Discover Loving Presence in the Eye of the Storm & Develop Inner Strength Through Chanting Practice with Krishna Das (July – August 2020)

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Lately, our buttons are being pushed beyond what many of us have experienced in our lifetime.

And, while you may not be able to alter the external circumstances surrounding you — at least, not on your own — you can transform your thought patterns… the way you feel and respond to what’s happening.

Devotional chanting, which has long been practiced in a wide range of wisdom traditions, has been used for centuries as a way to train people to stay present in the here and now… to be more at ease in THIS moment, and then the next…

On Wednesday, July 29, bestselling Western chant artist Krishna Das (KD), will continue the process of moving more deeply into the Heart space — through the spiritual practice of chanting — in Discover Loving Presence in the Eye of the Storm & Develop Inner Strength Through Chanting Practice.

In this free video event, KD will also offer profound insights on how to gather strength, so that no matter what happens in the outside world, you can summon that place of peace and connection within.

You can register here: HERE!

During this profound and inspiring hour, you’ll: 

  • Get a taste of the practice of chanting, so you can continue your journey into the authentic love within you
  • Understand that your knee-jerk reactions are based in fear, clinging, craving, or pushing away — and result in more suffering 
  • Learn how to lean on your practice to calm you down and open you to more choice about how you respond to life 
  • Evolve your understanding of your true nature — tapping into compassion and your heart
  • More easily release your judgmental thoughts — and let go of the stories you believe about yourself and your life
  • Experience a chant in which you recite names of the Divine… to magnify your ability to uncover peace in your heart and develop your inner warrior
  • Experience a deeper connection to your Inner Being through chanting with Krishna Das

During this event, Krishna Das, a dynamic and powerful spiritual teacher and world-renowned performer, will engage you in a specific chant — a devotional mantra in which he recites the names of the Divine Presence.

Repeating this mantra with attention and sincerity can help you meet your authentic being… and discover the love that lives within your heart.

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