Cannabis Kills Cancer Cells

Susan Boskey, Contributor
Waking Times

Until recently chemotherapy and radiation have been considered the only game in town for someone to attempt to beat cancer. This, despite the fact that such treatments are poisons destroying the health of the immune system and its vital healing function while killing cancer cells — definitely counter-intuitive.

  • Fortunately, cancer patients have gained the scientific seal of approval when it comes to using cannabis for symptom management of chemotherapy and radiation therapies. It reduces nausea and helps to slow down and/or prevent muscle-wasting syndrome, the cause of 20% of deaths in cancer patients, and is also used in palliative care.

    The big scientific news, however, is that the most researched active cannabis constituents, THC and CBD, have been found to also kill cancer cells. Specifically true for certain cancers and at certain phases of the cancer-cell life, and without also killing non-cancerous cells.

    Due to a dismal lack of research funding since cannabis remains classified by the US Government as a Schedule I drug of “no currently accepted medical use,” the hopeful information about cannabis killing cancer cells comes only from laboratory in-vitro and animal studies.

    Though human-study research is yet to happen and potentially offer more needed evidence, many people have testified on different websites, social media, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc. as to the healing power of cannabis to rid them of cancer.

    A handful of medical doctors in the U.S. already integrate cannabis therapy into some of their cancer patients’ treatment plans. The nuances of finding the best dose for such patients are limited by the research deficit.

    We find a further step in the validation of cannabis’ medical value as the US Government’s National Cancer Institute (NCI) reports that cannabis ‘may’ kill cancer cells. See question #6.Leading institutions from around the world are providing medical documentation that breaks down the precise mechanism by which THC and CBD, in fact, actually do so.

    For example, a new review in the British Journal of Pharmacology examines cannabinoidal potential in the direct treatment of cancer: Cannabinoids may have a vast array of anti-cancer effects, July 18, 2018, Wiley, British Journal of Pharmacology (2018).

    Spain’s Doctor Christina Sanchez describes the bio-chemical process of cancer-cell suicide with cannabis in this short video. Don’t miss it.

    I look forward to the day when human research studies can be legally funded to give us ever-more precise data about using cannabis as an anti-cancer agent.

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    Susan is a Certified Cannabis Coach and graduate of the Holistic Cannabis Academy with over 45 years of personal involvement in the spectrum of wellness modalities. Her mission today is to intervene in the noise of modern life and help people identify and remove stressors that trigger their dis-ease while providing strategies towards a living experience of inner calmness, contentment and inspiration. As a non-physician coach she enjoys the added flexibility of providing in-depth care plans for her clients. Visit her website:

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