Boston Terror – Another Red Pill / Blue Pill Moment for America

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Americans love to be entertained, and we love watch other people’s lives unfold in chaos, scandal and violence. We love narratives about conquering evil with overwhelming firepower. We love scripts and adventures, and swashbuckling gun battles, underdogs, dead bad guys and heroic gunfighters. We love to suspend disbelief and open ourselves to fantasy.

Lately the mainline media narrative offered up by the big few media companies has given us a lot to take in. Just a couple of weeks ago, North Korea was targeting us with nukes, then on we went to the terrible Boston bombings and ensuing manhunt. The prevailing message is that Americans are increasingly being targeted for political reasons, we are insecure and vulnerable in a dangerous world… so get used to it.

By keeping ideas like these at the forefront of our consciousness, and constantly switching up the narrative to add more boogeymen, more intrigue, more detail, and more potential for disaster, our mainline media directs our collective conversation and steals our attention away from whatever it does not wish for us to discuss. It fills the role of 24-hour culture-creator and idea-nanny, forever plotting the course for our social anxieties, ensuring that we are never without big, big concerns.

The real events and interests in our lives seem to have little connection with, or impact on, the events taking place in the mainline media narrative. Yet, this ongoing story certainly does have a real effect on our lives. The narrative instructs us, and speaks at us, while our interests and desires have zero effect on the direction the narrative takes.

It works this way to dispempower the individual, so that the collective can be more easily moulded by those with the intent to exploit us.

With all this high production media security theater how do we know what’s real and what is not? How do we know what genuinely affects our lives and what does not?

After last week’s tense drama over the Boston bombings, a few key truths about life in America have emerged so far.

  • Distrust Is Higher Than Ever

    Distrust of the media and government is at an all time high, and rightfully so, since they continue to discredit themselves by arrogantly refusing to discuss details about the bombings that are questionable to even novice internet sleuths. Equally notable, however, is the distrust that Americans are showing for one another these days. Our society is deeply fractured, and for every movement big or small there is an equally motivated group of people working in direct opposition. For every belief out there, there is a corresponding and fanatical anti-belief. The proliferation of values in our world is so diverse that unity in any area is an enigma. Distrust, skepticism and paranoia carry the day.

    The Media Narrative Works

    The general public’s willingness to believe, identify with and internalize media events like these is also at an all time high. The ongoing story effectively induces people into a hypnotic state of shock and paralyzing fear. It occupies us completely by gripping our lowest levels of consciousness. This too, is understandable, as Americans are under an increasing amount of stress, while experiencing record poor mental and physical health. Record numbers of people are ‘snapping’ these days. Entertainment is our great escape from the madness in this world, and the unbeatable drama of being at the mercy of evil-doers while having an ever-watchful guardian protect us from all possible harm is too tantalizing to pass up.

    What Is Truth?

    Truth is more difficult than ever to identify. It looks different to everyone, and it changes from day to day. With so many perspectives on current events, and so many actors and agendas involved, it is impossible for a single truth to gain momentum. A stalemate. The fracturing of trust and truth means that the biggest, loudest and most repeated lies will fill the void and become truth for most.

    Security Is an Illusion

    There is no such thing as security. At the Boston marathon, security was the highest it had ever been at a marathon when the bombs went off. The temptation to keep increasing security, meaning the presence of armed agents and surveillance, won’t address the fundamental problems with the world that make people commit violence and stage terror. Furthermore, from the moment we take our first breath, we are cast into entropy and on our way to death, spit into a world of harm and hurt and pain. There is no level of armed security or guardianship that can prevent discomfort, demise, and doom. In this revelation is true freedom from fear of death, doom, and unfavorable outcomes.

    Do we take the red pill, or the blue pill?

    In light of these emerging truths, Americans are left to choose their own reality based on their personal media choices and however it is they interpret them. We get to choose our relationship with this ongoing script of endless crises.

    Do we choose the view that encourages us to believe what we see, ignore what we don’t see, and do what we are told, when we are told? Or do we look at the outcome of events like these in the past and view this unfolding story with skepticism and as being part of another trojan horse usurpation of authority perpetrated against a mesmerized populous? Which pill do we swallow this time?

    While we construct our own versions of reality, picking and choosing what we want to believe in and what we are skeptical of, some very concrete things are certain to happen, and are already taking place. Whether we buy into the reasoning behind this, or agree with any of it is entirely irrelevant. Whatever we personally believe, America is certain to soon see…

    • An expansion of the police state. More officers, recruits and resources, more military grade equipment and training, further increases in cooperation between law enforcement, federal agencies and the military. 
    • More surveillance of the American public, more cameras, more data collection and internet surveillance. More questions, checkpoints and public safety emergencies.
    • Increased public presence of agents of the Department of Homeland Security and the TSA, including at sporting events, transit lines, malls and public events.
    • An increase in the domestic use of drones and the justification for the use of more war technologies in America, against America.
    • Military like forces in heavily fortified armored vehicles will be seen in our communities with increasing frequency.
    • More public safety ‘lockdowns’ of American cities and towns, including suspensions of rights and due process.

    Whichever view of the truth we personally pursue, or whichever narrative we choose to believe in, America is changing rapidly. It is more critical than ever to be honest about what is happening and where this narrative is leading us. Choosing to internalize these public scripts, taking the fear as our own, then allowing an authoritative armed force to manage our anger, hate and revenge for us, leads to greater dependence on authoritative institutions and less input into the kind of future we will get.

    Whether we like it or not, or vote against it or not, we will be provided with greater and greater levels of security, while becoming increasingly less safe from violent terror and abuse of power by authorities. So, pick your pill, they are both hard to swallow.

    About the Author

    Sigmund Fraud is a survivor of modern psychiatry and a dedicated mental activist. He is a staff writer for where he pursues the possibility of a massive shift towards a more psychologically aware future for mankind.

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