Cannabis Represents the Divine Feminine in the Patriarchal Oligarchy

Divine CannabisEthan Indigo Smith, Contributor
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Marijuana is the embodiment of the Divine Feminine. Say what? This is what you may say on reading that marijuana embodies divinity at all. However this is my belief, which I will explain. Of course take my thoughts with a grain of salt. What do I know? I’m just the son of a registered nurse and a farmer.

The cannabis plant has traditionally been revered, with many useful applications from agricultural to medicinal to spiritual. Providing nutritious food, potent medicine, sustainable fuel, low-impact building material and consciousness expanding herb, cannabis is a nurturer of humanity. It is no wonder the hyper-masculine, partriarchal corporate-government complex has dared to outlaw it.

In the title of this article I refer to marijuana prohibition, but as I will explain, “marijuana prohibition” has three distinct aspects: the prohibition of hemp in favour of less effective, more profitable (for some) agricultural practices; the elimination of the natural (ie. free) health-care offered by cannabis and hemp seed; and the suppression of the spiritual potential of cannabis as a consciousness-altering herb.

Uses and Benefits of Cannabis

Hemp and marijuana are essentially different varieties of the plant species, Cannabis sativa L. 

With a fast maturation time and extremely high rate of oxygen production/carbon absorbance, hemp is an effective and sustainable crop that provides building materials, textiles, paper and plastic alternatives. Like the volcanic mineral, zeolite, hemp also has applications in toxic waste management, and is used to absorb toxic materials and rehabilitate soil after chemical spills and nuclear accidents. Containing a unique resin, it is also among the most oily if not the most oily plants on the planet thereby can provide the kinds of renewable biofuels for which Rudolph Diesel designed his engine. And since acre of hemp crop also pumps out more oxygen than 25 acres of forested land, by using hemp as a primary agricultural crop, we can create sustainable industrial practice and begin to regain a more balanced relationship with our Mother Earth.

  • LeukemiaTaken as food or medicine – which are, of course, the same thing – the cannabis plant is just as suited to the human condition. According to both traditional use and recent western-scientific enquiry, cannabis has far-reaching medicinal applications. It is a potent natural cure for cancer, even curing “incureable” forms of . It inhibits the spread of HIV, is effective at treating (and avoiding) Alzheimer’s disease, reduces the symptoms of conditions from migraines to MS, and is effective for the treatment of seizure disorders.

    When eaten, hemp seed strengthens immunity and repairs DNAreduces inflammation and contains the perfect ratio of Omega 3 and 6 for the human body. Hemp seeds are also high in protein (33% by weight), fiber and beneficial vitamins and minerals.

    Cannabis has also been found to be beneficial to the human brain. There are receptors in the human brain that respond pharmacologically to cannabis, and endogenous cannabinoid compounds found in cannabis bind to these receptors, protecting the neurology of the brain. This is in direct conflict with the “anti-drug” rationale maintained by the patriarchal prohibitionists of the government/corporate complex over the past 100 years — a reality that must finally give way to the millennia’s old understanding that, when used not abused, cannabis/marijuana is in fact a consciousness-expanding herb.

    As Wes Annac wrote in his recent article Cannabis, Consciousness and Common Sense:

    “For centuries, different cultures have used cannabis (and other plants) in a spiritual and/or ceremonial setting (the same cultures who, in some cases, used hemp industrially), and it is no mistake that this tradition carries on today. But still, some people see cannabis as little more than a drug that, in their eyes, just makes you dumber. Part of me wonders if the interests who profit from its illegality have purposely perpetuated the stereotypes that surround it in an effort to turn the world against it… [Yet] the herb retains a quiet dignity throughout all of the condemnation, silently and patiently awaiting the day when it can finally show us what it can do.”

    And that’s what it’s starting to do. A nutritious food, potent medicine, sustainable fuel, low impact building material and a consciousness expanding herb, cannabis is revealing itself to be a nurturer of humanity. No other life form is more perfectly designed to serve so many human needs, both physical and spiritual. It is no wonder that the hyper-masculine, partriarchal corporate-government complex has dared to outlaw it.

    Patriarchal Prohibition

    The corporate-sponsored government ban on marijuana and the intentional dismantling of the feminine homeopathy and agricultural paradigms occurred concurrently with the institutionalization of reductionism and allopathy in ‘medicine’ and the rise of the social patriarchy.

    Defined by the virtues of sustainability, reflection and nurturing, the Sacred Feminine once kept whole communities intuitively tuned with our Mother Earth, valuing her as the nurturer of life and honouring her need to be nurtured in return. Yet, by conditioning entire populations to perceive disconnection from their natural environment and the nurturing energy she embodies, the patriarchy has worked to instil a collective psychology that undervalues the need for sustainable, compassionate thinking in our collective plan. Through the ongoing distortion of truth, the oligarchy has gained our ignorant but willing consent to forego our instinctive connections (nutritional, medicinal and spiritual) to our natural environment and to destroy great swathes of our beautiful planet on our behalf but to their benefit –  and all in great the name of human progress. And while this systemic ecocide continues with our willing co-operation, so too does our collective affront to the divine feminine – to Gaia herself.

    The feminine influence on our cultures, and correspondingly, the manifestation of feminine nature of our collective consciousness, has diminished throughout an era of increasingly patriotic global elitism. As our reverence for the nature of ‘the feminine’ and natural has diminished, so too has the influence of women and ‘feminine’ values (such as nurturing and sustainability) on the priorities of our cultures. Around the world, entire civilizations have lost their energetic balance, becoming overtly ‘masculine’, and the symptoms of this energetic imbalance are have manifested in the foundations of our societies.

