The Changing Face of Revolution – 3 Inspiring People Who are Undermining the Matrix

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The matrix has us. It surrounds and keeps us busy working diligently within its nifty little paradigms, hard at work at our own enslavement and self-destruction. Behind the scenes of every aspect of life are codes, regulations, rules and agendas we cannot see, but yet are there to keep us in line and disconnected from true health and prosperity.

If you’ve mustered the consciousness to see through at least some of the illusions that govern our sickly world, then you already know that the truth about the human condition and human potential does not have a voice in the history books, and that double-speak and programming are the lead factors in turning practical concepts into impractical, unachievable feats of defiance.

Take the notion of revolution, for instance.

Just the word revolution conjures up certain images, different for all, to be sure, but usually inclusive of blood, guts, chaotic battle, betrayal, struggle, loss and so on. This is what the word has come to represent for many in our world today, thanks in part to the programmers who write the lexicon and indoctrinate the masses. Revolution has a negative connotation, and is associated with hazard, hopelessness and futility. It is almost always exclusively militaristic, involving brute force and warfare. It is thought of as a scary, dangerous proposition, with no place in a civilized society of laws and rules and order. It is a last resort for the scandalous, those willing to out themselves as betrayers of the system at large.

  • Revolution, by dictionary definition is the overthrow or radical restructuring of a government or political system, or a sudden or complete change or restructuring of something. It can also mean a complete turning of something. By this understanding, the term holds many more possibilities for human action than just taboo political warring.

    Because our world is so poorly managed, abused and in such terrible condition, it is incumbent upon thoughtful people to radically reform and completely change their own lives, and to engage in and participate in action that effectively undermines and chips away at the status quo systems and paradigms that control us and keep us bound to self-destructive behaviors and indebted to corrupt rulers.

    In this light, there are ample opportunities for an individual or a community to participate in a new kind of revolution which seeks to dramatically change the systems that govern our life. Take, for example the works and inspiration of these 3 modern day revolutionaries, who are undermining the matrix with their common sense and innovation.

    1. The Garbage Warrior, architect Mike Reynolds has for the last 30 years bee waging a revolution in how we live. Known as the creator of the ‘Earthship,’ his ideas for constructing sustainable, self-contained housing out of recycled materials has sparked a global movement to develop the next generation of buildings. Motivated by the imminent prospect of global environmental catastrophe, he has faced criticism and even punitive legal action to prevent his ideas from going viral, yet today, earthships are growing in popularity around the world and workshops that teach his design philosophies and techniques can be found almost any weekend.

    Watch this award-winning documentary about the birth of the Earthship movement:

    2. Joel Salatin is the king of organic farming and owner of Polyface Farm in Virginia. Joel has become the nation’s top advocate for natural, cruelty-free animal products and direct farm-to-customer marketing. He is the author of many excellent books that will get you fired up to fight the system by being creative and outspoken, including, Folks, This Ain’t Normal: A Farmer’s Advice for Happier Hens, Healthier People, and a Better WorldYou Can Farm: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Start & Succeed in a Farming Enterprise, and Everything I Want To Do Is Illegal: War Stories from the Local Food Front. Joel is a leader in the movement to get more young people involved in farming both as a career and as a hobby, and his humorous and inspirational demeanor, and his striking common sense are truly revolutionary in a time when the FDA and big corporations are destroying farming for all of us.

    Here is a recent interview of his where he discusses GMO’s, his farm, and the future of food:

    3. Ron Finley is the guerrilla gardener from South Central Los Angeles who after growing disgusted with the lack of fresh foods in his neighborhood, where too many people were becoming overweight and falling ill to chronic diseases like diabetes, he became a leader for urban farming and community gardening. In February of 2013, Ron gave a TED talk that quickly inspired many new urban farming movements and rekindled the urbanites interest in fresh foods. He is both humorous and hard-working and his charisma and passion for quality food is contagious.

    Check out his inspiring talk here:


    Its no secret, the powers that be work overtime to ensure that the masses are unhealthy, disconnected from their food supply, and coerced into living meaningless materialistic and overly-consumptive lifestyles. By following the example of these great pioneers of modern violence-free revolution, it will be easy for you to participate in the cultural reset that is needed to bring an end to the self-destructive control freak world we have today.

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