and completely true? And is our “quantum consciousness” new, different and bigger or better today than generations before?

    More and more children today are diagnosed with physical or neurological disorders. Can love and quantum consciousness alone make biologically impaired children normal again? Can more and better drugs do that?

    Can day-dreaming turn to reality? We love to believe it can. Will any dream do? Does it matter if everyone has a different dream?

    Will we find really exceptional, spiritually enlightened leaders? I am convinced we will eventually.

    Will the really exceptional, spiritually enlightened leaders be recognized and valued by others?

    Time will tell.

    About the Author

    Mike Molyneaux is a low profile family man who has worked professionally as a psychologist, engineer, scientist, lecturer and school teacher. He was educated in South Africa and spent two years travelling the world doing low paid and volunteer work in London, Jerusalem, Greece, and San Francisco. He moved his family to New Zealand to avoid the racially and culturally divided African Colonial society he was raised into. After emigration he noticed the same oppressive, deceptive, imperialist political and religious ideas and strategies being practiced on a global scale, including New Zealand. He developed and tested a unique new statistical technique for analyzing belief systems and ethical philosophy that can also be applied to contrast subjective perceptions and objective reality. The analysis indicates whether any system of verbal communication includes anything of real knowledge and meaning or is only an obtuse, confusing mish-mash of esoteric nonsense, mumbo-jumbo mysticism or pseudo-science. Please suport his ideas and research by contacting him at

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