Can You Change DNA Copying Errors That Contribute to Cancer, and Other Diseases?

Christina Sarich, Guest
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The latest research coming from cell biologists is that even if you eat healthy foods, exercise, and don’t have a family history of cancer, you’re still likely to develop cancer due to DNA copying errors – when the transcription of your genetic material starts to look like a page full of typos rather than an organized combination of phosphates, sugars, and nitrogen bases (adenine, guanine, cytosine, and thymine) organized into a well written novel of your life. If replication errors in our DNA are the most common cause of cancer and other diseases, what can we do to change this?

  • DNA components are the building blocks of our genome, but they are heavily influenced by environmental factors, say researchers in epigenetics – and this goes beyond the normal cancer-risk factors like drinking, smoking, and being exposed to carcinogenic chemicals.

    The epigenetic code could give us insight into how to stop DNA from replicating incorrectly to create cancer and other diseases.

    Our genetic code is a set of blueprints or communication to our cells about how to organize and reproduce. Through epigenetic modifications (reprogramming of our DNA via diet, a positive attitude, meditation, the practice of Thai Qi or yoga, etc.) a histone code and DNA methylation occurs. This changes the message that our DNA gives to our cells without changing its sequence.

    You could say that the epigenetic code influences our genetic code, since it is multidimensional in nature.

    Spontaneous Evolution

    What if the cells could “magically” evolve, even if the genetic code was written “wrong”?

    Bruce Lipton, cell biologist and epigenetic researcher understands, through his own experiments, that you can cause your cells to spontaneously evolve to express whatever you want them to – this includes NOT expressing cancer.

    How though?

    Lipton suggests it all starts with belief. Your cells are social. They learn what they should believe about themselves.

    As David Dobbs in the Pacific Standard states,

    Your DNA is not an [unchangeable] blueprint. Day by day, week by week, your genes are in a conversation with your surroundings. Your neighbors, your family, your feelings of loneliness: They don’t just get under your skin, they get into the control rooms of your cells. Inside the new social science of genetics.”

    UCLA researcher, Stephen Cole says, “There’s a really important part of this [epigenetic research]. We are architects of our own experience. Your subjective experience carries more power than your objective situation.”

    50 Trillion Cells

    As an individual entity, you believe that your cells, muscles, bones, fat cells, brain cells, etc. all have the same genes. We are built up of more than 50 trillion cells that can change and mutate into whatever we consciously instruct the cells to be. Our cells are a community or a network awaiting instructions from our environment.  As Lipton states, you are just skin covering a petri dish. The growth medium that allows all those cells to turn into “us” as we’ve defined it, is simply an interpretation of our consciousness.

    Our brain releases the chemicals which tells our cells how to grow, when to change, and when to stop growing, all based on the level of consciousness we have accomplished. Your blood chemistry is literally being changed moment by moment by your perceptions about life. When you change our perceptions about life, we change the chemistry of our bodies, and either health or disease are the result.

    Genes don’t activate themselves. We activate them with our consciousness. This is how you can turn off cells that are diseased or distressed, and tell your body to make new, fresh, healthy cells.

    This is also how you can tell your body – just a petri dish of trillions of cells – to stop copying cells which are sick, dehydrated, or not brimming with life. Copying errors can be corrected just as easily as creation errors, because we are creating cells with our minds!

    To learn exactly how this happens, visit Healers of the Light’s informative pages on DNA activation and reprogramming, or keep an eye out for our online class that is coming soon, and is just what you need to learn how to heal your own DNA. You are never bound to the victim-based mentality of deterministic genetics. You hold the power to change your own DNA.

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