Compost Capitalism

Chris Bourne, Openhand Contributor
Waking Times

Capitalism is a lower consciousness that serves only the few at the expense of the many. Once lauded as the utopic path to a consumeristic, ‘heavenly’ abundance, it is now clear to most that radical change is due. Not only is it damaging our planet, it lowers our collective vibration and limits evolutionary potential. Everything that we consume has an impact on our consciousness. The seeming catch 22 is that we still depend on society since it owns most of the resources. So what can we do about it? I believe we have to “Compost Capitalism”…

The power is in our pockets

Our society functions by the exchange of money. It depends on consumers like you and I buying things. Society wants us to buy lots of things to keep the economy expanding. So it hides the truth about the destruction its causing, spending billions marketing products to create artificial needs and desires. Whole life-styles have been created by corporate marketeers perpetuating continual myths about what we should eat, how we should wash, what clothes we should wear etc. etc. etc. Everything is energy – consciousness. Everytime we consume such dense vibrations then we lower our own evolutionary frequency. There is much truth in the saying “you are what you eat!”If we’re prepared to do just a little work and begin the inner inquiry, the information will land fast enough about what we really do need and what we can live without. All we have to do is ask within our hearts and we will be shown the way forwards. And then we might realise, even in this unjust and exploitative system that is our Consumeristic Society, we have immense power. The power lies in our pockets. We can say “No”. “No more.” “No more senseless destruction of our environment to buy things we don’t really need”.

Simplistic solution?

Of course the problem to this seemingly simplistic solution is the corporations and the ‘system’ own practically all the resources we depend upon. So it may seem like a catch 22. But actually it isn’t. Corporations thrive on relatively small profit margins. And they have to keep growing to succeed. It only takes a relatively small movement away from them before they become unviable. So we don’t have to change all things in our lives immediately. It can be a progressive development.

  • Having worked for a multinational myself, I know that if just a relatively small movement of people away from the corporate high street was to happen – perhaps just 10% of current levels – many of the large corporations would quickly crumble and ‘compost’. The rapid drain on resources would decrease. In the less competitively constrictive environment, local suppliers could spring up.The important thing is I’m not saying we have to give it all up over night. There are things we all enjoy in the physical world that feed the soul. What we need to do is to progressively ‘compost’ the system of supply by making our choices increasingly ethical.

    Constant Conscious Choice

    It’s all about making the constant conscious choice: “Am I really ‘given’ to consume that?” Your heart will always give you a straight answer, even if the mind sometimes resists. I’m reminded of when my heart truly began to speak to me in the daily choices I had been making unconsciously. Here’s what took place one day as I walked into a major UK supermarket chain, just like the ones that exist all around the world… As I walked in, I noticed first the huge filament lights perfectly positioned to suck every ounce of energy from my system – not a great start. But as my field began to deflate somewhat, I was able to lessen the effects by not tightening down and getting irritable – “how can society be so ignorant to energy?” Ah yes. Silly me. It was designed that way!

    Next I noticed the extremely hectic, confused and noisy energy of the shoppers all around; a complete battering and confrontation of the senses. I noticed their eyes most of all. Vacant. Not entirely there. Seemingly lost in pursuit of some end goal, locked into prices, advertisements and special offers. They seemed totally disregarding of the wider story going on all around them – this is the “Matrix” at its worst. I found myself having to expand and work harder not to let the energy get to me. Not to judge, not to criticise as I was knocked, jostled and my field constantly invaded – a big challenge. And yet I still worked to engage the inner pull. “Where would you have me go now?”

    A slightly jerky, stop-start flow took me to the vegetable isle. It was kind of like walking blinded folded through a maze. The counters and their frenetic energy had a particular layout but the universal flow weaved its way through these with a totally different design – sometimes I’d bump into ‘sharp corners’ but at least it was still possible to engage the flow when ‘listening’ real hard. So I found myself standing before a vegetable isle. “What now? What would you have me get?” “Salad for lunch” came to mind so I began to browse the various offerings. I picked up a cucumber, suddenly a thousand questions seemed to explode in my mind in rapid succession: “was it organic? where did it come from? how many miles to get here? did it have colourings and preservatives? have pesticides been used? what about the packaging? what about the price? can I afford organic?”

    As my mind raced around the questions, suddenly I realised the incredible responsibility (and indeed power) that came with my purchase. Not only that, but each contemplation was causing me to challenge conditioned thinking and behaviours…”organic’s expensive, I’ll just go for the cheaper option”; “never mind the packaging, that’s just the way we live”, “and so what if pesticides damage our top soils, we’ve all got to eat haven’t we?”

    So I confronted the conditioning and in each place, managed to reconnect with my soul and make the higher choice. By now, it seems like I’d been stood in the isle looking at this cucumber for an eternity. Even the other de-sensitised shoppers were beginning to notice taking a wide berth around this curious odd-ball. But no matter. This was important. I came to a point with the distinct risk of descending into confusion and chaos. “How can I live in this place? How can I make a decision where everything is so loaded?

