Confronted by Activist Moms, Monsanto CEO Lies to Shareholders

Christina Sarich, Staff Writer
Waking Times

Two mothers from Moms Across America, Anne Temple and Zen Honeycutt, recently attended Monsanto’s stock holder meeting to address some important points they felt the corporation had been missing, such as failing to report deleterious outcomes of continuing their use of Gylphosate and its co-formulants, along with Dicamba, the newly released Xtend and other scientifically-proven toxic chemical herbicides.

Anne Temple and Zen Honeycutt at Monsanto HQ

Shareholders did not ask questions about the many salient points that Temple and Honeycutt brought up, but instead acted as sheep following their herder, refusing to even make eye contact with the two women who were obviously concerned about the infiltration of breast milk, vaccines, water, and food with Monsanto/Bayer’s chemicals. As they report the events at the meeting, CEO, Hugh Grant’s actions were nothing less than typical, but the shareholders’ response was simply shocking.

  • The women acknowledge that Monsanto’s CEO cannot admit the harm their products are causing because legally they would then be liable and the shareholder’s profits would be harmed. However, the ability for Grant to look shareholders and Moms Across America representatives in the eyes, and continue to tell them that Glyphosate and Roundup are safe despite mounds of evidence proving otherwise is outrageous.

    When Honeycutt was allowed to issue her comments she said, in brief:

    A new study released this month shows that Roundup causes non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) in rats at levels lower than is allowed by the EPA. A baby eating oat cereal with 1.67ppm of glyphosate residues as detected by the FDA, will consume, in one day, over 15,000 times more glyphosate than the rats in the study

    . . . Glyphosate-based herbicides (GBH )are not simple or effective, nor do they support the soil through no-till or reduce erosion. New studies show that GBH kills the soil microbes, reducing carbon sequestration and adding to climate change, more compacted soil, less water absorption, increase topsoil runoff, contributing to drought.

    . . . GBH impacts the shikimate pathway which IS found in gut bacteria found in animals and humans, where 70% of the immune system lies. GBH destroys the beneficial gut bacteria and promotes the growth of pathogenic gut bacteria leading to inflammation in the brain, autism symptoms, and brain disorders, anxiety, addiction, depression, bipolar, even acts of violence.”

    She continued by adding additional evidence of Roundup being unsafe and said that any such contrary claims were unfounded. She then urged shareholders to vote to require a full report on the full formulation of glyphosate – which they all voted against, glassy-eyed, following their “leader,” Grant.

    Grant’s responses were dry and robotic, taken straight from legal advisor.

    “Numerous regulatory agencies have assessed glyphosate and all of them have found glyphosate to be safe,” said Grant. “Roundup-ready corn is a valuable tool for farmers fighting world hunger,” he continued.

    And Grant’s comments on glyphosate being found in several childhood vaccines?

    There is absolutely no scientific evidence that glyphosate is present in breast milk and vaccines.”

    Grant can’t possibly be ignorant of the findings of glyphosate screening results from Microbe Inotech Laboratories Inc. of St. Louis, Missouri, which showed:

    • MMR II (Merk) vaccine had 2.671 parts per billion (ppb) of glyphosate
    • DTap Adacel (Sanofi Pasteur) vaccine had 0.123 ppb of glyphosate
    • Influenza Fluvirin (Novaris) 0.331 ppb of glyphosate
    • HepB Energix-B (Glaxo Smith Kline) 0.325 ppb of glyphosate
    • Pneumonoccal Vax Polyvalent Pneumovax 23 (Merk) had 0.107 ppb of glyphosate

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    These levels have since been duplicated in similar amounts at other independent labs. 

    It is to be expected that Monsanto’s CEO would be able to tell bald-face lies, but that the entire room of shareholders would follow in this delusion, overtly in denial of the facts so that they can hold on to their profitable shares is alarming. What will it take for Monsanto shareholders to wake up from their glyphosate-induced coma?

    With Grant at the helm, clearly a more jarring reality-check is needed.

    Grant’s statement, “They [Monsanto] have had many “state by state approvals” with “tremendous support” while omitting that the company is now experiencing state by state restrictions as well, with Arkansas leading the way,” begs for an SEC inquiry.

    “We feel very good about the product and we will continue our investments,” Grant says, but if you are a Monsanto shareholder, I urge you to file a complaint. The CEO of Monsanto has lied to you about the company’s products, and therefore the health of their stock.  If you work within Monsanto and would like to be a whistleblower, there are Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection laws which will protect you.

    If you don’t trust these laws, you can also submit incriminating documents to other confidential sources. One Monsanto whistleblower has already collected $22.5 million reward from the SEC. If money can motivate you to stop aiding this company to poison the planet, perhaps you can ditch your shares, and find absolution through a monetary reward.

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