Detox – The Universal Cure

Daniel Reid
Waking Times

“The countless names attached to illnesses do not really matter. What does matter is that they all come from the same root cause… too much tissue acid waste in the body!”
– Dr. Theodor Baroody

If you believe what doctors say today, you’d think that suddenly the world has become infested with thousands of new diseases that never existed before, diseases with long complicated names that are impossible to spell or pronounce, and that the only way to treat them is by taking a new drug with an equally complicated name, a new drug specially made to kill the new germs responsible for causing each new disease. In fact, however, these new drugs will never cure you of anything, and will only make your condition worse by making your more toxic.

Germs are not the root cause of any disease: the root cause of all disease is tissue toxicity, which creates the conditions that allow germs to breed inside your body. Tissue toxicity, or “toxemia,” produces two basic conditions which open the door to germs: “acidosis,” which means excess acid waste; and “hypoxia,” which means insufficient oxygen. Too much acid and not enough oxygen in the cells and tissues are the root cause of all disease, including cancer, which is simply the final stage of tissue toxicity. No one seems to recall that in 1931, Dr. Otto Warburg received the Nobel Prize for Medicine for his discovery that all forms of cancer, without exception, have two basic things in common: excess acid and insufficient oxygen in the tissues where the cancer occurs.

  • If toxemia is the root cause of all disease, then the logical conclusion is that detoxification is the most effective cure as well as the best prevention for any disease, and this is precisely the case. Moreover, if excess acid and insufficient oxygen are the two basic conditions produced by toxemia, then it’s equally logical to concluse that the primary strategies for detoxification are alkalization and oxygenation of the cells and tissues. By alkalizing and oxygenating the blood and tissues of the human body, acidosis and hypoxia– the two conditions that permit the body to be invaded by germs and suppress the body’s abililty to defend itself–are eliminated, germs disappear, immune response is regenerated, and health is restored naturally. It’s as plain and simple as that. However, since detox does not require you to use expensive drugs and surgery and can easily be done at home, there’s no money in it for the pharmaceutical and hospital industries, so your doctor is the last person who will ever tell you this truth.

    Life is toxic by nature, so there is no way to avoid it. Our bodies have built-in self-cleansing mechanisms designed to deal with natural sources of tissue toxicity, such as cellular waste from metabolism and carbon dioxide from breathing. However, our bodies are not designed to deal with all the far more toxic wastes assimilated from pesticides and chemical additives in food, pollutants in air and water, poisonous pharmaceutical drugs, and other unnatural sources of tissue toxicity. These toxins therefore accumulate in various tissues of the body, producing the conditions of acidosis and hypoxia in which germs thrive and which at the same time suppress the body’s ability to cleanse and heal itself. As a result, we get sick, and the nature of the disease depends upon which tissues have become most toxic, which chemicals are involved, and long we allow the toxemia to fester inside. Hundreds of different names are attached to these various disease conditions, but they all have the same basic cause–toxemia. And they all eventually lead to the same final result–cancer. That’s why today one out of four people eventually get some form of cancer, compared with only one out of ten thousand a hundred years ago. Over the past century, humanity has been slowly but surely poisoning itself to death.

    There are two ways to detox: one is to do intensive tissue detox programs periodically, such as once a year; the other is to adjust your lifestyle so that you body may detox on a daily basis. Intensive detox programs are done often within 3-7 days, although there can be programs that last longer. The most ancient, and still the most effective, program for intensive internal “house-cleaning” is fasting and colonic irrigation, such as The Webcleanse Program or the Renew Your Lease on Life Program. After each intensive detox, it’s important to eliminate old habits which previously caused the most toxicity and to adopt new habits which enhance internal self-cleansing mechanisms. This means adjusting your daily diet to include more alkalizing foods and less acidifying foods, drinking alkaline “microwater” rather than acidic coarse water, and learning to breathe in a way that maximizes assimilation of oxygen and negative ions from the air. All of these methods have been used for thousands of years in the holistic healing traditions of Asia, and today they have been further enhanced with high-tech modern science. You can learn more about that in my books

    From now on, whenever you get sick, just remember that there is just one basic cause for your disease, and that’s toxemia, and that there’s only one basic way to cure your condition and prevent it’s recurrence, and that’s detox. If you wish to live long in good health, detox is the path that will lead you there — surely and safely.

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