David Taylor, Pastor, Humanitarian, and Community Leader Spreads His International Ministry Throughout the World

Waking Times

Within his own community, Joshua Media Ministries International (JMMI) leader David E. Taylor wears many hats. To some, he is spiritual advisor David E. Taylor, others refer to him as David Taylor, pastor and humanitarian relief activist. Yet, others know him as David E. Taylor an interpreter of dreams and a human conduit for the Lord’s divine message on Earth.

Pastor Taylor wears these hats with a heart full of gladness and deep commitment, because as a man who has come “face-to-face with Jesus,” he believes each of these roles are integral to his mission of spreading the word of Christ to the broadest possible audience — both here, in America, and around the world.

The Impact of David E. Taylor’s Relief Efforts on the Homefront

Pastor Taylor’s spiritual and humanitarian initiatives in the United States are well documented and often highly praised in the media. When tragedy or national disaster strikes, Taylor routinely aids survivors, with boots-on-the-ground, even before the first breaking news cycle ends.

When Hurricane Ian wreaked destruction across the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, and Gulf Coast, Pastor Taylor immediately dispatched JMMI’s Convoy of Miracles volunteer disaster relief team to aid the storm’s struggling victims by providing basic essentials including fresh water, food, clothing, and personal hygiene supplies along with much-needed spiritual comfort.

In December 2021, when tornadoes tore a violent path through Kentucky, the Convoy of Miracles was also on the scene, helping survivors with both immediate needs and in the days that followed, offering medical services and helping to rebuild their ravaged communities. (The JMMI volunteers even brought toys so that kids who lost so much could still enjoy a little bit of Christmas.)

David Taylor: Pastor with International Mission to Spread Salvation Around the Globe

As it is written in Matthew 28:19-20: “Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe everything I have commanded you. And remember I am with you always, to the end of the age.”

With this and other divine biblical directives as inspiration, and having already firmly established a thriving faith community at home, Taylor set his sights on spreading his ministry’s outreach abroad. “David E. Taylor has proclaimed the gospel of the Kingdom all over the world,” the JMMI website notes. “Not only is there a global following of nearly 200 nations that watch every crusade and conference… he continues to travel the nations to minister the saving gospel to all people!”

To date, JMMI’s International Travel Ministry has held events across a broad swath of the globe, providing spiritual succor to ecstatic crowds of believers everywhere from London, Paris, and Rome to Japan, Korea, and Dubai, United Arab Emirates; from Budapest, Hungary, to the Bahamas; from Canada to Mexico, El Salvador, and numerous other Central American locales. Pastor David E. Taylor has also spread the teachings of the Gospel in Scotland and preached the word of the Lord in Holland.

One of Taylor’s most sacred callings is bringing the living word of Christ back to the children of Israel. In his mission to minister to the Jewish people, Pastor Taylor has joined hands with many of Israel’s most influential lay and spiritual leaders — including the Israeli humanitarian aid group, Helping Hand Coalition, which provides support to nearly 80,000 of the country’s cherished Holocaust survivors — to revivify and bring glory to the teachings of Jesus in the heart of the Holy Land where they first came to light.

David E. Taylor’s Universal Message of Faith

David Taylor, pastor and visionary, has delivered the wisdom of the gospels as close to home as the house next door, and the promise of salvation as far as his voice can reach. Pastor Taylor has hosted vast tabernacles around the globe serving legions of true believers who flock to hear the genuine message of the Lord. David E. Taylor is driven to continue expanding JMMI’s global footprint one nation, city, heart, mind, and soul at a time through the word of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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