Discovering the Fourth Dimension of Ourselves

fourthdimentionKatrina Cavanough, New Dawn
Waking Times

There is a re-emerging truth. Western society is finally embracing what Eastern traditions and our indigenous cultures have always known. Most people with a spiritual orientation recognise the existence of the mind, body and soul, however, there is more. Our soul is not the only energetic form we encapsulate. Let me explain.

For 10 years, I worked as a social worker in a busy hospital. Over those years it came to pass that I worked with over 400 deaths. For most of the patients I attended to, their death had been sudden, unexpected and always traumatic. My role as the social worker was to support and guide the patient’s family and loved ones as they attended a viewing, said goodbye, and completed the police identification. I always felt the privilege that comes with this type of position. To be present at one of life’s most sacred final rites was something that always held its own reverence.

Unbeknownst to my professional colleagues and the patient’s family, there were times where I found myself in a state of awareness and communication with the soul of the patient who had died or was dying. This was profound at first and over time became normalised as the way I experienced hundreds of deaths. I always maintained professional boundaries, and would never disclose to the family or medical team that I was having a spiritual experience with the souls as they moved across into the non-physical world. It was simply not professional to do so, and I held my role as the social worker in the highest regard.

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