Breathtaking Film Explains the Purpose of Meditation and the Answer to Human Suffering

Anna Hunt, Staff Writer
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Samadhi Part 1: Maya the Illusion of the Self is the first installment in a series by filmmaker Daniel Schmidt. In this visually-stunning film, Schmidt attempts to articulate to the viewer the meaning of samadhi. He also examines how we are the cause of and, through samadhi, the solution to all of our suffering.

The word Samadhi is the representation of a human mystical state that is the root of all spirituality and self inquiry. Often, it is the state that many correlate with the ultimate purpose of meditation.

  • The Illusion of the Self

    Humanity has forgotten about samadhi, and then forgot that it forgot about it. In its place, Maya, the illusion of the self, has evolved. Humans no longer view themselves as spiritual beings. They do not take the time to explore their inner world, or care to understand their true reason for existence. Instead, they are wrapped up in their daily lives and distracted by the outer world.

    As a result, we have put all kinds of limitations on ourselves. We do no view ourselves as miraculous creations. Instead, we are wrapped up in the ego construct, unconsciously wired by humanity’s history and cultural conditioning. We define our existence – our “being” – by our actions and thoughts. Yet most often, worldly desires and fears drive these actions and thoughts.

    Purpose of Meditation

    Because of the illusion of the self, many live in suffering. Even people living seemingly perfect lives often find themselves questioning life’s purpose. Many fall into depression or find their desires are never sated.

    Consequently, people seek answers in external forms, either through religion or other spiritual practices. Furthermore, they think their mind can come up with some grand idea of how to best live their lives.

    Ideas presented to us by external influences or the human mind cannot alone resolve our suffering. They are not higher will – the will of our higher true self. Instead, they are the will of conditioned ego constructs.

    Here is where meditation comes into play. Its purpose is to help us find the answers we seek. These answers reside in our true self. However, very few of us take the time to examine what our soul – the true self – wants to express.

    In the film, Schmidt explains the purpose of meditation:

    When you come to your still point, the source of your being, then you’ll await further instructions without any insistence on how your outer world has to change. Not my will, but higher will be done.

    Meditation is a vital steps on the path to samadhi. It allows us to observe our conditioned self and how it changes. As well, it facilities the realization of the true self, the part of us that does not change. It is through samadhi, the process of awakening our true self, that we sense higher will. Only then, human suffering ends.

    In addition to the film series, Schmidt has released a series of guided meditations. These meditations are helpful if you’d like to further understand the film through deeper introspection of the self.  They are offered here: Samadhi – Guided Meditations.

    Editor’s note:

    There are aspects in this film that rely on a basic understanding of concepts such as the primordial spiral, the logos, akasha, and kundalini. You can find more about these concepts in the film “Inner Worlds Outer Worlds”. The film can be watched for free at

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