My Life, My Medicine – Luke’s Story of the Healing Effects of Medical Cannabis

Buck Rogers, Staff Writer
Waking Times 

For many people plagued with chronic illness, access to medicinal Cannabis means the difference between suffering through the day or simply getting through the day.  For relieving pain, increasing appetite, assisting with sleep and calming the mind, Cannabis is undoubtedly a very powerful natural medicine that is helping people in big ways.

Meet Luke, an 18 year old Cannabis patient who has a severe case of the debilitating skin disease, Epidermolysis bullosa, or EB, which is a cellular mutation that causes his skin to be extremely fragile, almost like a butterfly’s wings. The skin covering his entire body is continuously covered with blisters, tears and lesions that cause extreme pain almost every moment of his day.

A normal day for Luke begins with laying out his bandages then carefully un-wrapping then re-wrapping nearly his entire body to cover blisters and painful open wounds.  The duration of the day is spent managing pain while he tries to lead a normal life.

At 16 he began using medicinal Cannabis as an alternative to opiates and prescription drugs and immediatley recognized that it had none of the debilitating side effects of all the pharmaceuticals that he tried, while offering immense benefits.

In this short video about Luke’s struggle with EB and the relief he has found in Cannabis, he explains how difficult his life is, how this natural medicine has helped him, and how he uses and procures Cannabis legally in the State of California.

About the Author

Buck Rogers is the earth bound incarnation of that familiar part of our timeless cosmic selves, the rebel within. He is a surfer of ideals and meditates often on the promise of happiness in a world battered by the angry seas of human thoughtlessness. He is a staff writer for

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