Consciousness and the Expanding Earth Theory

Gregg Prescott, M.S., In5D Guest
Waking Times

Many metaphysicians and scientists believe that our universe is expanding, so based on the premise, ‘As above, so below’, is it within the realm of possibility that Earth is expanding as well?

We also see an awakening of consciousness which reflects the premise of “As on the inside, so on the outside”.  Is there a correlation between these two premises or is it simply a coincidence?

Neal Adams proposed an expanding earth theory in which the continents on this planet have moved due to the increasing size of the Earth.

Much of our recorded history has been tailored to keep us subservient and controlled while deterring us from questioning the origins of mankind and traditional science practices that are taught as “fact” in our educational systems.

Several questions that abound from the expanding earth theory would include:

* Where did all of the water come from?
* If the Earth is expanding, then are our days getting longer?

Many people have pondered why there are exactly 365.25 days in a year. According to Michael Tsarion’s research, the Earth originally had 360 days in a year, which would correlate to a circle containing 360 degrees. When the watery planet of Tiamat crashed into the Earth, it not only slowed down the Earth’s rotation to create 365.25 days in a year but also deposited a large amount of water on our planet, which may help to explain the Great Flood theories of virtually every culture. This collision is also said to be responsible for the asteroid belt.

  • If the Earth still had 360 days, then our astrological charts would be different. It is possible that over the course of time, the energies that you were born into would be different right now, as these energies are reflected on astrological positions at the moment of your birth. In other words, you may have incarnated to this planet under a different energy with various retrograde planets and reflected obstacles to overcome from these retrogrades.  In either scenario, you agreed to come here and to face whatever challenges that you agreed upon in your soul contract.

    Let’s remove the possibility that the Earth was hit by Tiamat.

    There is an awakening of consciousness on our planet that is occurring in exponential proportions. As the Earth expands, is it possible that our consciousness is reflecting not only the expansion of our planet, but the universe as well? Even our physical bodies, in general, are growing larger and taller with each generation. Are these changes also reflective of an expanding earth and universe?

    While it remains undetermined whether there is a correlation between our expanding consciousness and the expanding earth/universe, it remains a topic highly worth considering.

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