Define Better – (Video)

YouTube – CCHRInt

As a teen I was prescribed Ritalin to improve my performance in school, then later went on to develop an addiction to Adderall.  When I went through a period of depression later on, several doctors had me try a cornucopia of psychotropic drugs, trying to convince me that there was a technical error with the chemical production in my body that could only be addressed by finding the right regimen of pills and continuing to take them for the remainder of my life.  I refused to take their prescription.  Finally, I discovered Kung Fu and the healing arts of Tai Chi, Chi Kung and meditation, and with commitment and regular practice my health improved and over time it became more radiant than ever with zero dependence on the pharmaceutical industry.

This video tells it like it is.  Kids should not be given drugs.  They should be played with, engaged, given exercise and a healthy diet free from preservatives and poisons.  But most of all they should be allowed the chance to become whoever they should be without interference from a profit motivated and predatory health industry.

No, thanks!