The Division of Humanity by Humanity

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The strategy of Divide and Conquer has been used throughout history almost every time there is one group that wants to dominate or defeat another group. It has been a tried and true strategy for generals on the battlefield to assist in winning wars. The same strategy has been used against humanity by those that desire to control us through various forms of manipulation. In fact, it is so engrained into our way of being that we almost relish in dividing ourselves which allows them to better conquer humanity.

The strategy in war makes perfect sense. If you divide the opposition into smaller groups, especially if your army is larger in numbers or fighting power, then you are able to quickly defeat the smaller groups of fighters versus a larger mass or better equipped group that can help defend themselves and attack offensively. Communication would play a vital role in this aspect as well. If a larger group is working together towards a goal with clear communication, then they have a higher probability of achieving the goal versus many units with possible communication barriers working on an assumed strategy versus constantly morphing strategies to react to the opposition.

Well, the same is applied to us, humanity, in our lives for as long as history has been recorded. There has always been a “Them Vs. Us” mentality prevalent. It is evidenced in the ideas of nationalities, race, religion, political stance, economic status, education level, etc. Sadly, it appears that we, as humanity, have been manipulated in performing this task in the present day for those that wish to control us. In the last couple of generations in the western cultures if not further, it has been carried into fashion, physical appearance, volunteer status, material status, sports teams, type of beer you drink, music genres, and on and on.

  • Many people are quick to label themselves and join certain groups and allow those labels and groups to become their identity. Many constantly allow this to be something of debate more so than the logical truthful facts. They are quick to judge someone based upon a label they have given another person or the group of which that person affiliates. The debate of which label or group is better becomes the debate not the facts of the argument. In fact, if more people would stop with the stereotypes and focusing on which group they think someone belongs to, we may actually awaken as humanity to the nonsense that we are being manipulated into believing is our way of life.

    Think about it. A Republican and a Democrat will argue over which group is better than the other for hours at a time. Yet, if they could put those “differences” aside (many of us know there really is no difference between the parties – they all serve the same corporations and “owners”), then they begin to awaken to the fact that most of what either party is doing is unacceptable. Yet, they continue to argue over points that do not serve any real value to humanity as a whole.

    It is sad to say that this is an experience to those of us that are awake and try to avoid labels and stereotypes. In the community of awakened souls, you will find those that think they are more awakened than another. They will argue this fact versus spreading the truth that they both may be aware of and others need to hear to begin their awakening or even further their awakening. We focus too much on the absolute truth that we often loose others that are awakening to the bickering over the details.

    I am not saying the details do not matter. I am saying that we are all on the same journey. Perhaps someone else is not taking the same size steps as you, but at least they are stepping. Some may not realize all the truth, but at least they are awakening and searching for more truth. Just as a young child is beginning to explore their world and think for themselves, we should never tell the child to quit asking questions or formulating their own thoughts even if they are not entirely accurate. We would eventually squash the that child’s desire to learn more. The same thing is happening to awakening souls.

    If we can stop doing the work of those that want to control us by stopping the labeling, grouping, and division of ourselves, we will move mountains. We have to remember that we are all souls in this journey of life and treat each other accordingly. It is fine to be aware of where someone else is in their journey of discovery of themselves and Truth, but do not judge them. Yes, some are imposters and are usually obvious of what their purpose and presence serves. I suspect those are weeded out quickly. However, they are still a soul that we have an opportunity to touch.

    I do not advise kid’s gloves for everyone all the time. It has taken some pretty hard messages to keep me moving forward. It was the judging of me and the blatant “You are so wrong and doomed” that discouraged me from the search. We all have to toughen up on the road to discovering the truth of ourselves and Truth, but sometimes compassion can carry someone a lot further than tough cold love. Both have a purpose, but try to recognize when they should be applied.

    Always remember, you are interacting with another soul. Our goal is to raise awareness and vibration. It should not be to shame others back into the dark and make them feel inferior. Just some food for thought for the next time you interact with a “sheeple” or not as “enlightened” soul as yourself. They are still a soul. We are all a part of humanity. We need each other in this battle. Division will not serve us well. We have to stand together. We have to help each other stand up to our potential.

    Much Love,

    Keep yourself rooted and help others dig in deep.

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