DARPA and the JASON Scientists – The Pentagon’s Maladaptive Brain

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An uncensored look into DARPA, the US government’s secretive agency, reveals exactly how the brain of the military industrial complex operates. Utilizing the super-scientific intellects of men, the agency may have stumbled upon the ultimate code to utterly control the human race, making all other DoD achievements pale in comparison.

DARPA’s arms reach far and wide – touching universities, small businesses, the public, of course, and also the established media. Despite its collaborative success, the brain running the show is acutely flawed, for its aim is not to protect and serve, but to control.

As George Orwell once pointed out, “All the war-propaganda, all the screaming and lies and hatred, comes invariably from people who are not fighting.” It comes from the minds of men hell-bent on creating a controllable population through a New World Order.

  • DARPA has been credited with creating the internet, global positioning devices, and as investigative journalist Annie Jacobson describes it, “the future.” For anyone who has lurked on DARPA’s pages, they only hint at the sci-fi reality that the list of alphabet agencies it employs, create. Operation Paperclip and Area 51 are just the beginning of secrets that DARPA continues to smother while creating bullets that can change direction mid-flight, high-energy liquid-laser systems, robotic pack animals, flying trucks, and drones that can stay airborne for years — but even these do not reveal the true workings of the Pentagon’s dysfunctional aims, supported by the JASON scientists.

    In an interview describing DARPA’s omniscient presence Jacobson says that,

    “. . .those who follow conspiracy theorists probably know that the JASON scientists are considered to be right up there with the Illuminati, in terms of, you know people see them as these wizards behind the curtain doing all these bad things. . .”

    A deeper investigation into the JASON Group reveals that they may be even more important than the Bilderberg group as far as controlling worldly chaos.

    Jacobson goes on to say that she interviewed one of the co-founders of the JASON physicists, Martin Goldberger, who was an adviser to the Pentagon for decades. It is thought that he and other scientists discovered a secret code for the human brain. The implications of this discovery are enormous, considering that DARPA has inserted itself into nearly every aspect of our daily lives.

    For a tease for how this kind of discovery could be used to control humanity, consider this headline, which doesn’t refer directly to humans, but to computers designed to behave like us:

    Soon We Won’t Program Computers, We Will Train Them Like Dogs

    Though there is little data to prove that these scientists indeed found a code which would control human thought, the JASON scientists have been linked to the creation of sinister secret government programs that further the aims of the Illuminati.

    Among these men, there are CIA ties, links to private corporations paid trillions to create defense technologies, and…

    “… stronger links to the defense industry than the roughly 1,600 Pilgrims Society members of which ISGP has put together biographies until this point. That says something. It says that unless something changed in the past 30 years (the last fullPilgrims Society list dates to 1980), high technology and the defense industry remain the domain of the CIA and the Pentagon – not of the liberal eastern establishment running the CFR, Bilderberg and the Trilateral Commission.”

    The JASON scientists are essentially considered the best and brightest, paid to conduct research on the cabal’s destructive aims. Among its members are:

    Luis W. Alvarez – responsible for helping to create detonators for the ‘fat man’ during the Manhattan Project. He also x-rayed the Great Pyramid of Giza to try to find hidden chambers. He received a Nobel Prize and helped to publish a paper that theorized the dinosaurs were wiped out by an asteroid over 65 million years ago. He was well known early in his career for his work in optics and cosmic rays – some of the same areas of interest which caught inventor Nikola Tesla’s attention.

    Lewis M Branscomb – This scientist received the Vannevar Bush Award of the National Science Board and the Rockefeller Public Service Award in 1957. The Rockefeller family is well known for its funding of think tanks, academia, government, and private business with the well-established goal of depopulating the planet. It is thought that this single foundation is greatly responsible for establishing the Trilateral Commission.

    Sidney D. Drell – Known among government circles in his time for greatly influencing decisions made about the US’ nuclear weapons arsenal. He was a member of the National Security Council. He has also worked closely with Jacob Rothschild, and was a co-founder of the Jason Group.

    Murray Gell-Mann – A member of the CFR and the Masonic-based Royal Society of London. This is a center of the international banking cabal. Gell-Mann often advised the US government on population growth. Dr. Gell-Mann was listed on the United Nations Environmental Program Roll of Honor for Environmental Achievement, the very same international agency known for promoting the elimination of us ‘useless eaters.’

    These are but a handful of the ‘brilliant’ minds which have led our world toward imminent doom, operating as the dysfunctional brain of DARPA, the Pentagon’s deluded consciousness.

    Others have helped to create worldwide spying devices, deconstructed UFOs, and kept the true aims of our government’s black-budget projects just out of our understanding. The world-wide spying machine may not yet have unearthed a way to control our every thought, but there is speculation that even this technology has already been discovered. These men of the JASON Group are likely nothing more than war criminals, but their brains are running the show.

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