    Every choice I make would seem to damage Mother Earth in some way.” But then I realised to descend into confusion served no-one, including Mother Earth. At that point I relaxed, expanded and opened a little. To which, something truly beautiful and miraculous happened. I actually felt the conscious presence of Gaia herself as if she was stood all around me. As she enfolded me in a loving embrace, higher knowing was imparted to me with great clarity, like a crystal clear stream flowing effortlessly down a mountain side…

      “My dear friend, society is completely at odds with our natural ecosystems – something that has been obvious to you for a while now. But it is not your fault and it won’t serve you or me to take on the blame for it. Most importantly, I do feel your love and compassion in the thinking and realisations you’re making. So you’re not to blame BUT, you are responsible for the choices you now make. You have come to this place for a reason…to discover and express your soul in the choices that you continually make in every moment. This is a very imperfect world. You will have to make many compromises, but there’s one compromise you should always avoid…compromising your soul. Which means not to let your soul be sold cheaply because of conditioned behaviours aligned with expediency. With each choice, go deep in your heart, be sure that you’re not simply giving in to the easy, low-cost, quick-fix option. Feel deeply your connection with me and you will find you’ll be able to make the higher choice. That doesn’t mean to say you’ll have to starve or go without. It is enough to find your highest truth and feel your at-one-ment with me. We know this world is imperfect. A more perfected Renewed world awaits all of us when we can let go of lower conditioning and find the higher unconditional love for all life. So make your realisations and then make your choices without fear, blame or self doubt.”

    This beautiful connection brought tears to my eyes and a lump to my throat. I relaxed and expanded and I realised something that was to change how I lived my life forever: “Giving up the products in society and the way we live that seems so ‘convenient’, is actually no suffering at all. In fact it’s quite the opposite. I found each time I made the constant conscious choice and went without things my heart told me I didn’t need, then my soul infused, consciousness expanded and my vibration rose. This was no inconvenience at all!”

    Peaceful Revolution

    Climbing the mountain can seem a dauntless task if you only focus on the peak. We simply have to find the courage to take the first step and not judge ourselves if we find ourselves still depending on things we know are still damaging our natural eco-systems. So as an example, consider the Orang Utan: a close relative, being mercilessly destroyed because of society’s hunger for palm oil. When you look at this loving, peaceful creature, you might as well be looking into a mirror, because what we do to another, we do to ourselves. Does it serve us to destroy our natural ecosystems for a bar of soap? If you feel it doesn’t, then maybe you’ll find it in your heart to boycott such products that are creating so much senseless destruction. Here below is a list of all the household products that contain palm oil (things are changing – ‘composting’ – all the time so do check the label to be sure)…

    • Kellogg’s (US): Uses palm oil in 50 products, mostly cereal bars but also cereals such as Special K and Crunchy Nut, where it binds together clusters.
    • Cadbury (UK): Pours palm oil into chocolate bars, including Cadbury Dairy Milk, where it is listed as vegetable oil. Uses 40,000 tonnes a year.
    • Mars (US/UK): Uses palm oil in Mars Bars, Galaxy and Maltesers, where it is labelled “vegetable fat”.
    • Procter & Gamble (US): Makes Ariel, Daz and Fairy Liquid, where use of palm oil is suspected but unproven.
    • Unilever (UK): World’s biggest user of palm oil, which is found in Flora margarine, Pot Noodle, Comfort and Persil. Buys 1.6m tonnes a year, 4.2 per cent of global production (acknowledging the damage to its reputation and the environment, Unilever set up the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil).
    • Kraft (US): Says it does not use palm oil in Dairylea cheese but does in other products. Buys half a per cent of global supply.
    • Heinz (US): Uses palm oil to fry potatoes for Aunt Bessie’s Potatoes, which it makes under licence.
    • United Biscuits (UK): Uses palm oil across its range including McVitie’s Digestives and McCoy’s crisps.
    • Nestle (Swiss): Palm oil in KitKat, Quality Street, Aero and other brands.
    • Premier Food (UK): Uses in Hovis, Mr Kipling Cakes, Bisto Gravy and Cadbury cakes (made under licence).

    Positive steps to evolutionary growth

    The global corporate mentality, creating artificial needs and shipping containerised products half way around the world to make profit, serves but a few. Not only does it damage the environment, but we’re consuming a lower vibrational consciousness that then damages us too. Is it really suffering then to give these products up? Many people have awakened to the expansive unconditional love that connects us to all life. But now the time has come to let that consciousness feed into the choices we make on a day-to-day basis. The power to change ourselves, change our lives and change our world rests with us. It’s all about Walking the Spiritual Path. “Composting Capitalism” in the daily choices we make will grow a real economy in its place and provide fertile soil for our personal evolutionary growth – our Ascension – into a higher consciousness paradigm.


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