Don’t Get Snared By Schools Of Thought

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Zen Gardner

I’m learning frikking backwards. And it’s powerfully good. I suppose many of you are as well. Life’s all about discovery…uncovering. Finding your way like a seed uncannily burying itself into the rich soil of innate truth to be born into a glorious organism of profound significance.

Then what?

You rotate your leaves, bask in the sun, soak up the water and nutrients, and grow as if you can’t control yourself. Cuz you can’t. It’s like the way your kids grow and stretch out of their jeans and shirts like aliens.

And all with smiles and laughter.

NeverMind – Be NowHere

Funny how you spend the first part of your life accumulating experience, information and even stuff. And when you wake up you can’t get rid of it all fast enough! Ha! And if people are never blessed with the wake up, they’ll still be letting it all go when the body goes back to the earth anyway.

  • Ironic how death wakes people up.

    First we have to unlearn and break free from this manipulated imposed learning system which is basically confining programming based on massive false suppositions and limiting concepts. There are of course some good and encouraging and enlightening teachers, but not many. Most are passing on the veil instead of the Truth, propagating a completely wrong approach without even knowing it, all with the best of intentions. So they think.

    Even those are screwed up.

    Again, the whole thing is off kilter from the get go.

    The Whatever Experience

    If you’re like me, you’ve had and have a compulsion to find out more. WHY are we here? WHAT are we individually supposed to do? WHERE are we going? And again….WHY are we going THERE?

    Lots of religious/spiritual teachings try to “encapsulate” a lot of this, as do many fields of thought and spiritual perspectives. The question is, can you really chop any of this up into categories?

    Just know nothing is separate in reality.

    Beware “Schools of Thought”

    As you can tell, I’m not preaching any “school of thought”, as sometimes when people discover there’s a label for their longings, aspirations and experiences they fall into the first or foremost thing that resonates. That’s how all the cults sprang out of the 60’s and 70’s, and why religion draws throngs of spiritually unfulfilled, unconscious followers and new initiates.

    Go slowly, grasshopper. Circumspect and very slowly. Schools are called schools for a reason.

    That’s where religion derives its power..from you and that very hungry energy exploding inside of you.

    Don’t mean to dampen your enthusiasm in the least as that’s your jet pack, just look around you and stay free. But you’ll most likely have to learn that the hard way. As I did. I eventually blew through the final containment wall and am stronger for it, as will you be.

    If you’re the real deal. If you’re just perusing, the reality brick hasn’t hit you in the head yet. Pray it does.

    Never Take No for an Answer…..huh?

    Don’t let anything quench your hunger for more truth than you are getting. I pound on this but it can’t be more appropriate than today. The media is so full of crap it makes you wonder how society has even gotten this far. Reason? It’s the indefatigable human spirit, endowed by the Universe with essential powers that cannot be denied.

    Others can only control us with our compliance, whereby we empower them to supplant, subvert and subjugate us, both consciously and unconsciously. It’s not normal in the least. Be free of it.



    Independence is a myth. We’re dependent on everything. Our atmosphere, our bodies, our loved ones, it’s ridiculous to think otherwise. But I know what people are talking about. It’s independence from them and their false reality. Then we’re free to be part of everything. Sad that so many long for this but stop short at one of the traps – politics, religion, nationalism. All based in ego, pride and separateness.

    Eternal consciousness is what’s real. The Universe longs to rediscover itself through each and every one of us. It’s beyond mind and way past conception. It’s experiential. And it’s completely free.

    We can stand back at any given point, look “down” on ourselves and the world around us, and say..

    “Isn’t that freaky?”

    Ha! How totally cool!

    Now operate from there and you won’t fall into their traps and you’ll learn to lead a synchronistic life.

    Everything else will follow.

    There’s nothing better.

    Love, Zen

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