Brandishing Truth In The Face Of Lies

Zen Gardner
Waking Times

A lot of people are at wit’s end in the face of this onslaught of anti-Truth and such an obvious, crushing despotic takeover. I sympathize with this feeling, it often gnaws at me as well. Not only the deep indignation against the ugly reality we’re up against, but how to chart the course of your life and influence those you love in light of all this.

Many are wondering what is my role here? What else can I do? How do I keep a grounded life and perspective while dealing with this in-your-face horrific imposed reality whirling about us? How can I best help others during this time and contribute to the awakening and empowerment of true humanity?

One thing for sure: Keeping on business as usual is about the dumbest mistake anyone could possibly make. Unless of course your role model is the ostrich or you’re so drugged up on the matrix and its propaganda, chemicals and accessories it really doesn’t matter to you. If that’s you, by the way, you are part of the problem, not just some neutral in the game of life.

You are working for them.

Identify Your Enemy

Our number one foe is fear. And fear takes on many forms, especially if it’s not identified and approached consciously. Many I know including those closest to me have this underlying anxiety bothering them that they can’t quite identify. That’s not necessarily fear, but it can bubble up into unconscious expressions of fear and fog our perception and lead to unwise decisions. Across the globe, financial instability and food and safety insecurity is growing, all while the world’s populations are being bombarded with horrific negative news and media propaganda.

  • All carefully keeping the entire world on edge. On purpose.

    Right now is a very important time in all of our lives as we prepare for this next phase that looms on the immediate horizon. If we’re not prepared, spiritually and physically, well, maybe there’s a reason for this anxiety. Some of those feelings are meant to tell us to wake up and take action, search out possibilities, and find out what’s really bothering us.

    And find out why this is happening.

    Do you know what’s really going on in the world? Have you caught on yet that the human race is being farmed by megalomaniacal manipulators who don’t give a rat’s ass about humanity’s welfare or condition in life, except to keep enough of us alive and productive to keep them fed and their plans for total control moving along?

    You might want to start there. Could make a difference in how you perceive the world around you and help you make more conscious decisions if that’s the case.

    That’s why I do what I do. Full on Truth is our most powerful weapon. That and loving, conscious living, while identifying the perceived reality around us for what it really is and saying so.

    On the Practical Side

    If you at least see the system breaking down and about to get much worse, do you have supplies? Do you have community, and alternate plans in case things go sideways where you are and you have to move?  If it all goes to hell do you really wanna be where you are, or would you rather be somewhere else?

    Because if the next big event or events are what they are shaping up to be, whatever they are, the aftermath is going to be really, really nasty. You’re lucky if there’s 2 days of food in your local food supply unless you live in the country where you’re growing your own food or others are. If the power goes or water lines stop, what will you do?

    These are fundamentals your subconscious is most likely very aware of but your matrix brainwashed mind is keeping suppressed or minimizing day after day.

    Just do the right thing. And listen to the right voice.

    Be Conscious, or Be Controlled

    Conscious awareness may seem to be fairly subjective, but when you get to the essence of it we all meet in the same place. The most important task for anyone is developing an energetic spirituality. No, not religion, those and belief systems are mega hijacks and part of the cleverly designed matrix. We’re talking true spiritual freedom and empowerment. Many come through years of religious or philosophical paradigms to arrive at this conscious awareness, experiencing degrees of it over their lives as it worked its way out, almost like a splinter works its way to the surface of your skin.

    Others are launched into it through meditation or prayer, study, NDEs, psychedelics, severe trauma in some form, all kinds of ways. It doesn’t mean we “get it” all right away, it just means we become intensely aware of “the other side” and that this 3D image is just a veil, an illusion, while an absolutely fabulous multi-dimensional greater reality awaits our investigation.

    And so the adventure begins. Or should.

    Truth, or Compromise

    Herein lies the key. Once you’ve become experientially aware of this greater reality, what do you do with it? Do you let it change your life, or is it too much work, it’s too up hill and against the tide, too unpopular, or it requires you to give up too much?

    The move into a conscious-driven life happens only as long as you stay hungry. You can’t get complacent. Consciousness implies action. It evokes empathy and compassion. And compassion does something about what it knows and sees.

    Sympathy does squat.

    Therein is the litmus test. That’s why I can’t stomach cowards and compromise. Believe me, the matrix and all its propaganda is all too ready to supply you with more excuses than you can conceive of. Wanna go to a real buffet? Head to Excuse City, it’s panacea paradise.

    Just Keep On

    If you keep going you’ll get it. The key is to not sit still in some circumscribed perspective with set definitions of anything. We have to keep growing into what we truly are. The battleground of life is covered with innate inertia, like thick, sticky molasses. Unless you have your anti-attachment consciousness generated spirit suit on, you’re one stuck mofo.

    Hence the warfare to get free. First personally, developing your anti-bodies, getting super wipers on your goggles and a flame throwing crap retardant. Then once you find your footing and realize what you’re up against, you start to march. It sucks realizing what a crap place you’re in but march you must. That’s the right thing to do.

    It’s also time to alert others. If you see the battlefield you’re in you need to set the others on fire with the Truth, and get the place cleaned the hell up.

    Such is the existential warrior’s viewpoint.

    Our Only Hope

    Our only hope is to burn so hot, so white hot, that nothing can touch us. Everything false is dissolved by our very presence. Darkness scatters at our glance of Truth. To be so steadfast in righteous knowledge and indignation and such champions of Love and Truth that the enemies of Truth cower and flee.

    We can do this. We already are in so many ways.

    It’s time to quit smouldering.

    Burst into flames, dammit. Defy this onslaught.

    They or anyone can do nothing against the Truth, but for the Truth.

    Truth reigns supreme, despite the usurpers.

    Burn, baby, burn.

    Love, Zen

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