Brendan D. Murphy

The Question of Consciousness

Brendan D. Murphy – Some scientists had taken the absurd position that consciousness is an illusion. But the question remains.

The Science Behind Torsion Fields

Brendan D. Murphy – Torsion fields are generated by spin and/or by angular momentum; any object or particle that spins produces torsion waves and possesses its own unique torsion field.

The Virtual Aether – “Empty Space” Gets an Upgrade

Brendan D. Murphy – Mainstream science tells us the Aether does not exist because it is not physical. However, mainstream science talks about “electrical currents” and “twisted magnetic field lines” as though they were physical objects…

Are You a Karma Yogi?

Brendan D. Murphy – Peace, contentment and abiding happiness are within you right now. It is not what you do that will eventually bring you these things; no, these things are what you are…

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