Cell Tower Technician Sounds the Alarm on the Dangers of 5G

Phillip Schneider, Staff Writer
Waking Times

Almost nothing demonstrates the hubris of government and corporations more clearly than the 5G rollout, or what President Trump calls “a race we must win.”

  • The dangers of 5G are vast and overwhelming as our privacy, health, and liberties are all at risk as a result of 5th generation technology. As our government touts its economic benefits, doctors, scientists, and even meteorologists around the world are sounding the alarm about the implications of the technology.

    But recently, a cell tower installer, or “tower climber” as he calls himself, began speaking out about the danger that 5G poses to our health.


    His video has gone relatively viral since it was posted in mid-June and he has since followed up with a few others talking about 5G. In his own words, he explains how dangerous installing 4G technology has been.

    “If you take radiofrequency close, it superheats the water molecules in your brain, eyes, and testicles … You could render yourself sterile or have a splitting headache for days, or, I’ve cooked the top of my skull and left me useless for the rest of the day.”

    That’s only with 4G. However, because of 4G’s long wavelength the only real harm that can be done occurs at very short-range, just a few feet from the cell tower’s dispersion point.

    Remember that 4G technology works within a range of about 1.5 – 2.8 megahertz. 5G on the other hand, broadcasts in gigahertz frequencies – which is about 1500 times more intense than what 4G relies on.


    Also, 5G transmitters will not be constructed high upon a mountain out of harm’s way like 4G towers are. They are going to be placed in offices, on street corners, inside your car, and in your home. The long-term effects of 4G are not yet known, but 5G is going to bring us to a whole new level of imminent danger to our health.

    “Not to mention what it’s going to do to your brain and your eyes and your testicles or ovaries just from the superheating that radiofrequency will do at a close range. But because it is so powerful, so compact and tightly beamed, it is literally going to be able to break down the bonds that hold your cells together – and that’s how you get tumors.”

    Scientists have also been speaking out about 5G health dangers, backing up him claims. In June, a team of meteorologists wrote a letter to the FCC detailing the impact that 5G will have on NOAA’s information systems. They argue that by sharing the radio spectrum with mobile providers, it will delay important life-saving information about natural disasters which could end up costing many lives in an emergency.

    Frank Clegg, the former president of Microsoft Canada, also warns of the dangers of 5G in a panel he put together for Canadian television viewers.

    “[5G] requires an entirely new infrastructure of thousands of small cellular antennas to be erected throughout cities where it’s going to be installed.” – Frank Clegg

    Many scientists and doctors agree that 5G may pose a great risk to our health.

    “The most prevalent symptoms include headache, fatigue, decreased ability to concentrate, tinnitus, irritability, and insomnia. Impacts on the heart and the nervous system are also of great concern.” – Dr. Riina Bray, Chemical Engineer, MD


     “At lower frequencies, scientists are predicting damage to eyes, loss of insect populations which are already declining, antibiotic resistant bacteria and physiological effects on the nervous system and the immune system.” – Dr. Magda Havas, Professor and Researcher, PhD

    If 5G is rolled out across the country, it will drastically increase the proximity of powerful millimeter waves to people everywhere, especially those living in cities and urban areas.

    As we all know by now, the federal government and its regulatory agencies do not work for the people. This is nothing new, but it does go to show that we cannot rely on government to make important decisions about our lives, or to tell us the truth about big industries like telecom.

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