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Kanta Jacob Katz Ph.D
Wake Up World

Our belief systems are thoughts that have become our habits that determine what we think, what we feel and how we react to life. They influence every fiber of our being.

In our everyday life when we talk about “beliefs” we usually refer to the values we adopt consciously in our life, to our social, political and religious ‘beliefs’ according to which we act and behave. However, here we are talking about something of a wider perspective: about convictions that we have embraced regarding the world and ourselves in general of which we are not always aware. In this sense, belief systems operate on an unconscious level so that we are not even aware of them and the power they hold.

What does all that mean to us? It means we have established thoughts and feelings about who we are, all kept intact by the ‘flowing constant energy’ called ‘belief’. This belief or a whole set of different beliefs constructed into a system dictate our deeds, our behaviors and choices. In other words, our beliefs are the invisible instigators of what we have created in our life. These beliefs define how we feel about ourselves. They are the core beliefs that mold our reality. These ideas are strengthening and reinforcing the foundation of who we are.

  • Where does it all come from? Belief systems are inherited and taught directly or indirectly from childhood. In those precious times, we were taught what to believe and who and what we are supposed to be. We were drilled either by talks or by experiences that impressed on the youthful soul to think a certain way, to act a certain way. After a while, we began to accept this new reality as truth giving up our free will choice to even question it. We might even doubt about what is truth for us and what is not. These beliefs have had and continue to have a tremendous effect on us.

    Let’s look at these two words together and their meaning, to get a picture of how they interact in our life.

    The definition of ‘belief’ is:

    (1) A thought or feeling that something exists or is true, without proof.

    (2) A vague or specific idea on which some confidence is placed.

    (3) A religious doctrine that is proclaimed as true.

    The definition of ‘system’ is:

    (1) A combination of interrelated interacting elements designed to work as a coherent unit.

    (2) A group of interrelated elements comprising a unified whole.

    (3) A complex method of rules governing behavior.

    Who we have become can be based on old information coming from our religious background, social status, and family tradition, making us believe a lot of things about ourselves. Is it likely that you identify yourself with what you believe?

    Could it be that your identity was built on a false foundation? What beliefs have you empowered that have shaped and molded your life? Are you living up to the expectation and patterns that others have placed on you? Are you free?

    What we think can be tools for creation, give us the ability to live in inner peace or they can keep us locked in a prison. Have your beliefs locked you up in an energy jail? A place you can’t see to escape from? These energy jails act like force fields that surround the body, mind and spirit. Once in place, these force fields lock us into painful patterns not allowing us to create a new way of life. However, we need to understand that we are responsible for creating everything. When we create an energy jail, we often do it because we think it protects us from getting hurt. These jails may stay dormant for a long time if that is what we have programmed them to do, only to become active when we call them forth for our ‘protection’, creating difficulties.

    Discovering if we have created one of these energy jails is not always simple. Many times it’s possible to set internal alarms so we cannot even get close to understand and see what we have created because of the pain. If we do attempt to see it may feel as if we had a physical fight after an encounter with the jailer self. In our resistance, we may become ill, have muscle soreness in the body, become depressed or any number of diseases may manifest. Many of us have become experts in giving ourselves self-punishment. Many may be addicted to that painful emotional and physical cycle. We then run to the doctor or to the healer because of the problem.

    Do you live in an energy jail? To see what you have created try this: Take some time to relax. Find a place and time you wont be disturbed. Begin to breathe deeply, use equal breath. After a few minutes, when you feel your mind and body becoming relaxed, ask yourself: “What do I really believe about myself?” “What do I deserve?” You can search deeper by asking what changes could I make in my life and why?” Always remember change is a choice! You are your best healer.

    About the Author

    Kanta Jacob Katz Ph.D. has been assisting people for more than twenty-five years. He is a spiritual counselor and an advanced Tai Yi Practitioner. He is a Naturopathic doctor with a Masters degree in Natural Health. He is practicing and continues to study Tai Yi an ancient Chinese system of hands on energy work. He is also certified in personal training. Kanta is working with individuals and groups guiding ones in the area of “spiritual nutrition” and healing in an enjoyable and playful manner. He has practised in Los Angeles, California and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. He presently lives and practices in Athens, Greece.

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