    Without the natural feminine balance, our most influential institutions are competitive and not co-operative, controlling not empowering, scientific not spiritual. Our society has been built only on the ‘masculine’ principles of consumption, militarism, collectivism and the irrational belief in perpetual growth on a finite planet, and in the process we have come to accept dependence on a synthetic, corporate-driven food supply and the pharmaceutical treatment of symptoms but not causes.

    It from this imbalanced cultural standpoint that we have come to allow the laws of nature to be treated as negotiable – to our own detriment – and through the education system, we teach our children to embrace those same skewed values, passing the problem down the line.

    We have collectively allowed cognitive dissonance to take over. Our society is largely blinkered to its own tendency to source our goods and resources from digging up and cannibalizing Mother Earth. ‘Masculine’ extractive industries that generate and distribute dangerous fuels, both petrolithic and nuclear, are the primary producers of the toxins that pollute the world’s air, water, soil – and whole regions. The plasticization of packaging and products has resulted in the throwaway society that poisons land and sea.

    The heartening truth is plastics, like all petroleum products, are replaceable with less toxic alternatives derived from agricultural sources – in particular the conveniently illegal crop of hemp. We have the technology to create energy and durable but biodegradable ‘plastic’ alternatives from hemp, and we have the knowledge to to work in cooperation with the Earth Mother instead of working against her — so what is the problem? The problem is the Oligarchy.

    Indoctrination Runs Deep

    When my book 108 Steps to Be in The Zone was to be published, an exploration of the metaphysical value of the number 108 was denied because of my pro-marijuana stance and sentiment. I might mention the plant maybe thrice in that book, but my perspective is understandably supportive – yet that was a problem to those who might otherwise have promoted it.

    On the promotional path, I had visited many metaphysical bookstores and really anywhere that stocked japa mala beads and the like. I was in Colorado sharing the 108 idea with such a store owner. There is one part where I mention a potential benefit of marijuana, which must be right on that near-middle page that people always somehow seem to turn to when they first open a book. As she turned to that page she quickly refused to stock the book, literally saying, ‘We can’t support that here.’ I tried to communicate with her, but she was not having it; her attitude had changed very quickly and she shooed me out of the store. When this happened a second time, and the store owner questioned me about my pro-marijuana stance rather than just shooing me away, I realized what the woman in Colorado meant when she said, ‘We can’t support that here.’ In Colorado, even though the possession of the marijuana is legal, it is stilltaboo.

    The fact is — a lot of people like a head change, and as science is proving, cannabis offers one without the ill effects of alcohol and other addictive substances, particularly when it is consumed as a food (instead of smoked). Taboo or no taboo, all human beings have cannabinoid receptors; we are biologically wired to receive cannabis and humanity’s traditional use of this plant is evident in our very biology. This is arguably the reason there are virtually no cases of recreational marijuana overdose; for most intoxicants, there is a very small variation between the amount that will intoxicate you and the amount that will kill you. This is not true of cannabis; another example of cannabis nurturing, not hurting humanity – as we’ve deceptively been led to believe.

    While the socially ‘acceptable’, corporate-controlled ‘head change’ drug – alcohol – regularly results in alcohol poisoning, the nutritional benefits of consuming cannabis and the body’s natural tolerance for its active constituents means that a ‘marijuana bender’ causes far fewer risks to one’s health than one’s legal status is — thanks to the establishment and the criminal element it has created around ‘marijuana possession’. This is the same establishment that put fluoride in my water, and heavy metals in my ‘vaccines’, and suggest I use chemicals for sunblock, eat chemicals as food and drink toxic corn-syrup as refreshment are hardly qualified sources concerning the study and prevention of addiction, or health questions in general.

    Regardless of the varying opinions on the recreational use of marijuana, the main reason I take a pro-cannabis stance is because of facts. We already know cannabis can heal countless health problems (imagine what we’ll learn about it when the ‘big pharma’ money no longer influences the direction of health-science!) and large-scale hemp cultivation can solve many of our challenges in agriculture, industry and resources while contributing positively to our environment. Given the damage we have already caused, to both our collective health and our relationship with our Mother Earth, there can no longer be any question of whether or not we ‘go natural’ and return to the integrated, holistic approach to foods and medicines of our ancestors — we simply don’t have an option. Humanity’s future requires that we forego this unnatural life that cannot be sustained, including the patriarchal suppression of cannabis, and re-learn to receive the perfect offerings of our Divine Mother in a sacred balance of trust and gratitude.

    It’s time we reconnect to the Divine Feminine and embrace the innately supportive relationship we have with our Earth Mother and her perfect creations. To do that, we must be free to (re)discover the nature of our nature itself, without prohibition or limitation. So beneficial, so nurturing of our needs, and so healthful for humans and birds alike, marijuana IS a gift from nature ~ the Divine Feminine embodied in our gardens. While patriarchal prohibition continues, and while big pharma prepare to alter and patent yet another of nature’s creations, defending and exercising our freedom to experience the ultimate plant nature has to offer — without limitation — remains an act of Earth-focused activism.

    For our health and progress, spiritual and physical, the suppression of cannabis cannot be defended and can no longer be tolerated. It’s time for a Little Green Revolution.

    About the Author

    Activist, author and Tai Chi teacher Ethan Indigo Smith was born on a farm in Maine and lived in Manhattan for a number of years before migrating west to Mendocino, California. Guided by a keen sense of integrity and humanity, Ethan’s work is both deeply connected and extremely insightful, blending philosophy, politics, activism, spirituality, meditation and a unique sense of humour.

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