Did US Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas, Pave the Way for Monsanto’s Current Reign over the World Food Supply?

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Emmy award winning filmmaker, Robert Kenner tried to warn us about Monsanto in his 2008 documentary, Food, Inc. In this groundbreaking film he exposes the Agribusiness giants for the frauds they truly are. He claims their corporate greed is the cause of both unhealthy food, and food that is environmentally irresponsible.

In Food, Inc., Kenner makes an allegation that U.S. Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas, helped to pave the way for Monsanto’s current monopoly over the world food supply through genetically engineered foods.

The reasons for this allegation are obvious. Firstly, Thomas was an attorney for Monsanto for many years prior to being assigned to the US Supreme Court bench. He also wrote the majority opinion in a biotechnology case that was declined by the court in 2001. For many, this alone is an obvious conflict of interest, but the plot thickens. Just months ago, the Supreme Court favored Monsanto in a ruling when it held that a farmer had violated patents on a soybean plant when he tried to plant them for more than one season.

  • The farmer tried to save some seed for his next planting season, a common practice utilized for centuries among farmers, but Monsanto states he was only authorized to plant them for one season. Many of Monsanto’s seeds have their own ‘kill’ date pre-programmed into them so that they can’t be sewn for more than one season, but in this case, the farmer was able to save some that he hoped to cultivate crops with on a future occasion. The farmer tried to argue that, “the initial authorized sale of [the] patented item terminate[d] all patent rights to that item.” However, the Court disagreed, and concluded that this defense did not apply.

    In this case, Clarence Thomas was not the only one to support the Supreme Court’s decision – the entire Supreme Court decided unanimously in favor of Monsanto.

    Nonetheless, Thomas’s unwillingness to recuse himself from the decision involving a Monsanto product is just a brief example of the rampant revolving door policy regarding food safety. Michael Taylor, former Monsanto executive now has a high-ranking position in the FDA, as its Senior Advisor. Taylor was appointed this illustrious position by President Obama. How can a senior advisor for the Federal Department of Agriculture not have a conflict of interest as a former Monsanto minion?

    This doesn’t take into account the numerous attempts to sway Congressmen and women, as well as senators with bribes or threats. Monsanto has bought our government outright, and Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas, is only the first person likely on their payroll.

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