You Don’t Have To Carry That Weight

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I find this concept intriguing, as it’s very subtle but a major influence on many of us. Those working hard to help influence and change this current paradigm, or at least bring a degree of enlightenment that would help bring about positive change, are tempted to carry a tremendous weight on their shoulders.

In fact, every individual can be tempted to think in this manner, worrying about the overall world situation and its consequences on loved ones and the innocent around the world. We are truly living in very seriously troubled times and it’s on much of humanity’s minds.

When thinking about this I was reminded of the story of the man who was taking his first flight in a small airplane. With great trepidation he went on the flight, extremely nervous the whole time and clearly not enjoying himself, very vocal with the pilot that he was worried the plane wouldn’t hold them and hence crash. When the plane landed the pilot exclaimed, “See, that wasn’t so bad. The plane carried us just fine, didn’t it?” The man answered, “Yeah, but I never did put my full weight down.”

Aren’t we all like that at times? Reflexively thinking our worries, tension, and psychological and spiritual load carrying are helping to bear the overall load somehow when all along everything is carried on the wings of a magnificent Universe?

  • It’s easy to fall into. While our hearts cry out for the suffering, pain and injustices in the world and we do make a difference by our contributions, we can’t carry that load. No one can. Nor are we supposed to. We can identify what is happening around us to foster clarity and understanding and do all we can to bring awareness to others and even relieve some suffering, but we can’t carry these problems – least of all these major world situations.

    How Such Weight Carrying Can Work Against Us

    It’s unrealistic and actually burdensome to try to carry or change everything on earth, especially in an unfounded emotional respect. The human psyche will think it needs to change it all to warrant making an effort for significant change, and then give up if it doesn’t see signs of change immediately. The tendency is to think “What difference can I make?”–or “What can little me possibly do to affect and change such massive issues..” etc.

    You don’t have to change it all, in that context. But we do need to do our part.

    Think about the planets and stars. Nothing’s holding them up with some massive effort. They just hang there, effortlessly suspended by an amazing, alive and energetic cosmos.  And these celestial bodies are even spiraling through space at a fantastic speed at the same time.

    Fantastic, and effortless.

    That should be our fundamental reference point. We come from a place of knowing and confidence. We activate responsibly as we’re each called. One does not cancel out the other, contrary to “normal” thought patterns. We each confidently execute our particular callings. This is conscious reality, our unfolding truth one soul at a time.


    As with the airplane passenger, it’s important we simply put our weight down and trust. It’s already being “carried” anyway, it’s us catching up with that reality that’s the point. The Universe is just fine and will continue long after any of us are gone from this temporal stage. It always has been just fine and always will be, despite warring powers, manipulators of any sort, horrible injustices, cruelty and the like.

    There’s no doubt we each profoundly affect the morphic unified field, the ether, or whatever you want to call it. This to me is one of the most astounding and encouraging aspects of awakening, which is followed by conscious decisions and actions. It is very real how we each influence the interconnected “whole” in so many wonderful ways. But worrying and fretting about the overall condition should not be our main concern, but rather simply going about our immediate awake and aware contributions without distraction.

    Such is carrying the world. It’s nobody’s job. It’s an unnatural imposed psychological weight that only discourages our naturally inspired participation.

    Take Action – Be Here Now and Consciously

    We each make a huge difference. We just can’t carry the weight of this matrix projection and its pervasive, persuasive sycophantic following we’re being handed. It’s false to the core, as real as the effects may appear. It’s not real in the most basic sense. It’s a fabrication, a lie, and a very dangerous and damaging one if you endorse it by succumbing to it by giving your energy to this vast wasteland of fabricated, answerless options.

    When we change individually, everything changes. Spiritually, metaphysically, etherically – as well as physically, socially and otherwise. Even quantum physics asserts this as does any advanced understanding of our metaphysical nature and how we interact with our energetic surroundings.

    “Carrying the load” does no good for anyone or anything. It may be fashionable in social or spiritual circles, it may even “feel” good as if just that is doing something about our surrounding world, but it’s ultimately nothing more than make believe self assuaging to compensate for a lack of conscious awareness and very specific personal action.

    When we act in full awareness we know we’re making a difference. Unconscious thought or fabricated load bearing only feeds the lie.

    Beware the pitfall. Stay awake and a potent force for real change by fully living the awakened life you’re being handed.

    We are the change we’ve been waiting for. Simply live it. Fully.

    Burden free – and happily!

    Much love, Zen

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