Dear Family and Friends: it’s Time to Wake Up

Phillip J. Watt, Contributor
Waking Times

I know you’ve struggled to deal with many of the harsh truths of the world, yet there’s also so much brilliance to this reality that I don’t want you to miss out on as well. But to feel that side of the coin, it’s necessary to face how it all works on the systemic and material levels.

It’s no surprise to anyone that greed and vanity has spread like wildfire across our modern minds. So much so that our collective heart has been suffocating under their toxic weight. Yet there’s no need to despair; there are many people who have stepped into the authenticity of their heart and are working towards bringing some sanity, honor and justice to our mad world.

War. Poverty. Rape. Hatred. The list goes on. These realities might be ‘normal’ in the context of humanity’s history, but it doesn’t always need to be this way. We literally have the technology, know-how and spirit to finally create an existence where the basic needs of humanity are met, especially that deep sense of communion and comradery with our fellow-man which most of us are missing.

  • This alone will rectify so much of the pain-based behavior that is highly influenced from not just individual and collective trauma, but a subtle feeling of being disconnected and unloved.

    So it is true that many individuals are vile in their action – both to themselves and others – on so many levels. But as hard as it is to accept, there is a ruling class that is just as much, if not more, disgusting in their behavior.

    For starters, our money supply has been stolen. If you don’t know what this means, you simply need to understand that so-called money is created out of nothing by punching numbers into a computer and then the banking oligarchs reap the profits, instead of our local communities. It really is that simple.

    That’s not the only aspect to the system they’ve thieved either. Medicine has been converted into toxin-rich synthetic derivatives instead of using natural substances, such as cannabis, to heal the body’s ill infrastructure. To continue with that example, did you know that the human body has an endocannabinoid system where its receptors easily absorb the healing agents provided by cannabis? That’s why those poor little kids having epic seizures respond so well to cannabis oil.

    Then of course there’s the mainstream media. This highly monopolized and corporatized public utility has been turned into a propaganda outlet for maintaining the status quo. You get little snippets of truth here and there, but the big pictures, the truths we need to know, will not be publicized via these channels.

    And another prime example is that macro governmental policy is dictated by corporate structures which are controlled by the uber rich. That’s why the left/right political paradigm is also known as a two-party tyranny, because they’re both controlled by the same interests. Simply, lobbyists, under the table deals and political puppets are the norm in our current era, not genuine people representing their genuine community interests.

    And I know this one is really going to be difficult to face, but pedophilia is not just rampant throughout our society, but also within the upper echelons of our class structure too. Think about it like this; remember how so-called royalty used to marry their young cousins etc? Well that’s more or less how it still works today, minus the marriage.

    So the reality is that child trafficking and their sexual exploitation is still commonplace, as hard as that is to deal with. There are literally thousands of children suffering at the hands of these psychopaths, as you read. Do you want to know how they justify it? This is another challenging concept to entertain, yet regardless, it’s very, very real.

    They literally believe they are the gods or rulers of humanity, so they can do as they please regardless if it breaks the code of natural law and its primary principle of ‘do no harm unless in self-defense’. This has resulted from their practice of occult knowledge, which is just another way of saying they manipulate energy – and people – to suit their dark agenda.

    So yes, they practice what some might call magic. This interaction with the energy field, something that we all do whether we know it or not, can either be conducted with impure or pure intentions, which leads me onto the reverence of our world.

    We are not only separate, physical beings. This is true on one level, but a deeper level is that we are interconnected via an energy that goes by many names. They include chi, life force, prana, zero point energy, God, love, orgone or just consciousness itself, to name but a few. This flow of energy permeates all things and can be manipulated by thought, feeling, or a variety of actions, including ritual and meditation.

    It’s not hard to see this when we think critically about it either. Ecologically we are interdependent with our fellow earth and her life beings, which illustrate that without one or another we wouldn’t have evolved to where we are today. But for those people who are prepared to test their rationality, quantum physics clearly shows that not only are we interrelated on one of the most fundamental levels of our existence, but also that the so-called material world exists as only one out of an infinite number of possibilities, until it’s co-manifested into an actual experience.

    In other words, this holographic construct, where everything is but a reflection of everything else, is a co-creative and intimately intertwined reality.

    So if this is all new to you, it’s about time you did some serious research don’t you think? Don’t believe me, don’t believe any so-called expert either; just acknowledge that forever and always the mainstream view has always been incomplete, so it’s up to ourselves to put in a noble effort to journey towards the truth.

    Now of course, you’ll never fully wake up. None of us will. It isn’t a race to see who can get to the finish line first; it’s an individual experience of continually becoming more conscious, whilst others do the same too.

    So when I say ‘wake up’, I’m referring to at least becoming conscious of the magic, as well as the illness of our world. I’m sure when you think about it, you’re probably a reflection of that dis-ease too, especially when the majority of people are battling stress, sadness and/or a variety of sicknesses that are pandemic in our so-called modern era.

    All this suffering – all this pain – is of course a reflection of the way the system has been run, or should I say hijacked, too.

    Ultimately, you need to be an authentic human. Fuck all this consumerism and competition and running a race with the rats, instead connect with your true nature and your true self and watch your world transform along with it.

    You don’t just need it for you, reality needs it from you too.

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    Phillip J. Watt lives in Australia. His written work deals with topics from ideology to society, as well as self-development. Follow him on Facebook or visit his website.

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