Creating False Reality with the Green Screen

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Who was it (Thomas Jefferson?) that said something along the lines of “Believe nothing that you read, and only half of what you see”? Manufactured reality hadn’t reached the feats it can now with camera majick. That is to say the speed of reaching a global spectrum and the technological advancements weren’t deployed at the time. Now, more than ever, it’s time to seriously question anything that comes across the telescreen.

This recent YouTube upload highlights both the clever deception and marvels of green screen advancement. Green screens are a staple and must-have tool for anyone in film production and similar fields. But if you think most TV episodes and movies are filmed on site…think again.

In posting this video, showing clearly fictional imagery, it is not to say that the use of them is diabolical or to suggest that they are deployed during news segments with on-the-ground footage.

It is to point out, however, that the near seamless imagery is what allows people to relax and simply take in said imagery without being pulled out of the experience. Watch – and see what I mean….what really happens behind the scenes?

  • In other words, green screen tech with superimposed imagery is so palatable as to appear real – the mind doesn’t question it much. So it is beyond the point where it’s okay to question (at least half of) what you see.

    Real Farmacy (hat/tip to them for the interesting find) points out that gimmicks are indeed used unnecessarily by news agencies and it warrants discernment. Remember a Nancy Grace segment on CNN which dramatized a special satellite interview….that was actually taking place in the same parking lot? 

    After enough people caught the “glitch,” Daily Mail saw fit to highlight the move in a moment of “gotcha!” journalism. Otherwise, it would have come and left without incident – with people none the wiser.

    We don’t have a firewall in the mind, so it’s useful to sharpen the intuition and discernment – and guard what we let enter it in the first place.

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