California Parents Voice Resounding ‘No’ to Forced Vaccines

HPV-Vaccine_5Christina Sarich, Natural Society
Waking Times

A line of parents assembled at the SB277 Senate Committee Hearing in California last week running out of the courthouse, into the hall, and out into the parking lot. The group was comprised of concerned citizens who don’t want forced vaccinations for their children.

Some parents carried posters stating “One Size Does Not Fit All” in reference to forced vaccines whereupon parents would no longer have a ‘personal belief’ exemption to refuse vaccinations for their children.

Many schools, both public and private, are now demanding that parents vaccinate their children, regardless of a ‘personal belief’ clause that currently exists in vaccine legislation. Many states are also trying to pass similar legislation as SB277 in California.

You can watch coverage of the SB277 Hearing here:

  • If the amended bill were to pass, parents who refused vaccinations would only be able to home-school their children. Many parents ‘vehemently oppose’ the bill, and threatened to pull their children out of public schools if they were forced to vaccinate.Whether you want to vaccinate your child or not is less important than the fact that the government would be given the right, over you, to decide what is best for your child. The law would set a dangerous precedent to have federal and state agencies determining what will medically be done to your child.

    There have already been instances where parents were threatened with jail sentences for treating their children with cannabis oil after chemo and radiation have failed, and other instances where Child Protective Services have removed a child from their homes because parents would not subject their child to radiation or chemotherapy. Does this sound like a free nation?

    Having a government agency decide whether or not you should vaccinate your child is highly questionable at best. Especially when you consider the recent lawsuits concerning flu vaccine injuries, and how companies like Merck lie about the MMR vaccine and it causing a higher incidence of autism in African American children.

    If the public willingly gives the government authority over their children’s very physical being, it would be no less than selling out our child to a known criminal pharmaceutical syndicate.

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