From the Christian Cross to Mobile Phone Towers – A Brief History of Mind Control

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Julian Rose, Contributor
Waking Times

For a long time now, some force alien to the spiritual and humanistic evolution of humanity has been working hard to subvert, and then reverse, the true awakening of human consciousness.

This force, working with both words and symbols, has effectively side-tracked humanity for its own ends. Erecting countless barriers on the path that leads to conscious awareness.

Quite a feat! Especially when one considers that, somewhere within, all of us are primed to react positively to love, joy, creativity and exploration of the unknown.

Any force or entity intending to squash that lot must surely have access to some pretty advanced insights. Insights into just where to find the potential fissures in our ‘state of wholeness’. And then, to know exactly what to do to ensure that they are prized open and made extremely difficult to close again!

We recognize how subliminal advertising has the power to direct the subconscious element of the human brain to react in ways that are advantageous to those doing the advertising; but typically disadvantageous to those impulsively caught by the irrational desire to buy whatever it is that is being advertised.

  • Imagery, especially that dressed with an emotional content, has the power to become transfixed in the neocortex. Producing a stream of irrational thoughts that, if allowed to prevail, lead the individual into a prison of his or her own making.

    One of the most ubiquitous and effective of these emotionally charged images is the Christian Cross. It was to become a symbol with an almost unique power to imprison its adherents.

    On its own, this cross already achieves a certain degree of penetration of the subconscious and indeed conscious mind; but with the addition of the forlorn figure of Jesus nailed and roped onto its crossbar, it instantly triples in power.

    Why is this?

    Of course we know the answer: an entire galaxy of emotionally charged feelings, views, opinions and uncertainties are instantly drawn, like moths to a flame, around this image; thanks to our mass indoctrinations into the Western religious belief system called Christianity.

    We can see that, to be an effective indoctrination mind-controller, one first needs to establish a powerful symbol/image and then imbue it with a meaning which will serve the end one desires to bring about.

    Two thousand years after the crucifixion, the image in question still arouses in followers of the Christian doctrine – and even many non-followers – a kind of diluted, tepid form of compassion.

    Also the emotion of ‘shame’; the emotion of ‘guilt’; the emotion of ‘mystic adoration’. Emotions which add-up to a pervasive sense of sadness. A subconscious inner submission. Submission to the doctrinaire persuasions of the Christian tradition. The one’s which teach that, since our ‘fall’ in the Garden of Eden, we are all ‘sinners’, and therefore in some way responsible for the demise of a great saint.

    Now just consider the extraordinary power of repression which is built into accepting a criminal involvement in the death of one who is claimed to be the Son of God! Consider the power carried by the highly charged image of the cross upon which this martyr was crucified. An image whose age old tenure can be explained by its emanating just the right mix of genuine and false emotional signals. Simultaneously and cruelly, playing upon valid human emotions as well as the utterly falsified convictions which form the dogma of ‘religious obeisance to the fallen martyr.’

    What a subtle and potent trap!

    Now images and symbols can – and do – also work for the common good. For the inspiration of mankind. When devised by the hand of the ‘artist of good intent’, symbols stir the corpuscles of our higher consciousness, putting us in touch with our deeper selves. All great artists have created and continue to create such imagery.

    Even the cross, in its more pagan form – as in the Celtic Cross – exudes a positive resonance, seeming to centre the viewer in a spiritually harmonious way. This is not mind control, but mind liberation.

    Whereas the Christian Cross, by dint of the lateral bar being three quarters of the way up the execution pole, places the emphasis of the image elsewhere. The crucifixion of criminals on these stakes was, I learned recently, a common occurrence at the time of Jesus. The high position of the cross bar emphasizes the upper body and head at the expense of the lower body. In this, it encourages the formation of a split, where in fact there is no split. Mind body and spirit are ‘whole’,

    which the Celtic Cross appears to recognize.

    But the introduction of an ‘upward’ aspiring theme plays neatly into the notion of ‘salvation’. And

    salvation is a critically important and indeed central concept of Christianity. One which has proved to be the downfall for millions upon millions of  ‘God fearing’ citizens of this planet, for at least the last two millenia.

    Why link salvation to a ‘downfall’ ?

    Because it has played straight into the hands of the architects of top-down control. It has left man feeling – and therefore being – impotent and powerless; always hoping and expecting to be saved from his (mostly non existent) sins, by a distant and all powerful patriarch. A patriarch who might or might not – offer forgiveness, depending upon just how often and how earnestly the one on his knees  maintains his/her cry for ‘forgiveness’.

    It is here that we find the source, or at least one of the most significant sources, of the blanket passivity displayed by those who should have been exhibiting the opposite tendency. Who should have been actively involved at the very helm of positive change – right from the beginning.

    With millions indoctrinated to believe that ‘there is nothing to be done other than to ask God to intervene’, our planet became an open book for hard line interventionists, Masonic cults, Illuminati control agents and various other secret society manipulators.

    We can see just how easily those willing and able to exploit human weakness, have capitalized on a salvation-susceptible humanity; giving rise to thousands of years of almost continuous manipulation of the prevalent servile mentality. A mentality brought about by seeing one’s self as a largely powerless entity, and that which one worships as being the voice of absolute authority.

    For people in the thrall of this unseen ‘patriarchal god’, all society authority figures simply become subliminal reproductions. Reproductions of the ‘first’ dominant patriarch. Even those who have been elected to office by their followers are then allowed to dominate and introduce regulations that rarely are in the interest of the people.

    Followers of ‘the faith’, probably without realizing it, thus become the servants of their self created idols. Never mind if they are dressed in cassocks, pin striped suits or sports kits.

    What was set in motion from the outset by the architects of control, was a wide spread tendency in homo sapiens, to offer unholy obeisance to anybody (or group of bodies) who seem to possess the aura of power and authority. This is what the Christian Church has, wittingly or unwittingly, been promoting since its inception; but with the tacit support and outright cunning of the masters of deception and mind control.

    From here, is is just one step on to a long stream of capitulations by ‘the people’ to central control systems. Usually taking the form of exploitive ‘democratic’ governments, oligarchs, hegemonic corporations, the banking industry, the media corporation, the military industrial war machine, Nazi inspired trading blocks – all contributing to the outright ecocide of planet Earth.

    All of this could and should have been avoided. None of it needed to have happened. But the cunning powers of dark side subversion that played relentlessly on the inferiority complexes of indoctrinated Christian neophytes – plus the tens of millions of secular souls swept along by the dominant current of the age – were more successful than their opposite: the passionate power and  intent to respond to the call of consciousness.

    Having successfully built a pyramid like control system into the very structure of everyday society, and found it essentially unchallenged, further phases of control followed one upon the other. And as the years of the twentieth century rolled into view, George Orwell, Aldous Huxley and other perceptive writers, drew attention to further unfolding developments in the art of mind control. Those that would particularly be targeted on a (intentionally) war torn Western Europe and a North American continent (intentionally) wallowing in a materialistic dream..

    Yet still the ‘civilized world’ of the religious faithful soldiered blindly on: “Onward, Christian soldiers, marching as to war, with the cross of Jesus going on before” as declares the perverse refrain of a popular Christian Hymn. That cross just won’t go away.

    But the old forms of religious indoctrination did eventually start to loose some of their pulling power. And this provided Orwell’s Big Brother the cue to turn his attention towards a new kind of mass hypnosis.

    A hypnosis designed to further strengthen the momentum of the Illuminati directed New World Order programme. To get it to the point where ‘full spectrum dominance’ could be applied without anybody really noticing. Without it ever appearing as though it was being enforced. Without ever seeming to be anything other than voluntary acceptance by a public ever eager to savor the fruits of the ‘convenience’ life style which was being laid at its doorstep.

    So it is that a new form of Christian Cross became erected across the fields and dales of countryside expanses and on the roofs of town houses, schools and businesses. It was christened ‘the mobile phone tower’. Many paid obeisance to it.

    The signals it transmitted were designed to do something very clever: to integrate themselves into the natural wave signals received by the human brain at 7.83 Hz, the same background vibrational pulse-pattern as that of the planet and its outer atmosphere – known as the Schumann Resonance. A natural balancing agent of human well being.

    Now there was no need for a ‘Cross’ and an enforced  message about its reverential qualities. There was a more direct route to the neocortex; one which could be used wherever and whenever it was deemed useful, to solicit information about the location and behavior of just about anybody and everybody. To listen to conversations and to create a further blockage of the development of human consciousness.

    This microwave emitting Tower of Babel was to readily find its place alongside pesticide ridden and GMO denatured foods, polluted water supplies, engineered atmospheric disturbances and controlled weather. As well as dumbing-down TV transmissions; 24/7 hi tec surveillance apparatae and the wholesale propaganda exercise known as ‘education’ – including its close cousin ‘democratic government’.

    Thanks to the mobile phone tower supplanting the Christian Cross we can now Tweet and Twitter our way to the promised land of an aver more automated existence. One where the difference between a human and a machine become practically indiscernible. A blending which fulfills the coldly calculating goal of the Transhumanist agenda.

    Lost in the wonderment of a Wi Fi world that increasingly ‘does our thinking for us’ – we find the aptly named ‘Cloud technologies’. Technologies that create an invisible, interlinked virtual microwave reality, sealing us off from the real world like a curtain pulled across a garden window.

    While all the while, brains are slowly fried via the handsets that receive the microwave tower signals. Precious brains, that just might have shown us a whole other way of reaching the actual Promised Land. That place which, from the beginning, was our very special prerogative to create. A prerogative based upon our inherited powers of Godliness. Powers stolen via the deliberate separation of man from God, as exemplified by the sacrificial cross.

    Now, with our World on the brink, we have no choice other than to find the courage to bring forth in ourselves that which is our true power. A power which has refused to die, in spite of all. Our Divine gift. The only power that can still, even at this late stage, overcome the sycophantic architects of control and finally bring to birth the glorious reality we came here to make manifest.

    There’s no point in contemplating failure. That process points straight back to the execution pole.

    Those who carelessly allow their finest spirit to wither away, should ask themselves this question:

    Just what is it that is being sacrificed?

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